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Ceilia Ryzka

Ceilia Ryzka is a NPC controlled by GM Jack Pine who appears in the ISS-Brimstone/Osman University plot.

Ceilia Ryzka
Species & Gender: human female/AI
Organization: independent
Occupation: AI
Rank: AI
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone/Kyle Dee

Character Description

5'11, long brunette hair down to the butt, bright blue eyes, a beautiful and youthful face, DD cup, and an hourglass figure.

History and Relationship Notes

Ceilia is the AI recreation of Kessler Ryzka's dead sister. She recently was given a real body in celebration of Kyle starting pilot training. She has steadily growing feelings for Kyle as she helps him improve his skills.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in most languages.
  • starship operation: Ceilia fully knows how to run and be a starship.
  • fighting: Ceilia is fully set as a mech pilot.


  • assorted clothes
  • 1x S6-XM1(custom)
  • G1-NI

OOC Notes

Will make her a PC eventually.

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