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Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane

Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane is a player character played by Kyle and is currently involved in the SNV Furi'ken plot.

Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Female
Date of Birth: ER 731, Age 48
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Sere'ta'kon
Rank: Sere'ta'kon
Current Placement: SNV Furi'ken

Physical Description

Chi'ka is 4' 3โ€œ tall and weights roughly 130 pounds, she is rather short for her age. She has some rather well developed muscle on her arms and legs, she has short ears hidden by her long pair and part of her left ear is missing. Her tail is brown with a red tip and her skin color is white with orange fur. Her eyes are dark blue and she has a scar that goes across one eye, on the other hand her hair is brown and in a military style. She has a birth mark on her neck, the fur on her left arm going from the back of the hand to the is scared by burns.


Mother: Kon'ma Jukiso'me'sane, Age 87 Father: Vinic'ease Jukiso'me'sane, Age 78 Sister: Luic'ease Jukiso'me'sane, Age 33 (Deceased) Husband: Man'swa'she Jukiso'me'sane, Age 40 Daughter: Bra'ka'sha Jukiso'me'sane, Age 7 Daughter: Mino'was Jukiso'me'sane, Age 7

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chi'ka is one of those individuals that is serious and confident in her actions, straight forward, and tactical thinking; she is not afraid to bend the rules if it means accomplishing a task.

She cares rather deeply for her subordinates, so much so that she isn't afraid to push them in their tasks or even demean them it means they'll pull themselves back up and become better than they originally were. Despite her exterior personality, she has a hidden one that deals with her deep seated love for children and animals.

Likes: Chi'ka likes sweet foods, sour foods, animals, and challenge and performing risks. Dislikes: Those who wish to harm the citizenry, or even, harm a simple child. Goals: Despite knowing that her goals will most likely be unattainable, she strives to see terrorism eradicated from her people.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Chi'ka was born to a family of nearly forty five individuals, a father, mother, and forty three siblings. She grew up being the youngest and always being the one most doted upon, because of this she initially grew up with a sense of entitlement, thinking that she was owed everything in life and that someone couldn't say no to her. When she was eight years old she joined the Youth Corp, both because she wanted to prove her superiority but also because her parents wanted her to.

During the first two years of her service she thumbed her nose at others, quickly earning the ire of many in the Corp, youth and adult alike. This changed shortly before her eleventh birthday when she was on an exercise with twenty other members of the corp, the members happened upon a terrorist cell and Chi'ka, thinking of themselves as being better, rushed into combat. By the time the battle was over, thirteen of her fellow soldiers were dead while the rest were injured.

While at a hospital being treated for her own injuries, Chi'ka was chastised by her commanding officer and lectured on her destructive and dangerous actions and how she was more of a threat to the corp than their enemies were. Although she initially tried to claim that she wasn't responsible, after a week, she realized that she was and accepted her punishment - along with a demotion back down to the starting rank. From this point on, her military career took off.

She stayed with the Youth Corp until she was eighteen, and then transferred into the volunteer navy as an aviator where she flew a starfighter with the 12th Capital Defense Squadron; then at twenty four she decided to take on a bigger challenge of being just a regular soldier fighting on the ground and had herself transferred to the 4th Infantry Squadron as a ground support pilot. It as her that she meet her future husband, Man'swa'she, and the two quickly fell in love with each other. Less than a year later, the two married and due to Navy protocols she and her husband had to decide on who would be transferred to another unit or military occupation. She made the decision to transfer out, as she knew her husband enjoyed being among the infantry, her time as part of the 4th may have been brief but she had made some contacts, and had secured a transfer to the 22nd Mechanized Unit whose sole mission was to hunt down terrorists.

Initially Chi'ka didn't seem to care too much about hunting terrorists, that changed however when one of their cells detonated a bomb outside of a primary school, killing dozens of children including her sister, Luic'ease. The loss left her devastated, but also, wanting revenge. She changed from being a carefree individual to being someone who wanted to take the fight to the enemy, and that she exactly what she did. Over the course of six years she fought in numerous battles, killing scores of terrorists and even capturing several.

In the years that followed she eventually changed career paths, going from a pilot of a starfighter to the shipmaster of a warship, her accolades however continued to pile up - but so to - did her reputation, earning the nickname of the Voidfury, due to her always striking out of nowhere and without warning but also for her constant push to eradicate any resistance.

Her actions got the attention of several people in the royal family, as well as others. At the age of 40, when she was thinking of retiring from the Navy and setting down, having already had two daughters, she received a strange invitation to meet with the King on the Navy's flagship. This audience was brief, but the results would change her life forever as she had gone from being a regular soldier in the Navy, to being someone under the direct command of the King and Queen. A Sere'ta'kon.

Financial Records

Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane is currently a Sere'ta'kon in the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
700,000 Rn Many years of service, including bonuses


Chi'ka Jukiso'me'sane has the following items:


Skill Description
Survival Chi'ka learned through the military on how to survive both on her own and in small groups with others, she is capable of identifying most edible plants as well as knowing when and where to setup a fire.
Fighting Chi'la knows how to fight, utilizing both hand to hand weaponry and firearms, along with other types of weaponry not typical for a Daur. She is rather proficent in her weapon skills.
Navigation A requirement of all soldiers, Chi'ka learned how to navigate using a map or even just using the stars in the sky; memorizing landmarks and listening to the sounds animals make to detemrine whether she is getting close or far from where she wants to go.
Knowledge The craving of knowledge is something all Daur have, but Chi'ka pursues it even more; she has spent much of her freetime studying and training her mind, this allows her to have a rather good memory to be able to recall events from the past that others might not, her knowledge of the law and of history makes her a rather dangerous foe to get into a discussion with about legality.
Starship Operation There have been times when Chi'ka has had to do things on her own, this includes not just the operation of a starship but also of manned vehicles and starfighters, in fact, her first job dealt with the operation of a starfighter. She considers herself decent at the operation of most vehicles and githers.
Leadership Chi'la has spent many years studying history, looking at the commanders of the past; studying their tactics and strategy and then watching the leaders of the present and seeing how they carry themselves. Chi'la is no different, she has lead people for years and tends to be a good judge of how a soldier may act in battle and how to encourage them to fight.
Technology Operation In order to operate a vehicle, Chi'ka had to first learn how to operate acomputer, and she operates them rather well; knowing how to network multiple systems together or even how a ships FTL Drive Core functions, she has studied it all and is able to give advice. She is no scientist, but considers herself to be capable of providing advice to others.
Physical Having been in the military since she was a child, Chi'ka is a physcally well built indivsiual, athletic, agile, and and capable of running for a long periods of time as well as being flexible.


In the case kyle becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
  • Character must be RP'd according to canon.

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