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Cheza Evans

Cheza Evans is a player character created by Chemical in 2007 and adopted and played by Syaoran since December 2014.

Cheza Evans
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Born: YE6
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Organization Intelligence and Pacification Group
Rank Sergeant First Class
Occupation Intellegence Operative
Current Placement NSS Inquiry
Orders Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7”
  • Weight: 155 lb
  • Measurements: Bust-38 Waist-29 Hips-40
  • Bra Size: D
  • Build and Skin color: Cheza has fair skin with a rather curvy figure. She avoids over exercising so her muscles do not stand out too much either.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Her eyes are almond, almost round, shape with soft grey irises. Her face has an oval shape to it and soft features and a gently upturned nose
  • Hair color and Style: She has raven black hair that she keeps short, often in a pixie cut so that it doesn't get in the way of her mask
  • Distinguishing Features: Her neck has a port for direct linking to her mindware implant. It was designed to be flush with her neck when covered so that it could easily be hidden.

Family and Friends

  • Father: Reginald Evans (Nepleslian, Dead)
  • Mother: Lara Evans (Unknown)

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cheza has toned her behavior down over the years of maturing, but she still has a feisty attitude that sometimes shows in the personalities she chooses to hold her aliases to. She has gotten more friendly over time and is actually pleasant to be around socially, but she still keeps herself emotionally distant from others, only getting 'close' when there is an alias between her and the other person. Though she does not like emotional closeness she has no problem with physical intimacy, or rather she enjoys it and sees it as recreation and stress relief.

  • Likes: music, people who look down on women, casual sex
  • Dislikes: Rain, overly friendly people, relationships like 'best friends' or 'couple' where she's expected to confide in people
  • Goals: Find out more about her father's death.



At the age of 6 Cheza's mother left her and her father for reasons unknown, leaving him to care for her alone. Reginald didn't quite cope with the loss very well and soon after, Cheza found herself with about a dozen or so bruises a day. Reginald drove himself mad, drinking and using drugs to deal with the pain … but when sober Reggie appeared to be the same, loving, kind man he was before the drugs. None the less Cheza did love him, even through the years and years of ruthless beatings and name calling Cheza stayed by his side, determined that he was still the same man and that he loved her. Then, one night, while Cheza was outside worriedly awaiting the return of her father it had started to rain. Determined to wait for her beloved father she stood outside for hours until she saw two figures running down the road towards her. One she recognized immediately to be Reginald but the other was far away to tell in the rain. She began to run for him but the moment she went for him he yelled at her to stop … then she heard a loud bang. Opening her eyes she was covered in her fathers’ blood, he had been shot through the head, a moderate sized bag of something that looked like white rocks in his arms. She looked at her self, dark red liquid crawling down her body, being carried by the rain to every inch of her … like a shower of blood raining down on her. She let out screams into the night of panic awakening every man, women, and child on the block. She knelt there next to her father covered in his disgusting blood.

The years to follow were rough on Cheza, whom was forced to use rogue skill to live and obtain ways of living. She was 23 and was backing into a corner … she could either sell the house and find a little one room apartment and settle down, OR she could get a job in the military that was being offered to her by a “friend.” There was no question, she wasn't going to be held in a little run down apartment … six months later, and she is now a member of the Star Army of Nepleslia, General Infantry.

NSS Alliance

Post NSS Alliance

After a short stent on the NSS Alliance, Cheaza was transferred to a few different ships, mainly ones concerned with dealing with pirate activity. While she was a bit abrasiveness she performed when it was important and while she didn't make a name for herself, she was doing good enough to raise through the ranks and hit Corporal.

The Intelligence and Pacification Group took notice of Cheza's disposition and some skills that they could work with, so before her service was up she was asked to join the IPG and at first she didn't want to , but they said that if she joined she could get closer to the truth behind her father's death. This was the push she needed and transferred into the IPG.


The first thing Cheza did after agreeing to join the IPG was train, lots and lots of training and reeducation were needed, not just to learn the skill she needed but they were also whittling down her volatile personality. At first there was some discussion about whether she should be sent to Military Police or to Intelligence, but her Drill Sergeants noticed her avoidance of forming any lasting bonds and decided her disposition was best suited for Intelligence Operatives and made a strong 'suggestion' that she take such a route.

After finishing her training her first assignment was a simple one, done at the request of the National Police Force of Nepleslia. Cheza was to disguise herself as a merchant and intercept a black market weapons deal. Everything went off without a hitch, but along with the job Cheza found some information that might have been related to her father's death. When she asked the IPG for permission to follow up on it they told her to wait they will get mroe information and a better chance.

So Cheza waited, and continued her work without complaint for some time, but it eventually became more than she could stand and she took action herself, nothing too rash she couldn't just go shooting up places, so instead she made her own fake identity to try to get closer to the truth. This identity was not supported by the IPG and she keeps secret from them as best she can. However even with all the work she's put in, she hasn't gotten much closer, she has yet to put the pieces together.

Despite her 'hobby' on the side she continues to work with the IPG and do her job properly. Which has brought her to her current assignment to investigate the Freespacers that are learning from the Nepleslian military how to police their own territory. There are rumors that they might use this knowledge to go to war later.

NSS Inquiry

Under her alias Linda Nelson, Cheza participated in two operations on the NSS Inquiry. She was posted to monitor the marine's activity while dealing with a new hostile species.

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