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Cavan Raleigh

Cavan Raleigh
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Geshrin Height: 180cm (5'11“)
Gender: Male Weight: 74kg (165 lbs)
Age: 27
Employer: Myr Barlowe
Occupation: Doctor Eyes: Brown
Rank: MMed of Surgery1) Hair: Blonde
Current Assignment: ISC Enkidu

Cavan Raleigh in Roleplay

Cavan Raleigh is a player character played by Exhack and is currently involved in the ISC Enkidu plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 180cm (5'11”)
Weight: 74kg (165 lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Cavan is a healthy-looking man with a decent build, perhaps a bit lacking in overall muscle mass compared to the average Nepleslian but not effete or wispy like some Yamataians. His skin is a bit too dull to consider tanned, and slightly reddish in coloration, especially around the neck and face.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Cavan has certain roughness to his face, from a rather prominent and jagged aquiline nose and rather square and elongated features.

Hair Color and Style:

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics






  • Wesson Raleigh: 57, Father (Geshrin)
  • Leslie Smith-Raleigh: 54, Mother (Geshrin)
  • Chuck Raleigh: 33, Brother (Gehsrin)
  • Masuyo Raleigh2): Deceased, Wife (Yamataian)
  • Suzu Raleigh: Deceased, Daughter (Yamataian)


  • Roderick Brenton: 36, Friend/Trading Contact (Nepleslian)
  • Sul'uego “Masser” Sentan Lmanel: 48, Friend/Trading Contact (Lorath)


Early Life

Child of the Tower Cities

Cavan grew up alongside the wealthy plutocrat families of upper Funky City, with a father who was a renowned colony prospector who married into money. Having grown up after the great wars which resulted in Nepleslia's subjugation by Yamatai and away from the genocide and wars on Yamatai with the Elysians, war almost felt like something akin to fiction. As a wealthy citizen, he was always kept away from the violence and poverty of the lower classes and the wartime draft that occurred whenever Nepleslia came under attack.

He grew up with a passion for medicine and an interest in the artificial lifeforms and alien species that had become increasingly common as the years went by. Although he'd never seen war first hand, the number of veterans living alongside his family in the upper cities increased, as did his exposure to recovering soldiers covered in bandages or sporting new, metallic limbs. This roused a mildly morbid fascination in the fragility of the human body in him, as well as an interests in the long-standing Nepleslian medical traditions in cybernetics. He was enrolled in a prestigious upper city university continued his education for most of his early twenties, eventually achieving a Bachelors of Medicine, and eventually a Master of Surgery, with minors in Pharmacology and the Cybernetics that had become increasingly common as wars with the Mishhuvurthyar began.

Home as a Battlefield

Cavan had only just graduated when the Mishhuvurthyar struck Nepleslia, causing him to be drafted into one of the many emergency hospitals that had been constructed in the shelters beneath the city. Here, he saw the realities of Nepleslian life, with many of the people he was helping dealing with lingering injuries not from the battle but from the many street wars and gang conflicts, and the absolute poverty that many clones, criminals and migrant workers faced. Soldiers poured in with missing limbs and terrible wounds, and carrying the corpses of those who were less fortunate, struck by scalar weapons or blown to pieces by aether beams, before rushing back out. Although some might be ravaged by the experience, Cavan could only feel his will redoubled, and a strong desire to help others emerged.

A few months after the battle, he decided to join a humanitarian organization that assisted with victims of the SMX War.

Professional Life

Humanitarian Goals

After the Battle of Nepleslia, Cavan traveled extensively to worlds being reclaimed by the Star Army of Yamatai, as well as the many refugee camps that arose whenever a world was lost. Even though he could feel the corners of his idealistic world being worn away by the sickness and pain he saw everywhere, he persisted, as he was almost a distant observer to the conflicts that raged across the stars and the losses of others. He was a consoler, a healer, and by remaining distant but good-willed, was able to continue helping people as the war dragged on.

But whereas he was able to maintain a tenuous sense of care for his patients, he often forgot himself, which led to a face-to-face encounter with the SMX. About to be killed for being at the front of a camp just as it was about to be raided by Mishhu forces, he was only able to live because he was saved by a young Nekovalkryja soldier who took the attack for him as her kin descended on the marauders. For the Doctor, it was an act that was almost unforgivable, for himself and the other person. He'd become in debt to another person for the first time in his life since he'd been a child, and was forced to deal with that in the only way he could think of doing.

He purchased the freedom of the soldier and nursed her back to health himself, exchanging her remaining four years of service for a piece of his rather large inheritance. He had no real intention of keeping her around afterward, and merely thought of his act as a suitable gift for the person who saved his life.

Perplexed by this and refusing to simply wait around, the soldier, named Ueno Masuyo, decided to follow him around as he moved from site to site. She wondered what kind of person would purchase a Nekovalkryja and give her own freedom, or why he had no interest in taking her to his bed like many other owners of Neko did, and determined herself to support a doctor who was doing a terrible job of taking care of himself. He was midly annoyed by her continued presence, but resigned himself to her care, knowing that he had called it on himself. Their relationship eventually changed as the months went on, at first taking the role of observer, caretaker and eventually lover. Eventually, their romance persisted until Cavan eventually asked for her hand in marriage, which she gladly accepted.

To Taiie

As they approached their second year of marriage, Cavan sought to find a home for Masuyo and their newborn daughter, and found a prospective home in the newly-founded colony of Taiie. The two settled on an upper-class apartment in Seijin no Umi, and he eventually opened a medical practice, where he offered traditional medical services to the colony's small Geshrin population as well as ST and pharmaceuticals.

But this seemingly idyllic life was not meant to last.

On a trip to Yamatai with his family to recruit some additional staff and visit some friends, their transport was attacked by Mishhu. Cavan, who had treating a sickly passenger, was separated from his family when the passenger compartments where destroyed by positron cannon fire. The Star Army arrived soon after, attempting to rescue survivors of the great disaster which had just occurred in the Taiie System. The ST backups of his wife and child, which were stored on Taiie were also destroyed, meaning that he had lost every trace of the things he loved most in the universe. Full of grief, he fled back to Nepleslia.

Survivor's Guilt

After a few months of soul-searching on Nepleslia, he decided to start traveling again and find a job where he'd be seeing as much of the universe as possible. To this end, he signed on with a crew of salvagers and worked in a series of odd jobs around various ships over the course of the next three years. He even tried his hand at bounty hunting for a while, but decided to settle into the quieter life of salvage ships due to his limited physical abilities as a Geshrin.

Recent hired again as a doctor and scavenger by Myr Barlowe, Cavan continues on his escapist journeys through space.



Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
With minors in pharmacology and cybernetics.
Nee Ueno Masuyo.
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