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A Crab-type Mishhuvurthyar NMX, Carbleaudex 1) is an older SMX general who was recently ST'd into one of the new NMX Advanced-Type bodies. Feeling the need for more power, and the added benefit of being able to self-resurrect, Carbleaudex ate a pile of his SMX underlings and transformed himself into the new Crab-Type, finding it a much more appropriate battle-form. He's a ruthless sum'bitch with a mean streak who enjoys torturing any creature he sees as being underneath him, which pretty much includes anything that's not an NMX.

Appearance: A 10 meter tall Crab-Type NMX with a colorful paint job on his shell portions with madness-inducing patterns designed to cow, terrify or confuse his opponents. He enjoys wearing a large black cape with the NMX symbol on the back that covers his entire back shell and forms a small train behind him.


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