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Cassandra Cassiopeia

Cassandra Cassiopeia
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Weight: 140
Organization: ISC Phoenix
Occupation: Freelance mechanic/engineer/hacker, mech pilot, dancer.
Rank: 3-Spades
Current Placement:

Cassandra Cassiopeia is a player character played by Lunar Rabbit.

Preferred Plots

  1. ISC Phoenix - Volume 2

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'1“
  • Mass: 154 lb
  • Measurements: 36DD

Build and Skin Color: A flexible dancer's build and white skin that trends toward pale, but not unhealthily so.

Eyes and Facial Features: A button nose sits between soft, full, wide cheeks. Thin lips form a mouth that seems to be made for smiling. Her chin is somewhat pointed, but it doesn't jut out in a lantern jaw - it's more like a blunted arrowhead, of sorts. Large, emerald green eyes that could be fierce, or soft, whatever the situation calls for.

Ears: Human, half-pinned, half-jutting out, and mostly hidden amongst her hair.

Hair Color and Style: Very long, downy hair, with different shades of color travelling the length, each the orange and red you might find on a peach. Her hair piles up around the top of her head, and reaches all the way to her knees.

Distinguishing Features: Her voice - a lilting and rich, almost playful, yet formal tone that can reach the highest of sopranos, to the lowest of contraltos. Her voice can portray every emotion imaginable and take on a variety of roles, from scheming matriarch, to innocent ingénue, built from years of opera. When speaking normally, it's a playful, yet formal voice.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Personality: Quite possibly a narcissist - loves attention and showing off, especially when it's inappropriate (like, say, in the middle of a minefield, being pursued by twenty enemy fighters). Vanity comes with it, and even though she tries to keep it down, there are times where she can't help but try to show off.

Ever curious and eager to try new things… or at least take them apart and strap on a jury-rigged “upgrade” that makes it go faster and explode bigger.

Makes her best attempt to be social, having been born to a family that mingled in upscale soirées often. Of course, being that upper-crust has left a bit of snobbery that can unintentionally come through, especially when dealing with those she deems “lower-class”.

She likes showing off - her skills, her body, it doesn't matter. A lifetime of being used to being good at something has made her a bit vain, and even though she's aware of it, she can't help it if it means getting glory. Complimenting her is an easy way to get her to lower her guard.

She's often obsessed with prettying things up, or at least showing some amount of 'class', even when it's an environment where no one cares about the dress you've got on. It especially comes through to when it comes to weapons and armor, trying to make them seem more like art sculptures than weapons of war.

While not a pacifist by any means, she prefers to use nonlethal methods - real blood makes her queasy, and she tries her best not to leave any corpses behind, especially when police tend to have a reward for capturing bad guys alive. In a real battle, she'd probably freeze up from fright and guilt.

In conversation, she comes across as a flirt, even when attempting to be formal- and her attempts to sound posh and upper-class often result in her putting her foot in her mouth. Despite her performances taking her across the galaxy, she's often culture-blind, as a result of being squirreled away in the ultra-rich enclaves of the human sphere.

While not a pacifist by any means, she prefers to use nonlethal methods - real blood makes her queasy, and she tries her best not to leave any corpses behind, especially when police tend to have a reward for capturing bad guys alive.

In conversation, she comes across as a flirt, even when attempting to be formal- and her attempts to sound posh and upper-class often result in her putting her foot in her mouth. Despite her performances taking her across the galaxy, she's often culture-blind, as a result of being squirrelled away in the ultra-rich enclaves of Nepelsia.

  • Likes: Dancing, singing, electronics of any sort, tinkering, making stuff, fine art, opera, musicals.
  • Dislikes: People with no class, cheapos, people with poor hygiene, rude people, luddites, cheap equipment, hard alcohol, philistines.
  • Goals: Explore the universe.


Family (or Creators)

Friend/Rival/Fellow Dancer: Felicidade de Ligaya


Born to a well-to-do family - her mother was an up-and-coming opera singer, and her father came from a line of wealthy traders - she enjoyed a privileged and comfortable - if busy - childhood. From a young age, she showed an affinity for all things electronic (not helped by her father's rather large inventory - ranging from obsolete, barely operational computer relics of the distant past, to elaborate combat drones). Initially, she trained to become an engineer - but the lure of opera and dance, with half her childhood spent in ballet and vocal lessons, and attending ritzy stage performances, was too much. Upon an early graduation, she discarded further studies to join an intergalactic opera company, performing throughout the galaxy.

It was a charmed life, but all good things must come to an end.

The collapse of the UOC destroyed her father's investments, slowed trade to a freezing crawl, and left him deep in debt to a crime organization that allowed him to work past the many bureaucratic intricacies of the galaxies, in exchange for bribes. Likewise, the opera company suffered a similar fate - potential patrons and funders embroiled in various conflicts don't tend to focus on opera when there's a war going on (or are dead from said war), and the company relied on bribing the same crime ring her father dealt with in order to acquire the best institutions and locations for their performances. As a result, much of her hard-earned money disappeared. Her, and the rest of the female crew, had their talents put to use to service the underworld. What had been opulent and ancient performances became bawdy shows and burlesque, and her journeys took her farther and farther away from her family.

In-between her shows, she began taking on odd jobs in whatever city she'd end up in to help support her family and pay her father's debt. They were simple enough, computer-related matters - “help repair our stock of security robots”, “debug our firewall”, “write a simple program for our servers”, so on, so forth.

