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Carolina Saksen-coburg

Carolina 'Weiss' Saksen-coburg is a player character played by IQ.

Carolina 'Weiss' Saksen-coburg
Species & Gender: Female Elf
Date of Birth: 10ๆ—ฅ 3ๆœˆ YE 09
Organization: Psychopomp
Occupation: Strikeforce commander
Rank: Special Operator
Current Placement: N/a - Classified

Physical Description

As an elf, Weiss is naturally attractive, moreso than her human counterparts. More than just attractive, she is stunning. Even when clad in her armour, and wearing a neck warmer up to her nose, where there's only little to nothing left to see but her eyes, and strands of hair. She is still gorgeous. And those blue eyes possess the uncanny ability to pierce through someone's souls. The thick eyelashes, sharing their colour to her eyebrows and hair, just add to this. A look from Weiss is able to silence most others relatively easy. And those able to see her face would see soft features and peachy lips at rest. No wrinkles, no birth marks or small molds, her skin is completely smooth and scot-free. Her cheekbones are smoothed over, pronounced but not too exxegarated, it was as if she was genetically bred to be beautiful. Honey blonde hair, most often held in a bun by two large needles adorns her sc These needles are only done in casual situations, in other words, barely anyone'll see what it looks like since otherwise, it's hidden under a helmet and tied up far more practically.

Her body offers the perfect trade-off between efficiency and beauty. Her chest size isn't abundantly large, but notably present, curvy hips and where other elves have a larger bust, she compensates for this with beautiful legs and buttocks that are rigorously trained and packed under skinny jeans. Though physical training is visible across her entire body. Weiss watches her own diet, makes sure she gets her daily excercise ontop of mission. The belief she herself is a weapon that needs proper maintenance and usage grants her a well-toned and absolutely stunning body.


From birth, Weiss has been cold and pragmatic. Raised as a soldier, forced through rigorous mental training and conditioning, which bordered on torture. She was picked up by Psychopomp at young age, originally to be used for genetic mining, though she went through tests and situations without even blinking at times. Her pain treshold was exceptionally high. So they reconsidered her purpose and decided to repurpose her into one of their agents. The tests turned to training. And became far more ruthless.

Which in turn, managed to break through Carolina's moral compass. She still knows she's killing people and tearing them away from home and their loved ones, though she doesn't find herself to care.

Weiss is among the musically inclined, deciding to play the violin when she's on leave, a way to pass the time. She rarely does anything else but either lock herself in on her penthouse, or go on assignments Psychopomp gives her. She rarely goes outside the confines of her home and let's others do her shopping. She is detached from the normal civillian life by all means. And is content with that to boot. After all, wolves do not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep.



Carolina was born in year 9 in the city of Geshrinopolis. On a very young age, she was stolen from her own home by Psychopomp, in hopes to attain a child from which they'd be capable to mine and gather genetic mods of an elf. To research their extremely slow rate of aging. She went through these procedures and often non-anesthized surgeries without as much as blinking or twitching, so she was subjected to more tests, which concluded not only an extremely high, innate, pain treshold. But also an obvious form of sociopathy.

A plan brooded and her situation. The situations she was dropped in were borderline torture, both mental and physical, though she succeeded with flying colours and became an agent to Psychopomp at the age of seventeen. Starting out as a designated marksman, but soon after, starting to command units and rise through ranks. She became a legend to less known soldiers, then a myth after she started to lock herself in her penthouse. Where she rarely takes visitors. Now, she's the go to when the mess is getting too big, when targets need eliminating or when extremely valuable assets need seizing.

Operation: Ice breaker

Being called upon immediately after quelling a small riot, Carolina and her team were called in action for Operation: Ice breaker. To flank the enemy troops. However, by the time they reached the flank, the enemy had gone sub-surface and Weiss and her team called up transport to reinforce the base. They were dropped behind enemy lines, yet due to a sore lack of timing, the USO forces were already sub-surface. Rendering Weiss and her team useless. And with the nescessary anger, she called in a shuttle.

Weiss was transported to the lower sections of the Psychopomp facility, where her team sweeped the walls and came across a small taskforce, which she ambushed with her team to buy time. The facility collapsed just at the start of a duel with Jack Pine. Reluctantly, she and Shadow One pulled out at executive command.

Skills Learned

  • Sniper rifle / DMR expertise
  • Close quarters combat
  • Infiltration tactics
  • Commanding unit

Social Connections

Carolina Saksen-coburg is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Carolina Saksen-coburg has the following:

  • OGU
  • AI: Elizabeth: Elizabeth is the AI implanted in Carolina's mind, slotted with her OGU implant. Elizabeth, in contrast to Caroline, is warm and kind-hearted. She is programmed to care about Carolina by any and all means to make sure she doesn't only take added risk, but also to shield her with the armour platform that is supported. Elizabeth can physicically manifest as the hologram of a miniature teenage girl. She tends to rub Weiss the right way due to her programmed age.
  • Toxin filtering augment
  • Microcomputer and Memory Enhancement
  • IAW basic + Sound Surpresser
  • A PIP + detachable Sound Surpressor
  • Retractable shock baton (Durandium)
  • Combat vibro knife (Durandium)

Carolina Saksen-coburg currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by iq on 03, 12 2018 at 07:00.

This character's appearance was heavily inspired by this picture from IQ from the game Rainbow six: Siege. Drawn by CaptainBombastic

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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