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Cisarath Kuniva Ib

Cisarath Kuniva Ib is a player character who was played by Homeside 6.

Cisarath Kuniva Ib
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 38 years old
Height: 137.2cm (4' 6“)
Weight: 34kgs (75lbs)
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Senior RRF NCO
Rank: Troop Master
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 137.2cm (4' 6”)
  • Mass: 34kgs (75lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: The light blue-skinned senior NCO doesn't have the kind of imposing figure you'd expect, with oddly broad shoulders, but a wiry frame that even his cybernetic limbs are designed to visually maintain.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ib has a heart-shaped face, and despite only being in his late thirties he has the wrinkles of a hard-lived life. Ib has deep blue eyes, but in his left eye he has central heterochromia with a thick ring of hazel-like color around the center of the iris (which is still blue).

Ears: His ears are perfectly normal by alien standards.

Hair Color and Style: Ib's hair is the more common “normal” type, soft along its length, and ending in a rigid tip. His hair reaches down to his shoulders but he prefers to keep it tied back in a ponytail for ease.

Distinguishing Features: Besides his central heterochromia in the left eye, Ib is a myriad of cybernetic parts. His entire left leg from the hip down has been replaced with a cybernetic replacement, as well as roughly the bottom third of his right leg. His right arm from the shoulder is cybernetic as well. Some would say that his insides require a technician alongside the surgeon given how much of his insides have been replaced with cybernetics as well. Where his cybernetic limbs end, as well as across much of his body, and around his left eye he has multiple scars.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kuniva Ib isn't the sort of man who advanced through the ranks by drinking with the right people at neighborhood parties. He's been to quite a few places, seen and done many things, and has been in the service longer than almost any enlisted soldier under his command and many junior officers above him have even been alive. Ib isn't the sort of man who like to talk much but when he does, he generally would like those around him that he puts a lot of thought into what he's saying, and feels that its probably important enough to be noted. He does his best to act as a bridge between the enlisted soldiers under his command and the officers above them. He'll be the first to smack down a disrespectful soldier from out of the enlisted ranks, but at the same time he'll be one of the first to step aside with his commander and raise objection and let his opinion be known when he thinks the officer has messed up.

As far as his prior service goes, Ib isn't the sort of man who likes to brag or boast. He doesn't like to brag about his service record, and he'd much rather use respect of the troops under him and officers over him in order to make an impact rather than his rank and time in the service. He's also a patriot, though he'll admit that his home nation has its fault he still feels its levels better when compared to some of the other places out in the universe.

  • Likes: A relaxing drink at the bar, a good cup of coffee in the mornings, PT, going to the range, and relaxing in his quarters when he's got downtime. He also enjoys listening to music and watching dancers.
  • Dislikes: Some soldiers and sailor's who've had the misfortune of drawing his attention for misbehavior would claim, “everything about their existence”. In reality he mainly dislikes disrespectful soldiers and sailors, dealing with drunks, and generally dealing in the world of politics within the military despite having been in it for so long. He's also not a fan of more formal occasions.
  • Goals: After so long in the service and doing so much, he's just looking to ride out the golden years of his military service. To leave an impression on young enlisted sorts and junior officers good enough that they won't get killed because they make stupid mistakes.


Family (or Creators)

  • Cisarath Kuniva Eeam - Father
    • 67 y/o, [ALIVE]
  • Cisarath Kuniva Esud - Mother
    • 65 y/o, [ALIVE]
  • Cisarath Kuniva Zyon - Sister
    • 36 y/o, [ALIVE]


Ib was born and raised in an upper-class family with the expectation that he would become an officer in the Navy like his father had been when he was growing up, while it was always heavily pressed upon his younger sister that everybody was hoping she would go into medicine like her mother had. But Ib had been a rebellious sort of child and it showed when after graduating from school he instead headed to the recruiter's office to enlist in the RRF instead. While he still remained close to his family as he could, with his upbringing instilling a sense of need to keep one's family close to you, it was undeniable that it put his relationship with his father to the point that conversations between the two were walks atop eggshells, while he and his sister still stayed incredibly close, and his mother always attempted to be a mediator between he and his father despite making no secret of her distaste for his decision to be so “rebellious” as he had been. Yet despite the old lore, he didn't die or starve in poverty for daring to go away from the teachings of his father. Instead he thrived and distinguished himself as a soldier.