Then came more intriguing underworld offers as word of her association with criminal elements spread - “steal back incriminating files from a mafia front company”, “upgrade our line of police mechs”. Then they'd grown downright dangerous - “destroy these rogue mining robots threatening our colony”, “find this hacker and bring them in”, “upgrade our missile system” - and before long, she found herself helping police, corporations, anyone with enough cash and in a bind against rampaging robotics and criminals, ranging from electronics warfare to reducing rampaging robots to molten slag. She began to view it as a way of getting back at the criminal underworld that'd made her life take a very strange turn…



Cass has, at the very least, a passable grasp of most galaxy-faring species. Even without a translator of any sort, her father, who spent much of his life selling things to all forms of life, found it important that she be able to conduct a basic conversation. However, aside from Trade and Yamataigo, don't expect her to write a poem.


Her mother spent a fortune on finding the best vocal trainers and ballet dancers, and as soon as Cass could walk and talk, half of her childhood was spent singing and dancing. It's paid off - if there's an opera or ballet you can think of, she's performed in it at your nearest major city, usually heralded by stuffy old critics on the local newspaper you barely read. And with the advent of her opera company's acquisition and expansion into less savoury means, she's fairly experienced in bed and lewder forms of dance. However, she's more accustomed to performing, not creating.


She's frequently contracted to upgrade security systems, robotics, or mechs. Don't ask her to design buildings, though.

Technology Operation

If it has an operating system, she's familiar with it, and can write up new code for any mainstream programming language, or a program for nearly anything. She's also familiar with all sorts of robotics, power armor, and mecha.


Of course, you'd need a grasp of math to make sure you don't get fried when handling circuits or repairing systems. Most of the math she knows is usually related to programming, physics, and engineering.


She's handled charges for breaching and flashbangs, and has loaded her mech with heavy ordinance, such as anti-satellite missiles or to take down rogue satellites, fleeing pirate ships, and/or rogue machinery. However, most of said ordinance, she prefers to use on unmanned targets - or at least in situations where the person inside will survive without getting a limb torn off - and she tends to use/purchase them sparingly.

Maintenance and Repair

She knows how to keep a program running and a robot in tip-top shape. Debugging is just one of her many specialties. She can jury-rig replacement parts for any damaged robotics, but prefers to upgrade or use stock parts.


Her mother, despite being only a singer, enrolled her into ballet classes at a young age. Her company handled ballet and opera, and when she wasn't singing, she was dancing - pirouettes, soaring through the air, all sorts of maneuvers. Unsurprisingly, it comes in handy when dodging bullets from runaway robots, leaping through barrages of bullets, or kicking someone. She's not actually skilled in fighting, beyond basic punching and kicking.


Her parents never spent any money on self-defense classes, figuring a horde of bodyguards was enough. The most she knows about hand-to-hand are poorly-copied martial arts and boxing moves from movies and MMA rounds she's watched. She also has a mild phobia of small arms - aside from an emergency pistol and a taser, she doesn't know much beyond 'make sure the safety is off' and 'aim down the funny stuff on the top of the gun and pull the trigger' - and she's got a bigger phobia on using small arms on actual human beings.

When fighting in her mech, though, it becomes a different story - EMPs, cutting lasers, and cannons to disable or destroy rogue machinery, and anti-riot guns to take down the occasional naughty hacker or pirate obsessed with robots. However, she is not skilled in lethal combat with organic targets, or manned mechs, and is often hesitant or avoidant of situations that would require blood to be shed.


Cassandra Cassiopeia has the following items:

  • Heavily modified LEAF mech, with parts cannibalized from other mechs, vehicles, and starships to increase its armor and mobility. Half of its weapons are nonlethal, meant to disperse crowds or stop riots, and the other half are aimed at anti-material/anti-electronic combat.
  • EM-G13 "Kuromegane" Communications Visor, modified to show data on the mech's status and systems, drones, and any systems she can pick up in the area.
  • X-type Quantum Computer
  • Multipurpose Palm Computer
  • A NANO
  • A rather expensive, but simple, black evening dress
  • A much more fancy and frilly gold ballroom dress
  • A violet-and-black thigh-length coat designed for cold and rainy weather


Cassandra Cassiopeia is currently a 3-Spades in the Phoenix.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Commission references & Character Inspiration

I'm too poor to afford commissions at the moment, but here's everything I stole from to make Cass.

  1. Ken Marinaris: I primarily based her appearance on her - her figure, her suit, her hair. She, however, doesn't look as fierce as Ken does, nor is her nose as pointy. She's also the reason why Cass is into robots. Basically, if you need a description, just look at her.
  2. Mistral, the Cold Wind of France: Yet another reason why Cass is so shapely. I stole parts of her armor and reliance on drones, as well as her coat and some of her mannerisms.
  3. Diva Plavalaguna: Cass may not be blue or tentacled, but I did take the musical abilities and talent from this gal. Opera always held a certain charm over me.

Soundtrack/Audio Inspiration

  • General/In Combat - Inva Mula - Il Doce Suono/The Diva Dance
  • The “ay bby wan sum fuk”/getting action song - Lords of Acid - Stripper
  • (Description of feeling) - Artist name - “track name”
  • (Description of feeling) - Artist name - “track name”

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