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Carthage Saksen-coburg

Carthage Saksen-coburg is a player character played by IQ.

Carthage 'Iron Queen' Saksen-coburg
Species & Gender: Elf Female
Date of Birth: Pre-YE
Organization: SAINT
Occupation: SAINT: Intelligence Operative
Rank: Shōi Kōhōsei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Carthage is a tall, beautiful and stunning causcasian elf female. While people would often question her intruiging choice of make-up with the way she carries herself, it does add some semblance of mystery to her being. Sporting the same honey blonde her daughter possesses, Carthage has had it designed and stylized in a shaved pixie cut. Her face possesses sharp, jutting features with a petite nose. She starts to show some of her older age, showing one or two lines of wrinkles around her lips and in the corners of her eyes. Though, it adds to her mature and no-nonsense look. She has been in several magazines and model shoots already. And a majority found that these wrinkles had a very strong appeal to it.

Though Carthage dabbles in make-up. She enjoys jet black lipstick and pretty heavy eyeliner, to bring out her heterochromia even more. Possessing both a violet left eye, as well as a deep blue right eye. While Carthage isn't just tall, she has the curves to back it up. A well proportioned, large bust. And a shapely, sculpted behind, as well as thick, muscled thighs. She carries herself with an air of haughty pride and reservation. She acts and looks like she knows better and is more experienced, though this is most often backed up by actual experience. Carthage has been around for quite a bit. And several people that know the basics of elves, realize that it takes quite a long time for their age to start showing.


Carthage is an oddity in terms of personality. She's old and wise, yet due to this age and wisdom, she has seen a lot of death and became extremely jaded. To her, strength is commendable and something such as love only exists to weaken an individual. Emotions are prohibited, a hindrance. They stand in the way of a mission. It makes her cold, calculating yet brutally efficient. It doesn't mean she just leaves people behind or exectues soldiers at will because they are a burden. Soldiers are also still valuable assets that can prove their efficiency in the future. One mission at lower capability doesn't immediately mean termination.

Her age and wisdom have also made her arrogant and cocky. She often knows better just because she does. She hates being second-guessed and questioned. A trait both her younger daughters have inherited.

However, this near emotionless state has left both her daughters scarred. Both the newly created Zoeichi and Weiss, who was born and concieved naturally. The former being created and augmented, much like Carthage herself. The latter being sold to Psychopomp for not only monetary gain, but as a trial by fire. Either she died and was unworthy. Or she thrived and rose from the filth. Another negative trait of Carthage is her addiction to alcohol, she started drinking after killing Karak. First it was a glass a day, to keep the nasty thoughts away. Now, years and several replaced livers later, a glass has become a dozen of bottles. And what used to be sampled by taste and class, is now consumed as long as it has alcohol.

Beyond this brutally cold and efficient behaviour, wrapped in by a near-constant drunken stage. Carthage is adept at hiding emotions, expressions etc. She comes across as colder than most individuals. But isn't uptight and knows how to make fun, she can come across as someone who genuinely cares. And is even known to drink herself a stupor and act stone-cold sober.

Adding to that, Carthage has a certain affinity towards pain. Derived from earlier Mindy models, as well as a penchant for heavier weapon systems that sacrificed dynamic padding and non-critical life support systems and comfort in Mindy power armours. The newer models are too comfortable and discredit the threat of death in her opinion. She has become a lover for pain and is more often found fueled onwards when blasted, rather than backing down. This combined with a near-subconscious knowledge of what power armour can do and what it can't, makes her a seemingly relentless and reckless soldier. But at the same time, she knows exactly what she is doing.


Carthage was born into a rich and noble family of Xiuluria, one closely tied and related to the emperor. She's seen the passing of this empire and more than often saw the regressions of power. Once realized she was but a pawn to be shipped off for marriage and padding coffers, she bided her time and went through the motions of life, subjecting herself to everything that happened and waiting for an opportunity at something that'd make her truly happy. And at one point, that happened. With what was now Yamatai outlawing slavery, it caused herself and her bloodline to be impoverished. Which lead to Carthage's decision to buy a rifle and secure her own future as a mercenary.

