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Chiyu Kimidori

Chiyu Kimidori is a player character played by Ruby.

Chiyu Kimidori
Species & Gender: NH-33M (Miniature) Female
Date of Birth: 37 YE (September 27th)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

Kimi stands at a proud 7.5 inches, boasting a human-sized equivalent of an A cup and a pear shape totaling 13 lbs. With a light green skin tone and dark green locks, its easy to see how she got her name. Ocean-blue eyes peak out from behind her straight bangs, with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail whenever she's on call. When free, her hair goes down to the mid section of her back. Pointy ears stick out with short, fuzzy fur slightly darker than her skin. Her features are soft and rounded, with almond-shaped eyes and a small button nose.

Being young, she currently has no scars or tattoos. Kimidori leaves the scent of frosting and freshly baked sugar cookies wherever she goes. Her voice is slightly childish and high pitched, making it difficult to take her seriously.


Kimidori is a free-spirited girl who sees the beauty in everything. Though many in the medical field end up hardened from the emotional anguish of caring for others, she has somehow made it through with nary a negative thought. A big dreamer, her mind is often filled with ideas and oddities. Often, she thinks up solutions for problems that seem out of the realm of possibilities- and sometimes they work.

However, this can also show her as childish and flighty. It is difficult for her to focus on a task unless its something she's immensely interested in or a dire emergency. its rare for her to ignore responsibilities- rather, she forgets them. Still, in the end, Kimi eventually gets the job done- if she can remember where she put her med scanner.

Generally speaking, Kimi isn't one to need large social gatherings or a giant group of friends. Most people don't understand her outlandish ideas. Instead, she prefers to surround herself with those who genuinely enjoy her company. The realm of love is a foreign concept to her, though she loves to pair others together in her mind and come up with ways to make them work.

Other than daydreaming and medicine, Kimi also enjoys stuffed animals, sweets, and comics. Though she currently only has a single stuffed animal, she hopes to expand her collection of plushies and comics from different worlds to cover her crew cabin.

With the Star Fleet the only thing she's ever known, the green Nekovalkyrja has no true goal right now other than to help people. Wherever her duties take her, she will do her best to bring a smile onto people's faces- and determine if pigs can actually fly.


Chiyu Kimidori was “born” in the fall of 37 YE as a project to revive the development of theNH-33M (Miniature) subset of Neko. Her, along with her “sisters”, trained alongside their human-sized cousins. Though she tried her best to get along with the other mini-Nekos, her odd mannerisms made it difficult for her siblings to spend time with her. For her first 98 days, she spent most of her free time daydreaming.

However, once their initial training was done, their true purpose was revealed. Although they could upgrade to a larger size whenever they liked, their smaller size was intended to help with precision tasks in the engineering, science, and medical divisions. Most were ushered into these realms- though a few rebelled against the norm. For Kimi, however, this was grand! Now, she didn't have to spend time thinking on what career she would have to go to- she'd just go to the one where she got to help people the most!

Though many trainers doubted her ability to concentrate on the medical material, somehow the mini Neko would manage to pass with flying colors. Perhaps it was her unique way of solving problems, or a focus on something she enjoyed, but either way after nine months she would be ready to venture out on her first ship: the SS Storm. Though she enjoyed the new atmosphere, she still found herself quite alone in her thoughts.

However, after a few months time, she found herself transferred to another ship in the squadron: the SS Kaiyo. Though she doesn't know much about it, Kimidori hopes that she can expand her plush collection- and friend group.

Social Connections

Chiyu Kimidori is connected to: N/A

Skills Learned

Inventory & Finance

Chiyu Kimidori has the following items:

Star Army Standard Issue Items

Other items:

- Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1M

- Star Army Medical Kit, Type 31

- A white plush bunny named George.

OOC Information

In the case Ruby becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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