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Chyllydtg Zhllghtamplh

Species: Mishhuvurthyar
Gender: Asexual
Age: -Unknown-
Height: 7“1ft
Weight: 355lbs
Organisation: NMX
Occupation: Commando?
Rank: -Unknown-
Current Placement: -Unknown-

Chyllydtg Zhllghtamplh in Roleplay

Chyllydtg Zhllghtamplh is a… well, not very nice player character used by Regantor.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: A huge bone-white creature, with faint swirls of beige and pink mixed in with his complexion. He has twenty-seven tentacles, slightly longer than most, giving him a lanky appearance compared to most Mishu. This is especially noticeable in combination with his somewhat thinner, more angular head, and when he flattens out his body or occupies a confined space, it can give off the rather bizzare illusion that he is just a living mass of tenticles and nothing else.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Thin eye sockets with dark red orbs inhabiting them, permanently locked in a baleful, disgusted gaze. He almost lacks the upper head fins, but the lower ones are larger and more wickedly pointed in contrast. Altogether this gives his head the appearance of a rather flat, smooth oval “upturned plate” shape, with most of the more garish features such as his eyes positioned very close to the forward edge.

Distinguishing Features: Slightly thin build, with small upper fins. He often takes a stance very close to the ground, with his head tilted forwards, to maximise the ferocity of his appearance.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Manipulative, self-infatuated and bloodthirsty, “Chyl” has an endless supply of loathing to pass around to random bystanders. He has no patience for those who are (self-decidedly) unworthy of his attentions, but has been known to reward favours and possesses no scruples about fighting alongside even former enemies, so long as their goals are within his own best interests. At the very core, he'll never be truly happy until the entire Mishhuvurthyar empire worships him as a god, and since that will never happen, it's more likely he'll spend the rest of his existence fighting and struggling to get as close to his dream as possible.

The constantly disgusted look on his face is entirely correct to his psyche, and his mass of tentacles write with an all-consuming aura of spite even when he is alone. Obviously this all means that he rarely feels the need to explain himself, but when he does send psychic messages to the very small group of people he can abide, they are generally very short and blunt regardless.

Likes: Things running away from him, controlling people, warships, power. Dislikes: Fighting on equal terms, loosing, being ordered around himself. Goals: Prove to even his own race how pathetic they are compared to him.

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