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-====== Chloe Writa ====== 
-Chloe Writa is a [[:​characters|player character]] played by [[user:​edto_xar_sivaree]]. 
-^  Chloe Writa  ^^ 
-|   {{ :​character:​2018:​chloe.png?​300|}} ​ || 
-^  Species & Gender: ​ |  [[guide:​anthro|Canis Sapien]]((Genetically Modified Dog)) Female ​ | 
-^  Date of Birth: ​ |  22日 9月 [[calendar:​pre_ye_01|YE -26]]  | 
-^  Organization: ​ |  Political Underground ​ | 
-^  Occupation: ​ |  Crime Boss  | 
-^  Rank:  |  King Pin  | 
-^  Current Placement: ​ |  Asterian NPC  | 
-===Preferred Plots=== 
-  ​ 
-===== Physical Description ===== 
-**Height:** 5'​4"​ (1.62m) \\ 
-**Weight:** 127lbs (57.6kg)\\ 
-**Build and Skin Colour:** Chloe Writa is a genetically modified canine. A hyper-intelligent dog, she walks and talks just like a person, only she is quite noticeably a dog walking on two legs. Her entire body is covered in thick, soft fur, which is dark grey and white in markings. ​ 
-**Facial Features and Eye Color:** Like any dog, she has some pretty iconic facial features. As one would expect, she has a muzzle filled with teeth, a dog nose, dog ears and is for all intent and purposes, a dog. Hur muzzle is mostly grey, carrying on up her face between her eyes. The rest of her face is a lighter grey, with white markings around her eyes. She lacks any peircigs, but she has "Old Age Grey" whiskers on her muzzle, that despite being able to easily get rid of it, she keeps around, feeling in this day and age, a long life is something to be strongly proud of. 
-**Hair Color and Style:** Chloe, despite her underground,​ criminal activities, takes her appearance very seriously. Her hair is often shoulder length, straight, well kept, and white as snow.  
-**Distinguishing Features:** Physically, Chloe has very little realistically that stands out from other Anthro'​s. She never had to care.  ​ 
-===== Personality ===== 
-Chloe Writa is the type of woman who is your best friend upon meeting her, but can easily become your worst nightmare. Having been in the Nepleslian Black Market since a very young age, she grew up in a very political environment. She had to make the right friends, but she also had to learn how to destroy any friends she could no longer afford. Her entire life was working her way to the top and it shows. ​ 
-At first, she will be sweet and kind. She will be your friend, she will talk to you not as a superior but as an equal unless her position needs to be reminded of. Despite her criminal activities, she is quite the philanthropist,​ having paid off [[character:​alex_yoshinaga]] 20 million DA to keep her daughter, [[character:​cleo_oconner]] tortured her, then offered to run and operate an Orphanage using the bribe on Alex's behalf, until the crew of the [[plot:​interregnum]] defected, putting her in a rough situation. If she is no longer your friend, you could have very well made the worst enemy you could have made. She is a weasly and kniving woman who isn't afraid to use mafia-style tactics to get what she wants. ​ 
-===== History ===== 
-Chloe Writa was born in [[calendar:​pre_ye_01|YE -26]] in the city of [[location:​funky_city]],​ [[planet:​Nepleslia]]. She was an illegal genetic experiment, who managed to escape into the depths of [[location:​funky_city]]. With no where to go, Chloe was picked up by a couple of small time gangsters, being treated as a pet mostly. When she was 16 years old, Chloe gave birth to [[character:​cleo_oconner]],​ leaing her with two friends she had made named Jim and Tina, wanting to secure a better position within the gang she was in before taking Cleo in herself. However, things wouldn'​t wor out quite the way she had planned. ​ 
-In [[calendar:​YE_22]] Chloe found out her daughter was sentenced to life in prison because a freespacer she had personally asked to watch over and teach her daughter, betrayed both of them. At first it shattered her dreams of ever seeing her daughter again. She felt like she had failed, but t did not take long for this realization to steel her self to keeping her promise. Chloe worked harder, and became far more aggressive in her drive to climb the ranks, cracking through many of the walls that were holding her back, until [[calendar:​YE_27]] where she was finally in the position to be able to pull the strings needed to get her a meeting with her daughter. ​ 
-The meeting was not a good one. Chloe fought to keep her composure as her daughter was brought into the interview room, chained up and muzzled like some wild animal. She had done this. This was her fault. Maybe if she had given up her dreams of power and control, she could have been there to raise Cleo, keep her safe and out of trouble. She tried talking with Cleo to break the ice, but her daughter didn't bite, pushing her to drop the bomb that sent Cleo into a rage. Chloe was her mother, and all of this was her fault. ​ 
