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Chi (血)

Chi is a Ketsurui Samurai stationed in Samurai House, working on personal assignments to suit role as a demon hunter. She is played by Bilgecrank.

Pronunciation: Chee
Species: NH-33 (Eihei)
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (Born: YE 30)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'7“ (170.18 cm)
Weight: 136 lb (61.68 kg)
Cup Size: 32D
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Samurai (Santô Juni equivalent.)
Occupation Karibito-no-akuma
Current Placement Samurai House

Chi's Themes

Physical Appearence

General View

  • Handedness: Right
  • Build: Chi has a very strong build that belies her flexibility, but emphasizes her role as a durable Nekovalkyrjan samurai.
  • Skin Color: Smooth, light, flesh-colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Smooth facial features, with strong, sharp eyes. She possesses a somewhat tall face for most Nekovalkyrjans, with rounded cheek, and a small chin.
  • Eye color: A bright, brilliant red.
  • Hair color and Style: Black hair, lengthy, but is run over her shoulders to be braided in the front, rather than the back.
  • Distinguishing Features: Unlike most Samurai, Chi wears her hair rather loosely. She also ties the front of her sideburns with a small hairpiece with the kanji for “Judgement”, etched in the front.

Mental Characteristics


In most situations where she does not speak, Chi seems to be a very cold, calculating person. The way she keeps her narrow eyes on everyone makes her appear suspicious and vigilant, sometimes even judgmental when she gives that same stare down at her shorter sisters. Mostly though, Chi is a very loose individual when it comes to her rites, particularly answering to the traditions out of habit, rather than discipline. When one gets to know her, they find that she's rather lax, and somewhat lazy for a samurai. In places where she is familiar with people, she comes off as easy-going and rather nice.

But, as her Budo demands, she is ruthless, and brutally lethal when it comes to combat. Her spear strikes will carry all of her weight, and all of her focus, and any opponent of hers will find no laxity in her strikes.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Warm, lazy days; small, docile social gatherings; drawing blood on someone else when she presents her weapon; the occasional, yet challenging fight; sparring; a good chase; and fun, physical activities.
  • General Dislikes: Very work intensive days; having to cut her hand when a fight ends prematurely; large crowds; getting hit on the nose.
  • Lucky Number: 10
  • Food: Chi likes meaty meals, and anything that consists of hearty substance. Thick stews are her favorites
  • Goals: To one day become Sensei-no-budo, and spread her rarely used budo to her fellow Samurai.



When Chi was first born, she was given the name Chi on account of her red eyes. While they were the most brilliant red anyone had ever seen, they held no beautiful and comforting warmth. Instead, they were more thought of as discomforting, and as a result, Chi was given her name for the Yamataian word for 'blood'. That name seemed to carry weight with her as she advanced at Samurai House, showing her intensity in fighting, and her capacity of making precise wounding strikes against her opponents. That hot-blood in battle showed itself often cold everywhere else, the NH-27 was often quiet to most, and often completed her chores quickly to earn early rests. The elders which watched over the young Trainees knew that Chi would not advance fully unless tutored personally, and one Samurai in particular had her eye on the young girl.

Sensei-no-Budo Susumu was the teacher of the Shizukana Arashi (静かな嵐). It was a budo that emphasized patience, vigilance, striking quickly and powerfully with a spear, and fooling enemies to believe one is an unassuming target. Susumu taught the depths of 'Patient Storm' by its symbolism, in that a storm looms over people every time it appears. The storm is taken as the everyday, and its rain is even seen as welcome. People are comfortable with such an normal event occurring, and easily let their guard down even with distant sounds of thunder. In that moment, when one expects it the least, is when the first bolt of lightning strikes, hitting its mark before the sound of its arrival can even make those around it aware of its existence. The lightning is powerful, as it is precise, and no one is ever ready for its reach, not until its too late. These teachings enraptured Chi, and formed her into the Samurai she was to become.

Upon her final affirmation as a Samurai, Chi's lethal performance in combat, her tenacity in having her blade find her target, and the level of perceptive patience she possessed lead her to become a Karibito-no-Akuma, or Demon Hunter. In that position, she found herself in the most ideal of profession, hunting down and even having the opportunity of slaying the enemies of the Ketsurui Clan.


Chi's first off planet assignment was the YSS Hokorimasu, to hunt down a Mishuvurthyar captain hounding the fleet. Unfortunately, the captain in question abandoned the theater, and Chi was returned to Samurai House to carry out planetary tasks.

