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:!: Character not yet approved for IC usage.

Ise Chisuo

Chisuo is a NPC controlled by :Game Master|GM Christina who appears in the ___ plot.

Species: Norian
Gender: Female
Nickname: Shishi
Organization: Lorenzian Star Navy
Occupation: Scribe / Personal Attachée
Current Placement:

Personal Motto: “Order In Chaos”

Physical Characteristics

  • Height:
  • Mass:
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color:

Eyes and Facial Features: Olive Green eyes with a dash of Copper tones.

Ears: Dual tipped.

Hair Color and Style: Olive Green. Often has the likeness of a bird's nest, medium length and at its longest down to her shoulders.

Distinguishing Features: Scar caused by shrapnel; situated above her right pelvic bone. Wears steel, oval framed and delicate glasses in a metallic pomegranate shade of red.

Psychological Characteristics

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Marital Status: Single.

Personality: silly, frazzled, honest, punctual, upfront when the situation allows such behaviour, light hearted

punctual yet has the tendency to show up in last night's attire –> enjoys city night life to its fullest light alcohol abuse (if race stats allows biologically speaking?) bit of a free spirit where relationships are concerned specifically inclined to be drawn towards lower ranking soldiers, guards etc.

  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Goals:

History and Relationship Notes

Personal secretary/scribe, attachée of Caerlin

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Norian
  • Statistical Analyzis
  • Skill Area 3
  • Skill Area 4
  • Skill Area 5
  • Skill Area 6
  • Skill Area 7


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