-She expected the anger. She expected the violence, and even though most would say Chloe was heartless, the shepherd woman was a young mother who made a lot of mistakes because she loved her daughter too much to put her through exactly what she was going through right now. She swore she would get Cleo out. No matter what it took, no matter how much money, dignity, or even lives, including her own, she would get Cleo out. Maybe not this year, or next year, but Cleo would be out of prison, or Chloe was going to die trying. ​ 
-She didn't have to, though. In [[calendar:​ye_38]],​ Cleo was pulled out of Prison by the IPG, and Chloe, through the long list of contacts and informants she had caught wind of this. As she did, she once again pulled every string, called in whatever favours she had, paid off all the right people, just to find out where her daughter was. This was the best opportunity she had to help her daughter, and when she finally managed to get into contact and meet her outside of prison, she couldn'​t be happier. ​ 
-It was Gun Christmas, she had finally managed to get a message to Cleo, and her heart soared when she got a message asking to meet up. She had pushed, bullied, tricked, and killed for this. She had done whatever terrible things she had to do, and she knew deep down that if there was a hell, when she died she was going to it, but what she found out made everything she did more than worth it. Chloe was going to be a grandmother. ​ 
-Meeting with Cleo and her soon to be son-in-law [[character:​joshua_bates]] was awkward. Chloe knew Cleo didn't view her as her mother, and she knew she didn't deserve to be seen as such, but by whatever gods that existed, Chloe was going to live with it. She was so happy it didn't matter, and it immediately set her long term goals. Help her daughter give her grandson absolutely everything and anything she had the power to give. Anything, at all.  
-There was a kink in the plan. There was a tragedy, and Chloe made yet another mistake. In one small sentence, to try and give her daughter the feeling of humanity, she told Cleo that her father wasn't a dog. He was. Cleo lost five of her six children because of this one mistake, and to add insult to injury, the Nepleslian Military was out to kill her. Thankfully, Chloe got wind of this fact, and was able to secure or liquidate many of her assets, so she had the money to flee to the very place Cleo and Joshua would end up. Asteria. A new faction Suzerianty of Yamatai, Chloe felt the desire to try and provide in a more legitimate way. With the political unrest in the budding nation due to the conflict between Government and Corporation,​ she could use her skills to secure a position in the nations political system. ​ 
-It started with [[character:​astridr_mitsuya]] at her daughter'​s wedding. A deal. Such a simple deal. Chloe would use her underground tactics to take out some of the less cooperative Corporations. Though, after thinking, she felt she would have a far better chance of being able to do much more as a senator. After meeting with several [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​threads/​mission-4-night-party.60177/​page-3|Corperate Members and Asuran Black Market Leaders]], Chloe managed to convince them she was on their side, and that her current status and situation gave her the premium ability to get into the government and make moves to benefit them, while she fed the information she received from them to her Daughter and the team of ex-IPG commando'​s to destroy them all systematically. Chloe was going to change a part of the Galaxy for the better. At least, for the better of her children and grandchildren. 
-==== Skills Learned ==== 
-Chloe Writa has the following notable skills: 
-  * Politics: While not in the traditional sense, the Underground gave her skills useful for politics, as organized crime. She thoroughly believes the only difference between the two is that one has convinced the greater population they are good, and the other is bad. 
-  * Finances: Money in her business was important, and she was good at managing it. She handled payrolls and investments on her own.  
-  * Money-Laundering:​ Most of her income in her life has been illegally gained, and she has learned quickly how to launder that money. Her favourite method is a strip club known as [[wip:​location:​tail_chasers]] which she had a handful of locations on [[planet:​Nepleslia]] before shutting them all down and moving to Asteria. 
-  * Political Seduction: She's no stranger to the idea that is 'Sex Sells,'​ and even when she was on top, she had no compunctions against continuing the practice. Partly because it worked, mostly because it was fun.  
-  * Eating French Fries while driving. 
-===== Social Connections ===== 
-Chloe Writa is connected to: 
-  * [[character:​Cleo_oconner]] (Daughter) 
-  * [[character:​joshua_bates]] (Son-In-Law) 
-  * Hunter O'​Conner (Grandson) 
-  * [[character:​ivy_dantes]] (Personal Investigator) 
-===== Inventory & Finance ===== 
-  * Several Million DA in Investments. 
-  * Two [[wip:​location:​tail_chasers]] Locations 
-  * Several Condos 
-  * Business suits 
-===== OOC Information ===== 
-In the case [[user:​edto_xar_sivaree]] becomes inactive: 
-  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES 
-  * Can this character be [[guide:​Adoption|adopted]] after I've been gone for a year? No