Task Force Lantern

In YE 35, Chi was assigned to Task Force Lantern in order to provide protection to Ketsurui Koyama, one of the daughters of Kôsuka. Along with ensuring no harm came to Koyama from potential threats, Chi was also entrusted with the task of guiding the fresh Neko on her initial steps in life. The Samurai was stern, but acted the elder sister she was to the younger. Throughout all of the events that persisted in the Task Force's existence, Chi was by her ward's side. At the conclusion of the operation that took place under QUIET RAGE, Koyama continued her career elsewhere, and with no more practical purpose, Chi returned to Samurai House to continue her work.


In the years that followed, and being tempered by her travels, Chi took a dual role of training initiates while balancing her Demon Hunter work. Her personal motivations were to gain enough recognition and clout to be elevated to a status to begin taking on disciples for her own form of fighting. However, her worth as a Demon Hunter was valued more greatly than her personal ambitions, and thus was not able to make the change in profession. Further, the need for her kind and skill lessened over the years, and soon she trained more common Samurai and even less who could hope to take her position.

Service Record

Medical Record

  • No military medical updates.


Art and Vocation

In her idle times, Chi likes to draw and sketch people. She has become very good with perspective, line, and figures. She's also rather capable with a paint brush, and how to use colors to express meaning within a picture. In her time after the Task Force Lantern, she has taken up calligraphy and studies more traditional art as a way to pass time. She also takes time to reinforce her abilities by teaching them to others.


Chi is familiar with radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through telepathy, starships, and power armor, under any conditions. She is also very fluent in Trade and Yamataigo, and calligraphy of both, but mostly prefers to use Yamataigo in her verbal exchanges.


Chi is extremely well-trained in melee combat. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. She has had training in the use of energy pistols, swords, spears, staves, knives, and power armor. She's also also trained with grenades, rifles, machine-guns, and a variety of randomized exotic weaponry. Though her specific one on one style pertains to her budo, Arashi Kinaga, which consists of the advanced finesse of the spear and its explosive power, and its precise strikes.

Information Technology

Chi is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information, but prefers to let someone else do it.


Chi is familiar with the laws of the Yamataian Star Empire, and is also familiar with the specific laws that bind her ability to exact punishment on those who wrong the Ketsurui Clan. Chi is also capable of teaching ways of the Arashi Kinaga to others, but only those who are already trained in the ways of the Ketsurui Samurai.


In her time in the Task Force Lantern, Chi learned firsthand what it took to groom and train someone for a purpose. Chi is a capable mentor, and it shows in her ability to train new Samurai in their newly found profession to be ready to take on one of the many classes demanded of them.

In war, and since the Hokorimasu, the Samurai has become a capable tactical leader, able to keep a level head for decision making in firefights.


Chi has received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. She takes a passing fancy in the study of ballistics and its use in war.

Maintenance and Repair

Due to one of her responsibilities in the training halls to help maintain the weapons, Chi familiar with the maintenance of several kinds of weapons. These include her own spear and wakizashi, and several other bladed implements of different makes and sizes. She's capable with cleaning and maintaining different firearms and laser weaponry, and even has a minor understanding of their insides to preform different sorts of repairs and small modifications. In her spare time, Chi will tinker on things when she isn't practicing her art.

Survival and Military

The life of a Demon Hunter is a lonely one, which suits Chi just fine. In order to complete her tasks as a Demon Hunter she has practiced many tactics in order to ambush, surprise, and camouflage herself. She is capable of sustaining herself in a wild environment for as long as necessary in order to hunt down her quarry, and using navigational aids in order to pinpoint and track targets.




Zesuaium Spear: Ten (天)

“Heaven” is the name given to the spear which Chi wields into combat. The spear is a standard, traditional Yamataian Yari, with a straight, blade on the head. Its shaft is the same as the sheath on Samurai Katanas in that its black-lacquered, so the appearance of the weapon is very plain, save for the red ribbon tied at the base of the head. It is named Heaven for its primary use in Patient Storm, representing the lightning strikes from heaven.

Zesuaium Wakizashi: Chikyū (地球)

“Earth” is the name given to the Wakizashi which Chi uses to defend herself. Like her spear, the Wakizashi is rather standard in design and also rather plain. The weapon itself is named for its use in Patient Storm. Where there is heaven, there is earth(or planetary existence), just as with there is offense, there is defense. Chikyū defends Chi against any lightning blows that may take her off guard.



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  • Graphite Pencils of arranged hardness and softness
  • Acrylic paints
  • Assorted brushes
  • 6 Painting canvases
  • 10 Stacks of drawing paper


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