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Carina Gabrielle Sanroma

Carina Gabrielle Sanroma
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: Fourteen
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Family (or Creators):
Height: 5'3“ (121cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (44kg)
Bra Size: n/a
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Carina Gabrielle Sanroma in Roleplay

Carina Gabrielle Sanroma is a Player Character played by Soresu.

First Carina Commission By: Nyki
Second Commission By: Nyki

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4'1” (121cm) Mass: 58 lbs (26kg) Measurements: n/a Bra Size: n/a

Build and Skin Colour: She has a slender build as she is still a child, no curves as she has yet to mature. Carina has tanned skin with a very slight olive-ish hue due to her heritage.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: High Cheekbones, a small nose, and slightly dark rosy lips. She has cheeks that make you want to pinch them, and a combination of Latin, and Italian feminine good looks as well as cat-like dark hazel eyes that seem to sparkle slightly in certain lighting. She is typically seen wearing a smile, or look of childish curiosity or mischief on her face.

Hair Colour and Style: Carina has long black hair down to the middle of her back that ends in a slight curl. Usually it is left straight, and free, but combed and neat. Her long bangs tend to curl a little above or right at her cheeks.

Distinguishing Features: Carina shares some of her father's natural good looks, and combines that with her mother's into a cute face for her age, that promises to likely keep her father on his toes from anybody he does not approve of when she is older. Carina is also fairly expressive in regards to how she is feeling given certain situations.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Carina has grown up in a world rife with some hardship as she was the daughter of a single mother struggling to keep a roof over both their heads, and food in their bellies. While she is still quite young, despite some of the hardships she had endured this has not put a damper on the girl. Quite the opposite, she is quite the curious child, as well as being playful as most children are. Having been around children her own age has also helped her psychological development, as she is a fun loving, down to earth and slightly mischievous little girl. Her natural curiosity meshes well with the fact she will absorb what she is taught like a sponge, and knows her “rights from wrongs”.

She can be mildly well mannered sometimes, but as a child, she more often then not, simply isn't and tends to add the child's flair to her speech. Despite all of this, she comes off as quite innocent as she is still quite young, and has much to learn of the big wide world around her.

Likes: Stuffed Animals, Sweets, Hugs, Affection, Coloring , Toys, Playing, Swimming , Music, Fruit, Sunsets Dislikes: Thunder, Horror Movies, Some Vegitables, Snobs, “Frilly” Things Goals: To find her father, and live with him.


Matsobuki Relatives

  • Grandfather: Ikashi Matsobuki (Geshrin, Age 50)
  • Grandmother: Nancy Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 49)
  • Mother: Suku Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 25)
  • Uncle: Wii Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 29)
  • Uncle: Masaru Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 28)
  • Uncle: Nabuo Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 28)
  • Uncle: Shigeru Matsobuki (Nepleslian, Age 25)

Sanroma Relatives

  • Grandfather: Mario Sanroma (Nepleslian, Dead)
  • Grandmother: Callista Sanroma (Geshrin, Age 43)
  • Aunt: Esma Young (Geshrin, Age 29)
  • Father: Rico Sanroma (Nepleslian, Age 25)
  • Uncle: Rodger Young (Nepleslian, Age 32)



YE 25: A Night to Remember

It was on a night in the year YE 25 that a much younger Rico, (Age 19) found a woman he fancied at a local bar in Los Apagos. Several drinks, and a few sweet nothings later Rico added another notch to his belt. However, after he left, the woman, who's name is Mya, found she was pregnant a few weeks later. Unable to find, or contact Rico, Mya was soon on her own. She had no family of which to speak of, and knew working as a dancer at the bar in which she met Rico was now out of the question. So, Mya, now pregnant, and in need of a better job soon struck out, and went to Funky City to make, or break her life, and that of her child.

YE 29: Four Years Later

Mya had found a job working at a local clinic in downtown Funky City, which is of itself not exactly a good thing as downtown is usually a dangerous place. Money was tight, but manageable. The woman loved her child a great deal, and worked her fingers to the bone to provide proper care, and nourishment for her, often going without herself so that her daughter might eat, and just to pay the bills. It was around mid-YE 29 that a minor civil war, or rather rebellion broke out on the streets of Funky City. This made Mya nervous, and paranoid for the safety of her child. It was then that she soon took a second job, her plan? To move off world, to a better environment to raise her child.

YE 30: Present Day

Half a year later, and many late nights, and long work hours soon led the pair to Fortuna, and therefore Leon City. Mya found a job working in a Money Town Casino as a cocktail waitress, and all seemed to be going well. Money was certainly better, as was food, housing, and general care. New planets brought new opportunities after all. Carina was now five years old, and had been enrolled into kindergarten at a local school in “Culture Town”. She seemed to be doing well, with the marked exception the girl often pulled small acts of mischievousness against her teacher which landed her in trouble.

It was one night after work, and Mya was soon leaving, hoping to catch a transport out to her side of town. However, what should've gone off without a hitch, didn't. Mya inadverdantly stumbled upon a 'chat' between local grunts of one of the 'business' syndicates that infested Fortuna, and a local man that owed a sum of money. In the end, the local was shot, and Mya soon discovered by the three men. Not wanting to leave witnesses, Mya soon lost her life, all the while fearing for that of her daughter who was cozily at home, in bed.

It wasn't soon after that the authorities soon found Mya's body a day later, and chalked it up as a murder due to extensive injuries. They eventually found she had a daughter named Carina after running a background ident on the body, and found her at home. When the local authorities told the child of her mother's death, she was distraught, and heartbroken. Eventually they took her with them to the police station, and tried to find any relatives of Mya's that could take the girl in. However, Mya had none, so, they ran Carina's DNA profile through their systems, and found a match for her father who was none other then Rico Sanroma. It was at this time, that they contacted the Nepleslia CPS, and informed them of the situation.



Carina is fluent in Trade, and some Yamataian. She can write Trade to a certain degree, and Yamataian is still somewhat of an enigma to her to write.


While still young, Carina can Add, and Subtract, and is capable of a small amount of multiplcation.


While her mother was away at work, she had to fend for herself at home. So, she knows how to make the most basic of things mostly, some snacks, and is able to clean to a degree.


What Nepleslian child would not be at the very least just a tad streetwise? None, that's who. Carina knows the very very basics, having been sheltered from most things. But she is capable of using her small size, a pout here, and her big eyes there as a means of getting something she wants sometimes, provided the person is subseptible to her “cute factor”, and doesn't know how she operates.



Carina Gabrielle Larusso is currently a N/A in the . She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 DA Starting Funds

Future Bio (For the lulz)

The Balisong's name is 'Fukov'

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