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Charlotte Verschil

Charlotte Verschil is a player character played by IQ.

Charlotte Verschil
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: 13ζ—₯ 8月 YE 17
Organization: Unaffiliated
Occupation: U-1 Variable mecha pilot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone

Physical Description

Neon isn't all too large, standing at 160 centimeters and a rather thin demeanour. She seems physically unimposing, though great agility causes her to be able to outmanouver enemies. In some places, her skeleton has cartilage, rather than bone or joints, which is one of the reasons she has such agility and can perform quite the display of them. Her genetic code is a mix-mash of various other humans and creatures, most notable, some of her reptiles, which gives her her cold-blooded nature. Though more on this during her history. Due to her genetic code being a mixture of a lot of things, this reflects on her physical appearance, as mentioned before, her build is slim, with modest curves and a slightly smaller than average chest. Small ears, deep, knowing eyes with an odd color scheme reflecting long manes. Her hair, as well as her hair have default colours. Defaults that she falls back to when there's not really any emotion on display. A deep chestnut and a rather soothing pink. Styled to have a clear division between the colours. Her eyes mirror these colours. Deep brown under the pink section and vice versa. But these colours are almost always subject to change.

Clad in a brown, ridged leotard as undergarments, Neon either prefers jeans or a short skirt and dark brown stockings, often seen with a white blazer that cuts off at the end of her midriff. The sides of her hips visible due to the nature of the meld of leotard and corset. Heels in heavy boots that run up to her knees add another two centimeters to her height. The white blazer / jean is what she wears most often whilst piloting, the ribbed skirt, shirt and brown sweater is considered off duty clothing.

One brief, interesting fact to note on her appearance is that any and all bodily fluids Neon produces is fluorescent while leaving her body. A wad of spit, or sweat, forms as translucent fluids that slowly move through the color spectrum when reflected. Her blood however, when spilled, reflects in a fluorescent green, as if held under a blacklight.


Neon is soft, gentle and even clingy at times to the people she trusts. She values her friends more than anything and is prepared to do anything in her power for them. This, at points, tends to make her both exceptionally brave and foolish. She thinks quick on her feet, which works when piloting, but in other situations, this is less of a perk and more of a burden. Other than that, she's a fun loving girl. She enjoys what she does, flying, fighting, shooting and the exhiliration of beating someone else in a dogfight. Simulation or real. She was raised as a pretty good pilot and can prove a challenge to her more experienced consorts due to her wild card attitude and unpredictable flight patterns. Though this is why she prefers to fly solo. A squadron is something she can't orientate herself within for the life of her.

A pretty good mental make-up for someone locked in and subject to cruel experimentation, you might think? As a great man once said; β€œIt's bound to be good when the good ones snap.”

Neon is nothing different. Her psychological profile is a mess. In most normal circumstance, she's twitchy, and there are several triggers to her PTSD, one of them being unsollicited touches. It's why she tends to shy away from larger groups. But even beyond that, when asked to recollect the experiments excercised on her, she'll come up empty, as if her memory was wiped. Which is partly true. Under one of the tests, her mind had completely split, giving rise to a dangerous and extremely volatile alter ego that dubs herself 'Char' or 'Charry'. And refers to Charlotte as just 'Lotte'. Often Claiming 'Lotte' stepped out for a smoke and left her in control. The first time Char showed herself was in a combined test excercise to test the limits of pain of the genetically spliced. And she butchered every single other subject, finishing the last in a most teathrical style. By slicing his throat with a smuggled razorblade, grabbing his hair and holding him up while she, along with him, bowed deeply to the scientists that were observing. Thanking them for their attention and saying she hoped they enjoyed the acting. Tattoos and scars are something she rarely has, their are injection scars on the inside of both her elbows, as well as a barcoded tattoo in her neck. One that has been scraped through to be unreadable.

Lotte also mentions this, not Char directly, but that some people tend to call her Lotte. When asked who, she claims them to be close friends, but failing to remember their name.


Neon was born in year 17 in the city of Osman. She was born to a rather impoverished family, with a deadbeat alcoholic father but a kind mother. Seldon Verschil and Miia Whyte. When she was born however, a natural human before the gene splicing, Seldon vowed he'd never touch a drop of alcohol in his life. Charlotte wasn't planned, but she was more than welcome. Seldon kept his promise, brushed up and got a dead-end job. But he and Miia loved their daughter. Growing up, Charlotte was a happy kid. Attended school, good grades. She came from a loving family but barely was given what she wanted, rather told to work for it. Which she did. She started as a mechanic's assistant, which ranged from getting him his booze to getting him a monkey wrench. Though she grew in the profession and soon, she was out testing the rustbuckets her mentor fixed. When she hit the age of eighteen, she decided to enlist in the military. Knowing her parents' future would be ascertained by this. When they retired, they'd be taken care off. It was a fair trade.

Though a team reconnaissance mission ended badly, leading to the deaths and capture of the squadron she was enlisted in by Psychopomp. And as a prisoner, subjected to debilitating tests and expirements on her genetic structure by the Psychopomp's Artificial body program. When her parents recieved the news of her death, that she was killed in action, her body incinerated in the explosion of her ship and only her tags remaining, they took it bad. It didn't take long for Seldon to fall back into his drinking habit and lose his job. Miia couldn't do anything but blame herself and not a month later, took her own life.

In the Psychopomp program, she connected with some inmates, but was mentally and physically abused by more of them. Adding the tests to that formed the earlier mentioned alter ego of Charry.

She became cold-blooded and had a nanite hub surgically installed near her heart. These nanites are injected in her bloodstream and can be excreted from her pores. They have the cunning ability to draw energy from a small radius around them, though millions of them are able to form massive chunks of crimson ice by just taking an astronomically small amount of blood from her, using the moisture in the atmosphere as well. While there are limits to her ability, she can use the nanites to form ice in a sphere of roughly 2 meters diameters around her. Though this ice is an absolute zero and can be thrown around as well. She can fling spikes of ice.

Though during a riot, she and a friend, Roland managed to make their way to an airlock. She was flung out and encapsulated herself in ice. Roland didn't make the cut, he was shot through the head. Non hovered around for several days in deep space, before being picked up by spacers and dropped off at the nearest spaceport, only with the bare minimum. She bought her clothes, the weapon from a black market dealer and her trademark umbrella.

Skills Learned

  • Generation and manipulation of ice due to bio-nanomechanical implants and nanomachines
  • Cold-blooded, can evade thermal scans, prolonged low body temperature is detrimental however
  • The ability to change hair and eye colors, while this is more subconscious and actuated through emotions, she can control it for a few seconds before falling back to the default colour.
  • Agile and flexible, due to the genetic splicing and melding she was subjected to, Neon has near unparallelled flexibility in her body. Some joints twist further, there's more cartilage present. Though this is a double edged sword. She's more prone to injuries regarding joints, bone fractures and such. Though calcium supplements neutralize at least a little.
  • Engineering background, Charlotte knows how small fighter crafts and mechs tick. She can't do advanced repairs or programming, but she can troubleshoot and fix some of the more common problems in creative ways.

Social Connections

Neon name is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

  • Clothing
  • Umbrella /w hidden blade (Basic steel)
  • PDA
  • Snapshot PDW Submachine gun
  • One magazine fitting the aforementioned

Charlotte Verschil currently has 100 KS.

OOC Information

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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