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Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones is a player character played by Penguinmafia.

Chloe Jones
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 28日 2月 YE 19
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Sniper
Rank: Private
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Chloe stands at a height of 5'5“ with a runner's build, lithe with slight hints of muscle tone and a slightly below average chest. She has long straight white hair that reaches her waist, when on duty she keeps it up in a professional looking bun. She also has a pretty face in a girl next door kind of way. Her eyes are sky blue, the right one is cybernetic to help with aiming at long distances. Thanks to her rigorous training she is quite strong, able to carry her equipment without any trouble for long distances.


When off duty Chloe is friendly and cheerful, certainly not the kind of person anyone could imagine being capable of putting a large hole in someone's head from half a mile away. She also enjoys a good drink, when off duty of course and is partial to a good fist fight if she's drunk enough.

However, when in the field Chloe's attitude changes and she takes on a more calm and professional persona. This ability to remain calm under pressure and her high scores in marksmanship made her a natural fit for sniper training. As a raw recruit she is eager to prove herself, although she'd never let her ambition for a promotion get in the way of her work.


Chloe was born to a human mother and father on Planet Nepleslia in Funky City, with two younger brothers coming along a few years later. Her father serves in the military as a decorated platoon leader and her mother is an extremely tough woman, able to handle all three of the children alone most of the time while their father was on deployment.

As she grew up Chloe has always looked up to her father and his Nepleslian ideals, which made joining the military at 19 in YE 38 a natural choice. After having spent a few years doing mind numbing work at Neppies to help her mother with money of course. Her younger brother joined the navy at 17, with the youngest desperate to join when he turns 16. She had her cybernetic eye fitted after starting sniper training in order to be more effective at shooting long distances. Her father is incredibly proud of his daughter training to be a sniper and tells everyone under his command at any opportunity, something that they got sick of months ago.

Skills Learned

Owing to the basic boot camp and further sniper training, Chloe is skilled in a variety of areas.


Chloe is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian and is able to speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. She is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc). She is also capable of operating the standard Nepleslian computer systems although she isn't very technologically minded.


Chloe knows how to survive and live off the land without resupply for weeks or even months at a time if need be. She is able to recognize edible plants and animals, catch and prepare said animals, and navigate without electronics or a map if she has to.


Like all recruits, Chloe received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons she is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry) and rifles of all kinds. Chloe is in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance. She is also able to pilot land-based power armors, but must rely on the suit’s A.I. to do anything advanced. She also knows how to strip down her weapons, clean them and put them back together, able to fix most minor damage but unable to fix advanced parts, such as night vision scopes etc, or major damage.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

She can understand and give out tactical commands and work with her troop to follow those commands efficiently. She knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). Chloe is able to recognize ambush points and knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.

Sniper Training

During the 12 week sniper training course she was taught how to use and clean the Na-W3301 and the Designated Sharpshooter Rifle, Model 1. Chloe was trained extensively in how to operate these weapons with and without power armor, as well as things like how to lay prone with her feet turned flat, how to adjust for atmospheric conditions, and to bolt the Na-W3301 down to the ground if it is going to be used without a power armor. She also learnt how to infiltrate behind enemy lines, how to escape and evade hostile forces without support, and how to make the most efficient use of her skills. She was also trained in the scouting aspect of a snipers job, keeping watch for a squad, passing along important information to where it needs to go, and calling for support when it is needed. All snipers are trained on the target designator and how to use it and a datapad to send requests for orbital laser strikes, fighter attacks, mortar, or even beyond line of sight power armor attacks using mini missiles.

Social Connections

Chloe Jones is connected to:

  • Father: Brandon Jones (Lieutenant, Platoon leader)
  • Mother: Sarah Jones
  • Younger Brother: Sam Jones (Junior crewman aboard an Atlas class destroyer)
  • Youngest Brother: Chris Jones

Inventory & Finance

Chloe Jones has the following:

Chloe has the standard issue Nepleslian military equipment of :


  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, black
  • 4 pairs green ankle socks
  • 1 pair green low-top sneaker shoes
  • 2 black sports bra (female only)
  • 1 One-piece bathing suit, green, fleet number on right breast

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it
  • Money: 6000 DA

Due to her battlefield role, Chloe has some specialised sniper equipment.

OOC Information

This page was created by penguinmafia on 01, 23 2018 at 18:54.

In the case penguinmafia becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
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