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Cheylarus Decker

Cheylarus Decker is a player character played by SirSkully.

Cheylarus Decker
Pronounciation: Shay-la-roo
Alias/es: Chey
Species & Gender: Female Nepleslian
Year of Birth: YE 23
Organisation: Origin Industries
Occupation: Mech jockey
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: OIF Karakoram

Physical Description

While standing a bit on the shorter end of things at 5’4”, at least as far as Nepleslian standards go, Chey maintains a tomboyish look not too unfamiliar with some of Nepleslia’s women though this isn’t to say she’s unattractive in any way but Cheylarus’ mousey appearance has its own appeal – Chey’s skin is pale and she burns rather easily under the harsh suns of Nepleslia though this paleness seems to draw out the contours of her lightly freckled face, with rounded cheeks and a cute button nose that frame her warm brown eyes, Chey’s thin lips are usually pursed with frustration and finally a thin scar runs diagonally from beneath Chey’s left cheek bone to the top of her neck’s left side.

Chey has a lightly toned body with faint hints of womanly curves starting at her middling c-cup chest with a slight taper to her flat and rather surprisingly defined stomach before flaring out at her hips, giving her a subtle hourglass shape dotted with miscellaneous small scars, if you were to ask her Chey would say her most appealing assets are her lightly defined legs and tight heart-shaped rear though she is not overly fussed about appearances and as a result never wears makeup. From mid-bicep down Cheylarus’ arms have been replaced with prosthetics made from black rubber muscles with metallic internal components and a thin Durandium Alloy shell that can easily be described as “elegant simplicity”, they clink slightly on occasion though the sounds created are rather soft and subtle in the grand scheme of things.

Chey’s hair is long enough to fall to the small of her back when loose and has a rather unique natural gradient to it, starting off as a dark chocolate brown at the roots that slowly transitions to platinum blonde at the very tips, the shift in colours is rather gentle until the very ends of her hair – usually Chey ties it up into loose dual buns with a few strands from either side falling down to frame her mousey features. Cheylarus has a rather no-nonsense way of dressing, usually bundling herself up in a hoodie or loose jacket over a sports bra or tank top, favouring a few different styles of shorts for her lower half with leggings or thigh-high Socks beneath those when it is colder and a pair of loose military boots finishing it off.


Chey often seems a little disinterested in conversations with most people though this is due to the fact her mind is often racing through many ideas at once, thinking about five things and talking about something unrelated to her thoughts, though generally she is still pleasant enough to talk with and has decent manners – if she seems frustrated for no particular reason it is most likely that Chey has just forgotten a lyric to one of her favourite songs or is trying to solve some conundrum her own mind has formed, thoughts often trailing off to one of the many side projects she thrusts upon herself.

Despite all this Cheylarus is just a geeky individual with a strange sense of humor, not really comfortable speaking before a crowd and more often than not finding some way to embarrass herself, she can usually be found cooped up in her room with a tower of empty energy drinks forming in the corner as Chey works away at her computer – she has no issues with getting a little dirty and more often than not has slightly unkempt hair when not expected to look presentable.


Cheylarus Decker was born in a costal town on the planet of Boiling Hot in YE 23, her father being a ship technician that hopped off at one of the planet’s ports towards the end of his contract and her mother being an owner of one of the local pubs, being that ice cold beer is somewhat of a cultural staple of this desert planet she was rather well off and Chey’s father became one of her regulars which quickly snowballed into the two young lovers getting married, two years later, the pale bundle of joy they named Chey was brought into the world during one of the planet’s cooling rainstorms.

Cheylarus was always a bit of an oddball from the get go, a pale girl with sensitive skin on a planet that was nothing but sunlight and heat lead to the young girl usually hiding her face in some form of shade, she found it hard to make friends quickly but those who stuck it out found themselves with a rather tech-savvy little tomgirl who ended up joining the Nepleslian Marines when she was of age – not really liking the idea of becoming a combat engineer and instead ended up becoming a scout with a bit of a reputation for knowing her way around a keyboard but Chey was never really one to boast so only brought her skills up when they were relevant.

