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Cassiel Andris

Cassiel Andris
Species: Elysian (Patrician)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6' 9โ€œ / 205.74 cm
Weight: 97 lbs / 44 kg
Occupation: Surgeon/Emergency Room Doctor

Cassiel Andris in Roleplay

Cassiel Andris is a player character played by Aendri in the Land of Dreamers plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 9โ€ / 205.74 cm Mass: 97 lbs / 44 kg Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Cassiel is built very lightly for a Patrician, but what muscle he does have is very well toned, if not bulgy. He has pale Caucasian skin, as if he doesn't get much sun.

Eyes and Facial Features: Cassiel has hard, angular features, with a broad, eagle-like nose. His eyes are olive shaped, and are a soft violet in color, with flecks of a deeper purple.

Hair Color and Style: He wears his hair long, but tucked behind his ears. It's a faint silver tinge, but he has it highlighted with blond to make it less shiny.

Distinguishing Features: Cassiel, partly as his own personal reminder that he's not part of the upper class anymore, tipped his wings with a deep blue color. It's only the last two inches of the wings, but it still stands out.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cassiel is much more humble then is normal for a Patrician, mostly because of his background. He's still a cheerful, talkative person, but he's gotten used to his peers looking down on him, and more or less expects condescension from those around him. He's hard worker, and is always looking for something to do; this doesn't, however exclude something he wants to do himself, like his own hobbies. He doesn't make friends easily, despite his easygoing nature, even if it might seem that way. This is balanced, at least in part, by a capricious interpersonal nature, that swings all over the place according to no particular set of rules.

Likes: Cassiel is fond of some of the more intellectual pursuits, such as chess, or word games. Dislikes: Being as heavily outclassed in terms of strength by most of his peers as he is, Cassiel has never been very into the physical side of things. Goals: Try and come up with something to get his good name back.


Family (or Creators)

Cassiel is the only living member of his family, his brother having died in the defense of the Elysian systems against the NMX, his father and mother both having died before that.


Cassiel is a patrician in disgrace. He grew up as entitled as the majority of patricians, and was fast-tracked straight into a good path for the son of a ship's commander. His life was about as normal as you can get, with the slight caveat that he wasn't good at the physical things most patricians are naturally good at.

His life took a turn for the worse when his father was stripped of his commission for cowardice in battle, which led to his father killing himself. His mother was consequently killed shortly after that during an attack against one of the Elysian planets. To top it all off, his brother was killed during the most recent fighting with the NMX, leaving him as the last member of his family alive, alone to bear the shame and try and work it off. After dealing with it for a fair amount of time, he decided that he needed some time to himself, rather then dealing with that constantly, so he decided on a vacation.

He booked passage on the Silver Sultan to this end, and was having quite a jolly time indulging himself with people who had no idea who he was when the ship was attacked. In the shuttle's landing, he was brutally injured (most likely due to his hollow bone structure), and was left behind, presumed dead. He was recovered from the crash by bandits, and is at the moment being held captive.

Skill Areas


As a precursor to his medical studies, Cassiel studied biology, and in the process learned the inner workings of most known races decently well (this does not extend to Iroma or Abwerans), and is capable of ascertaining if something is wrong based off of the norms for that race.

Medical and Science

Cassiel is a well studied, and well practiced surgeon of a high caliber, with plenty of skill to go with it. He spent time working as an emergency room triage specialist before he got his position as a surgeon, so he's got a fair bit of experience across a good number of things. This includes the usage of medical instrumentation, both for surgery, and for triage purposes.


Years of writing out information as a doctor has given him a practiced, reabable script (even if it's only legible to him), though he's gone well out of his way to avoid prescriptions when possible. He's also well used to using shorthand in both writing and speech, as well as intercoms when available. as an offshoot of his education, he is fluent in the writing of several languages, including Yamataian, Trade, and Seraphim, and can write in the same print as normal in all of them (where feasible, at least).


His natural slant towards the intellectual side of things has given him a penchant for learning that is rather remarkable. His comprehension of anything he reads is near perfect, though his memory for audio is nowhere near as good. He has a good knowledge of law (especially if it has any pertinence to medical things).

The other half to this is his skill in games of skill, such as chess. He is a talented chess player, and can learn other games of strategy with reasonable ease.


Though weak in comparison to most patricians, Cassiel is still reasonably strong among most people. His musculature is mostly focused in his upper body, in the muscles he needs to fly. Other then that, his only real skill in terms of physicality is his cardio, which is solid, even if nothing impressive.


Cassiel has lived for long enough on his own to be more then able to take care of himself and his lodgings, from anything like cooking to cleaning, even extending to minor home improvements.

Art and Vocations

Before he'd gotten it through his head that he would be a doctor whether he wanted to be one or not, Cassiel entertained the idea of becoming an artist (though still an artist of the type who works for diagramming textbooks and the like). To this end he applied the same dedication of self to learning to draw as he did anything else, and discovered a modicum of talent in the process.


Cassiel Andris is currently a surgeon, but is on vacation.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
17,541 KS Starting Funds


This character is not available for adoption.

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