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Chrysanthe Chronis

Chrysanthe Chronis
Species: Elysian
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 6'8 (203 cm)
Weight: 111 lb.
Bra Size: B
Organization: Vance Bridge Road Neighbourhood
Occupation: Musician, Arsekicker
Current Placement: Vance Bridge Road, Vandenberg

Chrysanthe Chronis in Roleplay

Chrysanthe Chronis is a player character played by ShotJon and is currently involved in Lam's Taking It Back plot.

*Combat theme: New Evil

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'8 (203 cm) Mass: 111 lb. Measurements: Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Chrys is very muscular and well built. She has an athletic body and smooth skin. She is Caucasian. She lost her wings, so she leans forward a little to shift her balance.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Chrys has blue round eyes with slim eyebrows. She has a small nose and slim lips.

Hair Color and Style: Chrysanthe has white hair. Changing her hairstyle to fit her 'muscial career' she now wears her hair in various punky ways.

Distinguishing Features: She has a big tattoo of odd shapes on her back to cover the scars left by her wings. She has a slightly boyish voice.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chrys likes to not stand out, which is rather hard when you are almost seven feet tall. She is sarcastic and has a sense of humour. Life in Funky City taught her to be careful. Gaining her trust is not that easy, but when she gets to know somebody and trusts them, she is pretty loyal to them and goes out of her way to help them out. She also likes hand to hand fighting and gets into a brawls a lot. Chrys fell in love with Lucas Jackson, cares for him deeply and shows her gentler side to him. She is still ready to fight alongside him whenever needed.

Likes: Lucas Jackson, Good food, exercising, brawls, Music. Dislikes: Gangs and bullies, military. Goals: Enjoy quiet life with her lover Lucas.


Family (or Creators)

Mother: Chara Chronis (deceased) Father: Unknown patrician


If Chrysanthe's life would have been a little different, she could be on the top level of Elysian society, but it was not to be. She was born a bastard to a plebeian woman. Her father wanted to mask that he had an affair with a plebeian so he sent the woman away from Elysia.

The woman chose to move to Nepleslia where she gave birth to a girl. She named her Chrysanthe. Bringing up a child on Nepleslia wasn't easy. Chrys was growing up in one of the worst parts of the city. At first, she and her mother had only a little money, so Chrys had to help out. She got into contact with a little group of child thieves and became a pickpocket.

Chrys was always that strange tall kid with wings, and she got bullied and beaten up a lot. It took her a few years to realize that she was stronger than other kids and to start fighting back. Over the years she got into many fights and her brawling skill got better and better. Unluckily, once she beat up the son of a higher-ranking marine. The angry father took a few of his army buddies, beat Chrys, and cut off her wings.

She spent a few months in the hospital after that. She could feel her wings, even though she didn't have them anymore. She even had to learn to walk differently, because she was off-balance now. It wasn't easy, but she got through it and found a way to live without her wings. In the end, she even found she had no need for them. She hadn't learned to fly, and they got in her way a lot. Nevertheless, it was a part of her body which she lost.

Chrys worked as a messenger for a while to get some money to pay what she owed for treatment. Soon after she finally paid her debt up, her mother died. To close that part of her life, Chrys moved after her mother's funeral. She got into a different part of the city and found herself work as a barmaid and cook. She found herself enjoying the company of other people. She had even a few boyfriends and girlfriends.

When she got thrown out of the bar for punching a good customer because he felt her bum, she thought the time had come to try something new. She got a job at a security company. There, she got training and worked with the company for years. When her contract ended, she felt the need to leave the planet and travel. She took a one-month space training course, and then looked for job offers.

ISC Enkidu

The one job that finally showed was joining the crew of freelance ship named Enkidu. Chrysanthe got in pretty easily and they soon flew off to search a derelict ship. To crews surprise the ship was not completely deserted. Abwehran gril adn an android was found on board or wreck and has been taken on Enkidu. When they got back to Funky City Chrys was told to get odd by captain of the ship. Upon which she just shrugged and got off.


Chrys got back to being lonely and on Funky City. With no chance of joining any crew in close future, she got a job as a bouncer to at least do something in meantime. She did not want to join Nepleslian military after all. Time flying by until NMX attacked Funky City. Chrys was lucky enough to survive the first onslaught and hide underground. Now only lightly armed she has to survive somehow.

