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Circuitbreaker Peke Twenty-Two

Peke is an NPC on the Cirrus Station, played by The Essential Moon Man.

Peke Twenty-Two
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Species: freespacer
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Height: 4โ€™4โ€
Weight: 92 lbs
Organization: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions โ€œCirrusโ€ Class Research Station
Rank: Administrator
Occupation: Circuitbreaker (A form of robotics and computer expert)
Current Placement: Administrator of the Robotics facilities, Cirrus Station

General View

  • Build: Short and child-like
  • Skin Color: Peach skin with splotches of off-green
  • Facial Features: Child-like features, larger-than-normal eyes
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color and Style: Medium-length dark-green hair, coarse and messy, pulled into a small sideways pony tail

Peke in Roleplay

Circuitbreaker Peke Twenty-Two is the proclaimed Administrator of the Automanufactory of the Cirrus Research Station. Although small and relatively young, she has excessive knowledge of mechanics and robotics, as well as an excessively child-like mentality. She is almost always accompanied by her larger counterpart Automata, Goat, which she often rides upon via a small, moldy childs' carseat welded onto Goat's back.

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