She was ever present as a young mercenary during the founding of the Yamatai Empire, though always managed to slip through the cracks. It made her personal information a tad more difficult to find. And when she was recruited by SAINT, this information became even harder to even look for. Red tape everywhere.

Carthage was inducted into SAINT. She grew from an engineer to a prodigy with power armour and was subjected to the SAINT Standard Conditioning Package. While she didn't face down armies on her own in power armour, she knows the ins and outs of it, exactly what it could take, no more and no less. Which made her notable to SAINT as an operator. To this day, she remains in the outfit as an operator and an envoy from SAINT to the countless starships and fleets the Star Army posesses.

At a later age, Carthage came to marry Karak. A diplomatic marriage Carthage was happy to oblige in. It meant marrying into the Saksen-coburg family after all. Several years later, Weiss was born and subsequently sold to Psychopomp by Carthage, without Karak's knowing. This set her plan to become the head of the Saksen-coburg family in motion. And soon, Karak's poisoned corpse was lost in deep space.

With Karak's death, there was a dead end in the Saksen-coburg family. Which was something she could not tolerate. It led up to Zoeichi's creation. Using Her own genetic material, as well as frozen samples from Carolina, Zoeichi was created. Though her being dominantly female was an issue, Carthage didn't mind the femininity, though they needed a way to reproduce. And thus, Zoeichi was genetically altered to be birthed as a transgender.

Skills Learned

Carthage Saksen-coburg has the following notable skills:

  • Direct Mindy Interface: A neural chip implanted in Carthage's mind allows for direct interfacing with her personal Mindy powersuit, within a sphere of 100 meters, she's even able to remotely control it and use it as a communication relay.
  • Nodachi combat style: Ryu no mai; A fighting style devised and written out by Carthage, Ryu no mai features swift advances and athletic stunts as well as energetic dodges and feints to fight. It's an extremely intensive fighting style and allows for explosive damage. In all traditions of explosive. Short but damaging. It requires the user to finish fights quickly.
  • Athletics: A trait running in the family, Carthage is extremely flexible. While she isn't as strong as the current Nekovalkyrja, she's still a force to reckon with. Deciding to cross the gap in strength by her agility.
  • High pain treshold: Due to previous abuse and being quite the masochist, Carthage has an extremely high prain treshold. And will actively put herself in danger to get a kick out of it. She's the first to volunteer for suicide missions and the likes.

Social Connections

Carthage name is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Carthage Saksen-coburg has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.


  • Durandium knuckles


  • Traditional Star Army clothing, featuring a black colour palette.
  • Purple / Black kimono with the Saksen-coburg crest as a pattern, used for non SAoY, but personal matters.
  • Black shower Yukata.
  • A tuxedo, white shirt and purple tie. This is what she's most often seen wearing in semi-casual encounters.
  • A black nightgown that is most notably see through.

Carthage's Mindy

Optional weaponry

Carthage, as a SAINT operative, has a Mindy suit that isn't traditionally standard issue. This Mindy suit is an older Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" PA model. Yet slightly altered by the correct people. The one special feature added to this suit is a chain of small, cellular led strips that run across the edges of the chest, to the waist. These LED strips can light up in a massive flash of light to blind any on-looker and is often used as a means of breach and clear tactics. The Mindy helmet and other PA's are most likely protected against this. But the user, and anyone behind the LED strips are also shielded, due to the way these strips are designed, with small shielding for the user's eyes. The power this drains is near non-existent.

The body armour, almost always following Carthage on her missions, sports a slightly off-tradition paintjob and has a more SAINT feel to it. The small, grey and white trims on the armour are replaced by dark shades of black. And between the led strips, a crest complete with crown is visible. The letters 'IQ' in calligraphic writing placed between. IQ abbreviating 'Iron Queen'.

The Traditional Star Army emblem is put in similair places to Mindies without a custom paintjob.


Carthage Saksen-coburg currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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