Not that his records would show much of that, of course. While officially he was never any closer to an alien world than a posting as a security billet aboard one of the many Navy ships in orbit, anybody without proper clearance who tries to pull up too much of his record to do with his various commendations and medals would find themselves stone-walled by security systems and black ink. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the average RRF trooper doesn't get so many scars, lose multiple limbs, and the kind of look in the Troop Master's eyes when he thinks back to those times from sitting watch aboard a ship making sure sailors behave themselves. But instead of brooding on it once those kinds of operations came to a close he instead used them. He would put his experience from past operations into the next, hoping to do better each time, and maybe bring more men and women back home with him at the end of the day. As years would pass he would put those experiences to use encouraging and helping shape and train up and coming junior enlisted and officers who were in his unit.

Eventually all the combat experience, leadership experience, and habits of trying his best to guide the men and women under him into brighter futures resulted in his being selected for a daring new operation in the Deep Range Patrol Fleet to help expand alien territory.



Ib is fluent in his native language as it is the language he was born speaking: capable of using a variety of communications systems, write and read it, and issue or recieve orders regardless of the circumstances barring being actually physically deafened or robbed of his ability to speak. His understanding of an alien language was learned later but he's conversationally fluent and while he may occasionally make mistakes that would betray him as a foreign speaker, for the most part he is just as proficient at it.

Fighting / Physical

He is well-versed and trained the art of fighting. He is proficient in the use of small arms, bladed weapons, and unarmed combat. He is in top physical shape, with high endurance, and he's more than capable of dealing with the stresses of combat both in gravity and vacuum. While some would say that age has dulled his reflexes some, he would argue this isn't true. With the aid of both experience and practice, and cybernetics, he is still fully capable of performing on the level of even some younger troopers.

Technology Operations

Ib has been trained in alien computers and similar technology. He's been through courses on modern computer operations and he's been trained on how to properly interact with alien neuro-computer systems.

Vehicle Operations

Ib is trained to be versatile, like a true RRF Trooper, and so he knows the basic maintenance and operation of alien vehicles as well as the general idea of operation for other vehicles. His ability to perform a number of high-stress maneuvers in the field can increase his units tactical options. It is also noted in his service record that he has both training and experience operating alien exo-suit systems as well.


It was an investment to train him and it was't one the RRF wanted to see wasted. He was taught to think rather than blindly follow orders. Tactical orders and training focused on teamwork, so even from a low rank he could understand how the tactical level of a battle works. Time and experience have refined what was once simple training and theory into practiced experience. He is fully capable of leading a unit of any size up to and including a Burrough if he must in an emergency situation.

Military (Tactics)

His training and experience as an NCO has given Ib a full understanding of tactical military operations. He knows the importance of soldiers' morale, of good firing positions, how to identify and use or avoid chokepoints in the field, how to move a unit in conjunction with other assets as part of larger joint operations, and is effectively able to establish and utilize a chain of command to organize and give orders to those under him.

Art (Tattoo and Drawing)

What started as a hobby to pass time has grown in time to the point where Ib would even feel confident enough to do tattoos as paid work for those who would be interested. In his free time he creates new designs and ideas drawing up ideas that he would like to try at some time. He has even become skilled enough that with the proper amount of time and materials he could even manufacture a homemade tattoo gun if he wanted to.


Cisarath Kuniva Ib has the following items:

  • 1 XRASER Rifle
  • 1 Gauss Revolver
  • 1 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher
  • 1 Set of Ballistic Armor
  • 1 Networked Relay System
  • 2 Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms.
  • 1 Rapid Reaction Force duty boots.
  • Standard Hygiene pack
  • Personal Clothing (Alien Civilian clothing is revealing and generally spartan. Typically loose fitting peaces of cloth that cover the genitals other unmentionable parts of the body)
  • 4 ration packs
  • 4 Grenades
  • Art equipment (two tattoo guns, various inks, paper, pencils, etc.)


  • Renthea – A series of pills and injections were taken over several months, directing the introduction and development of carbon fiber into Ib's bone structure. The overall result was an increase in the strength and flexibility of his bones.
  • Matchup – Ib has had his muscles enhanced to improve muscle strength, durability, and overall resistance to injury.
  • Clarity – After literally opening his skull up, Ib's brain was scoured and cleaned, improving blood-flow, and making repairs where needed: his intellect, reflexes, and thought speed have all been improved.


Cisarath Kuniva Ib is currently a Troop Master in the Rapid Reaction Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 UD Starting Funds

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