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John "Celestial Fury" Kennedy

John Kennedy, aka John-17 or “Celestial Fury”, was a player character played by Fury, but has since been adopted by Grey Library and is undergoing major reconstruction.

John Kennedy (with “Celestial Fury” equipped)
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 6.7 feet (2.04 meters)
Weight: 230lbs
Organization: -
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: -
Current Placement: -

This character is wanted for theft of Yamataian military property and should be detained on sight. Use of unnecessary force has been approved. Current bounty offered by the Star Army of Yamatai is 10,000 KS.

Music Themes

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6 feet 7 inches (2.04 metres) Mass: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Build and Skin Color: John Kennedy, alias “Celestial Fury”, has a muscular physique typical among ID-SOLs. However, he is somewhat smaller than most specimens of his kind, being rather shorter and more compact when next to his towering brethren. Oddly, his skin has a subtle luminosity to it, dimly visible in low-light areas.

Eyes and Facial Features: John has sharp eyes that shine with surprising intellect. However, his baby-face complexion tends to give him a rather innocent look at times, usually compounded by his normally placid expression.

Hair Color and Style: John's salt-and-pepper hair is normally kept well-combed and trimmed in a neat and functional contour, reminiscent of a famous man in Nepleslia's early history.

Distinguishing Features: John's most prominent feature is his unusual docility and non-aggressiveness atypical of ID-SOLs. Slow to anger and seemingly disinclined to violence, many have been caught off-guard by the sheer dissonance between the hulking man and his odd behavior.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Specifically trained not to draw attention, John has a mild and pliant personality rather out of place in a hulking ID-SOL. Almost pacifistic in nature, the contrast between his attitude and his appearance has been the source of much confusion to others. However, when sufficiently threatened or when on a mission, John displays an almost inhuman efficiency and ruthlessness in his mannerisms and actions.

Likes: He likes his solitude but welcomes the occasional company. A rather lonely man throughout his short, violent life, he has learned to do without over the years.

Dislikes: He dislikes loud noises and sudden gunfire, due to his instinctive threat assessment acting up. This was a problem during his early years as he would often fire back by instinct, he has since redirected this reflex into diving for cover in order to safely observe the situation first.

Goals:He hopes to one day circumvent his mental conditioning and finally be able to speak of his batch-mates freely, so that he may properly apologize for their wasted deaths. Being a highly-trained Red agent, he subconsciously hopes for the return of his former masters.


Family (or Creators)

  • Red Faction Military on Kennewes


Claiming amnesia and simple ignorance to hide his past, John's history is shockingly murky for such a simple man. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere at an independent freeport bordering the Black Hole Cluster in a stolen T7 shuttle, the ID-SOL has been a rather curious enigma among the rogues and ruffians calling the bowels of deep space home. Few, if any, have the courage to probe him further after his polite excuses.

To the Star Military of Nepleslia, however, a more complete picture can be formed. Initially encountered in the Red Stronghold on Kennewes during the Kennewes Offensive, John, then known as John Doe Number 17 or John-17 for short, was a member of the defending Red forces that defected to the Greens mid-battle. According to eyewitness testimonies, John-17 “suddenly paused in the middle of the firefight, before turning and shooting his squadmates in the back”. John-17 was noted to have used strategically-placed grenades to destroy the cover his comrades were hiding behind, killing many of them and exposing them to massed Green fire.

Dropping his gun and surrendering to the fireteam leader, John-17 readily cooperated with the commando platoon and was integral in circumventing a number of Red chokepoints and ambushes through divulging the base's access codes, even picking up a weapon and assisting the soldiers in combat against massed Red soldiers. With minor battle honors and the support of the company's Master Sergeant, he was inducted into the SMDIoN on a probationary basis post-battle, serving as a Private First Class on a backwater outpost as part of the base garrison.

For the next two years, John-17, recently self-rechristened John Kennedy, led an almost transient existence on the outpost with little evidence of his presence. IPG observation records portray him of a mild-mannered soldier weirdly obedient to his superiors despite being a former Red. Interviews with the serving personnel revealed little else either, most of the men claimed that John “was a big softy that wouldn't hurt a fly”, the local commanding officer expressed some dissatisfaction with his lack of aggressiveness but otherwise had no other comments, citing him as “one of the most manageable soldiers I've ever seen”. Oddly though, the base's cameras have hardly any recording of the man, only catching sight of him when he was with someone or there were absolutely no blind spots present, whereupon which he would stride out into the open as if nothing was wrong.

