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Clair is a NPC controlled by GM Kai who appears in the YSS Genesis plot.

Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Organization: Tsukade Yuril
Occupation: Indentured servitude
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Character Description

Clair stands five foot ten inches, slender but, like most of her species, is svelte with an appealing hourglass figure. A natural C-cup, where most Helashio tend towards large breasts, her demure magenta eyes and cute round face more than make up for any deficiencies in that regard. Paper-white skin and bright, wavy, carrot-colored hair reaching down to the small of her back both mark her as a rare beauty, even for helashio.

Character Personality

Clair is quiet and reserved; she doesn't speak much, leading some people to believe that she simply cannot speak at all. Often mistaken for timidity, the truth of the matter is that Clair really doesn’t have much to say - tranquil is a good word to describe her. Well-adjusted might also work; she accepts any request without complaint, even without sound, and goes about everything in the same unhurried way.

Her outlook on life is something that some would call fatalistic; she is very much against thinking forward, and remembering the past sometimes hurts. So she serves with her eyes downcast, and without complaint, with a certain, measured amount of care and thoughtfulness given to whatever it is that she is doing at the time. It’s difficult to tell, outwardly, who or what she likes, or doesn’t; thankfully she has her bouncier sister mira to translate for her.

History and Relationship Notes

Born into an owned family, at the age of twelve Clair and her sister, mira began their training as body slaves. Although they were kept separate for much of this training, some of it crossed over; those times, to Clair, are the most important. She loves her sister very dearly, and relies on her, and cannot imagine a world without her as the two of them are truly inseparable, and usually by contract.

Nobody is quite sure why she stopped talking halfway through the training; perhaps she doesn’t know herself.

They were sold as a pair, and in truth they went together very well. The domestic, the odd-job girl, Clair was trained to do a variety of things beyond the standard blushing bedfairy routine. She took naturally to cooking, and more intellectual pursuits such as medicine and acumen, that make her a rare and more valuable slave than might otherwise have happened. Perhaps an example is necessary; between the two of them, her sister and she, it is usually Clair who applies the makeup. She has a steadier and more skilled hand for it. It is people who vex the silent slave-girl, not mundane housework. She is also, notably, a very talented masseuse – no, not that way, either.

They were sold directly out of training; however, halfway through transit they were hijacked, and remained in stasis for two years before being inadvertently found by someone lucky, or unlucky enough, to purchase them as part of a salvage grab-bag.

Skill Areas

  • Communications (Lorath, Nepleslian, Helashio)
  • Domestic (Domestic Duties, etc.)
  • Entertainment (Music, Etc.)
  • Medical (Medicine, Anatomy)
  • Culinary (Great cook, supposedly!)
  • Vehicles (Can Drive)
  • Mathematics (Accounting, Basic Finance)


  • Slave Collar

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