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Chika Wakana

Species: NH-29 Test
Gender: Female
Age: Created YE 32
Height: 6'
Weight: 137 lbs
Organization: SAoY
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: Fifth fleet

in Roleplay

Chika is an NPC played by Kai.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' Mass: 137 lbs Measurements: C cup Build and Skin Color: Chika is very sturdily built, especially for a Nekovalkyrja, and is generally larger than most other Nekovalkyrja. she is very muscular, and though she is curvaceous as all Neko are, her build tends more to the muscular side of things. Her skin is a tanned sort of Caucasian tone.

Eyes and Facial Features: Chika has strongly built Nordic features, including a round face, fairly prominent cheeks, and large, round eyes, which are red, denoting her as a rare test-type.

Ears: Chika's ears are typical Nekovalkyrja ears, and have a black fur on the backs of them.

Hair Color and Style:Chika's hair is jet black, and straight as a ruler. She alternates between letting it hang straight down (but out of her face) and putting it up in a ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: Chika is extremely large for a nekovalkyrja, standing a head taller than most. She has Red eyes denoting her as a test-type.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chika is the friend that you always want to have. She is kind, helpful, trustworthy, and ever dependable. Chika has a personality that can get along with just about anyone. She knows when to joke, and when to be serious, but usually settles for somewhere in the middle.

Likes: Any kind of food, Exercise, weight training. Dislikes: being hungry. The Mishhu. Goals: Prove that the program which spawned her was not actually a failure.


Family (or Creators)

Chika is a test-type created by Pnu-gen for a program that was quickly cancelled. She views her squad as her family.


Chika is a test-type, and was made for a program testing ways to increase Nekovalkyrja strength, durability, and stamina without significantly changing their biology. While the program achieved this, the body type was found to be slower and less agile, and ended up being dropped in favor of a more conservative redesign in the form of the NH-33.

Released from the test program, Chika chose normal service, and was assigned to the fifth fleet as an infantrywoman.


Chika is skilled in the use and operation of Powered armor, and all the weapons that go with it. she is versed in all the standard skills a nekovalkyrja needs to have. Physically very strong, Chika's lack of speed and agility makes her tend to support her squadmates rather than act as a frontline attacker. She specializes in the use of heavy weaponry, even though very few types are available.

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