However, in YE 31, PFC Kennedy abruptly broke into the Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle of a visiting diplomat of the Yamatai Star Empire during a layover at the base, courtesy of the SMDIoN. Hacking the shuttle's electronic lock, he intruded into the demilitarized (CIES core transferred out and replaced with an inviolate control system, as per prior agreement between the SAoY and the SMDIoN) Ke-T7-1B and flew it out of the base at full speed. The diplomat in question, having returned to the shuttle alone to fetch some documents, was trapped in the passenger bay and brought along for the ride. After a few minutes, just as the base's fighters were beginning to launch, the Raccoon's airlock opened and the diplomat, now clad in one of the environmental suits stowed aboard and clinging to the activated Emergency Homing Beacon for dear life, was thrown out of the craft and into open space. As the NSN forces hurried to secure the spaced official, the Raccoon powered up its Hyperspace Fold Drive and fled.

As the diplomat was safely retrieved and the Raccoon T7 found stripped of its main systems and in the possession of local salvage crews living on an independent freeport a few days later, the SAoY and SMDIoN ruled the incident as an unexpected but nonetheless petty theft of a military vehicle instead of an attempted kidnapping and chose not to deploy any standing military assets in pursuit. PFC John Kennedy was thus swiftly struck from military records as a deserter and a 10,000 KS bounty placed on his head by the SAoY.

Given that said man had vanished into the practically unnavigable mess of lawless space, the case was expected to never be closed barring deployment of SAINT operatives in pursuit, an endeavor judged as overkill for a petty criminal.


Being originally a creation of the Red militants in Kennewes two months prior to the Kennewes Offensive, John-17 was intended to be the testbed of a planned series of highly-augmented ID-SOL commandoes intended for infiltration, spying, sabotage and assassinations. For that purpose, his sleep-training was tweaked to favour silent tactics and nondescript behavior to properly blend in, and a Red-replicated version of the then-prototype NAM Fluctuating Pigmentation Coating "Snakeskin" that was self-sustained by self-replicating nanomachines was grafted into his skin, thus giving it an odd glow that was dimly visible in low-light conditions.

After two months of training, the stronghold on Kennewes was attacked by massed Green forces. Initially fighting alongside his fellow Red soldiers, John-17 was ordered to stage a betrayal and fire on his own men, in order to buy passage into the winning Greens and act as a sleeper agent for a long-duration operation. Obeying the orders of his superiors without question, he fired upon and killed the rest of his platoon and seeded himself into the military of the future SMDIoN, patiently waiting for further orders for a period of two years.

On that fateful day in YE 31, John-17 learned that a diplomat was scheduled to visit the base he was stationed in a a layover on the way to follow-up talks in Nepleslia regarding the International Relations Conference of YE 30. Seeing it as a good opportunity to secure a valuable target for interrogation as well as disrupt the forming alliance between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, John-17 broke aboard the T7 Raccoon shuttle after engineering the diplomat's lone presence aboard the craft. Upon escaping the base, he triggered the discreet communicator secreted on his person, requesting for further orders and extraction.

However, nobody responded. Unbeknownst to him, all his superiors were killed in action during the Offensive, their evac shuttle having been shot down by the massed Green fleet. Slowly but surely, it dawned on John-17 that there was no one waiting on the other end of the line, he was on his own.

Self-preservation instincts kicked in soon after, pushing him back into motion. Quickly seizing the diplomat and stuffing him into one of the Environmental Suits stowed onboard, John-17 ejected both the diplomat and the activated Emergency Homing Beacon out of shuttle in order to stage the botched kidnapping attempt as a foolhardy hijacking, escaping into FTL while the NSN were busy retrieving the ejected diplomat. To complete the illusion, John-17 hastily landed on a random independent freeport and sold the T7 to the local salvage crews, buying anonymous passage off the station on a different vessel. Within hours, the ID-SOL had disappeared so thoroughly it was as if he had never existed in the first place.


Optical Camouflage

Having a Red-copied version of a prototype NAM Fluctuating Pigmentation Coating "Snakeskin" system onto his actual skin, the coating system passively conceals his thermal signature and renders him less noticeable on IR and most conventional biometric sensors. John can trigger the system's active cloaking and blend himself with the environment, the system however has limitations such as a short cloak time that produces a noticeable thermal bloom after the cloak expires, as well as a vulnerability to EMP shockwaves that will disable it and deliver a serious shock to John's nervous system.

As the active cloak has a short lifespan and does not cover his clothing and equipment (a problem also suffered by the more advanced technology incorporated into the NH-33S (Stealth), John usually keeps the cloak in passive and uses his sneaking skills to get around undetected, relying on his mobility and HHG .460 Deidre Special if he is discovered.

The cloak can be used tactically as well in a firefight or when John is detected, despite offering no physical protection the system can render his head and upper body invisible for short periods of time, confusing the aim of any hostile snipers in the area. This has earned him the nickname “Dullahan”, for his unnerving “headless” appearance during gunfights.