Taking it back

Mission One: Chrys got contacted mysteriously by unknown person. She was asked to come to pub in Funky City. When she got there she found out, she was seeked out by man named Alex Foster who wanted her to join his rag-tag band of resistance. After hearing him out and meeting others like Id-Sol Lucas, Hunter Archibald or gunmakes Alexis, she decided to join. After all she hated NMX and wanted them all dead.

Soon after they rode a lonely skyscraper where they met Alex's benefacotrs. A trio of local mobsters. After a short with few zombies, the band got out safely and moved onward. Team then had to get three trucks through the badlands. Trucks had a scientist and mobsters that would help the cause. During the transport, several buggies with armed NMX Id-Sols showed up. Combat was inevitable. After hard fight containing things like shooting missiles in mid-flight and jumping from truck to truck, Chrys was left in hand-to-hand combat against one of the Id-Sols. She underestimated him and he got her on her back and almost raped her, but gang of angry nerds saved her. After the group had to broke through the NMX barricade. With some hardship and tough combat the group made it trough to their new base of operations. Old submarine. There were some losses of course, as few mobsters died in combat and Alexis sustained untreatable damage to her arm, which had to be changed for cybernetics.

Mision Two: Right the next day the group got another mission. Under Lucas's leadership they assaulted a NMX occupied police station in stolen NMX buggy. While other were left outside to fight oncoming reinforcements, Chrys and Lucas made it inside. There they got into armoury only to be under attack from two power armours. Under the stess situation the two them found liking in each other and romance was started with kiss under fire. They than managed to kill one PA with recoilless rifle they found in the armoury, second was bigger problem though. They did not manage to kill him off and were almost to get killed when suddenly Alex's crazy brother Jake, claiming to be princess Hanako saviour of the world showed to distract and topple the armour. Chrys then managed to get close and slit the man's throat.

Then Lucas assaulted the police station itself, clearing the base level by himself and taking a prisoner. After short interrogation the prisoner managed to get a upper hand and take Lucas hostage. Chrys intimidated the Id-Sol into hand-to-hand combat and then beat him up. After that the mission was over and they returned to the submarine, where she and Lucas had intimate get together.

Later life

When war was over, Chrys and Lucas found themselves on planet Craggston, handling some other stuff with Lucas. Ending one of the big bad ganger around there, they got into some money and managed to set up life there. Lucas and Alex had a falling out though, so Chrys keeps away from Alex as well.



Chrys likes to exercise and lift weights. She is pretty strong even for an Elysian. She likes to run. She is not very acrobatic, though.


Chrys is a proven hand-to-hand combatant. She uses no style, but years of brawling and bar fights gave her enough experience. She knows how to use a knife too, but she tends to keep it sheathed. She knows how to shoot a gun and is an average marksman. She likes mainly pistols and rifles.


While looking for anything that could interest her, she picked up the violin and electric guitar. She is a rather good player and likes to jam whenever she can. She is also an average dancer. Her singing isn't swell, but she knows a few good songs.


Chrys knows how to drive. She worked as a driver a few times during her time with the security company.


Growing up in Funky City, you pick up things you wouldn't expect. During times her family was short on money, Chrys found herself working with a band of pick-pocketers. She is able to perform thievery in crowds and knows a little about locks.


During her time at the bar she learned how to cook and mix drinks. She helped out the chef a lot and learned a thing or two.


Chrys is fluent in Nepleslian, Trade language, and Elysian, thanks to her mother. She also knows how to use a communicator properly thanks to her years with Security.


Zeta Five is currently a in the . She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
2900 DA -3100 Bought weapons, armor and clothing.
3410 DA 2500 1990 Got paid for jobs. Bought: Mags, Shotgun, Bayonette
3385 DA 0 25 Small payments

Weapons, Weapon Accessories


  • (2) Magazine pouch (3mags) fow Silver Special
  • (4) Magazines for Silver Special
  • (2) Knuckleduster battery
  • (250) .45
  • (45) .12 buckshot


Other Inventory

  • (1) Brown coat
  • (1) Black Belt - part of Styrling 12 purchase
  • (3) Styrling .12 ammo pouch. (fits 5 rounds)
  • (1) Cargo pants
  • (1) Black boots
  • (1) Black t-shirts
  • (1) Black pantyes
  • (1) White sport brassiere
  • (1) Khaki coloured knapsack.
  • (1) Canteen 1l
  • (1) Blanket
  • (1) Eletronic money card
  • Electric guitar, Electric Violin, Acoustic guitar

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