It was a rather middling service for the most part, Chey caught a few bullets but did her job and did it well, with the only real thing of note being the way the young corpral got out of her military career in early YE 41 due to coming across a body that was booby trapped with a fragmentation mine, her vest and the corpse atop it absorbing most of the force of the blast though the shrapnel shredded her arms and the explosive force gave Chey whiplash – she unfortunately suffers from a genetic defect from her mother’s side of the family that had remained dormant up until her birth, a case of partial nerve attenuation syndrome, in essence this means that her sense of touch cannot be surgically bound to synthetic materials and systems.

Chey loved the feeling of a keyboard beneath her fingers, the grooves of the characters and click of the switches beneath the plastic keycaps was like music to her fingertips but when Chey awoke in the hospital with bandages wrapped around her body she already knew what the doctor was building up to telling her. It hurt, a lot, and for a while Chey just curled up into a ball and wanted to die – Chey’s father’s brother, her uncle, got into contact with a colleague of his who made overly intricate clocks and pocket watches in their spare time, this same individual approaching a healing Chey with the box containing her new arms. She knew they would never be the same as the pair she was born with but agreed to give it a try, what hassle was one more surgery when so many had been done already to pull all the shrapnel out of her body?

It of course took some getting used to, the way the synthetic rubber muscles tensioned against pulleys to flex and release but Chey got used to the way the Durandium-wrapped things worked rather quickly and the odd little clinking sounds they made – it did of course take time and adjustments but Chey was determined to make it work for her, installing stronger switches in her keyboards to deal with the increased weight of her new digits and minimize accidental keystrokes but by the time her scars had settled Chey was more or less back to her old nerdy self – even to the point of finding herself bored now that she was no longer enlisted, so Chey packed up her things and told her parents she’d message them depending on how things went as she moved onto her new job as technical support for Origin Industries’ mech testing team.

Someone accidentally added her to the pilot team’s group chat instead of Charles before adding him too and so she just lurked for a bit, only really typing up a response when she was pinged in a message saying when training was going to be – curious, Chey showed up and the instructor ended up seeing if she had what it took, turns out she had a bit of a knack for it in no small part due to her time wearing a M10 Raider Light Armor, and before too long she was upgraded from a part of the team’s pitcrew to one of the pilots.

Skills Learned

Cheylarus Decker has the following notable skills:

NSMC Skills

Technology Operation: Cheylarus is quite a wizard behind the keyboard and has a few shady deep-web connections she keeps around incase she needs to pull in a favour, additionally, her time as an M10 Raider user translated rather well into Chey being a decent mech pilot.

Art: Chey used drawing and calligraphy to finer tune her motor skills with her new arms and kept the hobbies up even after she acclimatized to them quickly, often sketching things as she waits for her computers to process or download something.

Cullinary: Cheylarus is not a gifted chef by any means and can barely cook to save her life, though she has a knack for making what she counts as meals out of the strangest assortment of ingredients – examples being things like fish and gravy or pizza topping on a hotdog but she enjoys it, the rare occasions she does eat, that is.

Social Connections

Cheylarus Decker is connected to:

Monnet Decker(mother)

Beynhamin Decker(father)

Mikaelef Decker(uncle)

Jessamine Decker(aunt)

Haisely Goenkof(online friend)

Jacklynn(online friend)

Inventory and Finances

Cheylarus Decker has:

Few hundred thousand DA

Origin Standard Issue

  • 5x white T-Shirt with OI Logo
  • 5x panties with OI logo 3)
  • 5x bra with OI logo 4)
  • 5 pairs of black Socks
  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe or Yukata, black, with OI logo.

OOC Information

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as well as underwear, obviously
dark grey with tan detailing
3) , 4)
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