Starship Operations

Throughout his stint freebooting across independent space, John has developed a familiarity with most common small-sized civilian vessels. He is intimately familiar with piloting crafts produced by Origin Industries due to their rugged and reliable craft.

He is currently piloting a “stolen” Onset Shuttle that he obtained after killing its owner on an assassination contract.

Technology Operation

As an infiltration specialist, John is trained in subverting and sabotaging most common electronic systems, a skill he had employed in the past during his “betrayal” of the military and his theft of the T7 Raccoon. He is skilled enough to disable and dismantle most systems and electronics, though he will have to rely on proper specialists for dedicated hacking operations.

Survival and Military

Intended to serve as a deep-cover infiltration and assassination agent, John has been extensively drilled in survival tactics, combat strategy and a small degree of grand strategy. He is able to identify and earmark critical installations and dangerous hostile units on the fly and work his way around them, as well as most common battlefield tactics employed by hostile forces such as killzones and artillery spotting.

On his stint in deep space, he has become familiar with working under others in small mercenary groups, often with lesser-trained leaders. He is keenly aware of when to obey, when to commit a forceful takeover and when to abandon his companions and withdraw to a more advantageous position.


John was originally earmarked for leadership over a squad of similar ID-SOL agents due to his seniority, he is capable of leading a strike team on “hit-and-fade” missions as well as slower-paced infiltration and sabotage operations.

In recent years, he has gained a familiarity with leading small groups of lesser-trained allies, but is unfortunately uncaring of expending them in combat if need be.


John Kennedy, being an ID-SOL, is naturally attuned to fighting and combat tactics, both unarmed and with the HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, the Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber, and the M2 Rifle, all standard-issue to Nepleslian Space Marine Corps personnel. He has also been taught the basics of hand to hand combat in the form of nepleslian_marine_self-defense_training, but often chooses to default to his largely similar Red Military regimen during combat.

Having served in two different militaries, John has been taught how to use the basic trio of Nepleslian power armor, the NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – “Hostile”, Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor and Hostile, as well as the now-defunct Crooked Demon, Demon M1 Infantry Power Armor and Dark Demon Stealth Power Armor.


Humanities was taught to him as part of his infiltration course and he can be fairly adept with debating if needed. Though not a master in the major philosophies, John is extensively trained in target psychology and diplomacy, possessing adequate skill to predict the actions of his quarry to a limited degree and talk his way through most on-site complications.

Art and Vocations

On his downtime, John has developed a mild taste for the arts, often sketching out landmarks and scenery on a handheld datapad when not in combat or on a mission. The assorted artwork and miscellaneous items he has created over the years are stored into an encrypted flash drive he keeps with him at all times, saving the new creation to the drive and purging the datapad's cache to eliminate evidence of his location.

Infiltration and Assassination

Schooled in the more physical aspects of assassination, John is deeply familiar with infiltration and can sneak into most moderately-guarded facilities with relative ease. He is trained in extensive cooperation with off-site supporting personnel and is skilled in the use of both close-quarters and long-range assassination, either utilizing his Styrling Longbolt from a distance, and “Celestial Fury” when up close.

For infiltration-type assassinations, John prefers to act at mid-range while under disguise, using the silent firing of his HHG .460 Deidre Special (set to Mass Driver only) to deadly effect.


John Kennedy has the following items:



  • “Celestial Fury”
    • Nerimium-alloy machete
    • Monomolecular edge



John Kennedy is currently a Mercenary in the Independent Occupations. He receives a weekly salary of -null- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
9600 DA 3600 DA Service Pay (2 years)
0 DA 9600 DA Accounts Frozen (Criminal Status)
6000 DA 6000 DA Sale of Salvaged T7 Systems
5011 DA 989 DA HHG .460 Deidre Special
4981 DA 30 DA 2x 'Silver' HHG Ammo Crate
3581 DA 1400 DA Styrling Longbolt
2881 DA 700 DA Full Suppression Kit
2281 DA 600 DA 1-15×50 HD Zoom Scope
2121 DA 160 DA 2x Standard Rounds Crate


  • John's name is a mixture of the name “John Doe” and “Kennedy”, with the surname “Kennedy” directly inspired by “Kennewes”.
  • John's hairstyle is styled after George Clooney.
  • John's use of pistol assassinations was inspired by Drell Assassins from Mass Effect.
  • John's alias and “Celestial Fury”, the Nerimium-alloy machete, are mementos from his younger days with his batch-mates on Kennewes.
  • “Celestial Fury” was a pretend name John-17 used in make-believe games. The machete itself was inspired by the legendary Captain Stone's signature shortsword.

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