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Lazarus Clarke

Lazarus Clarke is an NPC controlled by Lamb in the Nepleslian Command structure.

Lazarus Clarke
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Fleet Admiral
Rank: Grand Admiral
Current Placement: 2nd Fleet

Character Description

Lazarus is a tall man with sharp features and a clean, professional attitude. His lanky form is smooth and unscarred, giving the appearance of a man who's spent his life behind a desk, though the truth is that the aging Admiral has been very lucky. His methodical and cautious nature led his ships and squadrons to victory after victory in the Mishuu War as a Squadron Commander in the Fourth AASP Fleet. As a commander, he is firm and strict to his principles. His command style is very defensive, and he rarely looses ground in battle– though he rarely makes bold charges, either. Admiral Clarke views the battlefield the same way one would view a board game, valuing his ships as one would value pieces on a board and making only the most strategically sound moves. Privately, Lazarus is a friendly man, though distant. He prefers the company of his palm-nut vulture 'Lucy' to that of any person. He never goes out of his way to speak with others, though he's been proven to be very approachable. So long as you can tolerate birds, that is.

History and Relationship Notes

Born to a space-faring merchant couple, Lazarus Clarke was raised on a ship. His childhood was spent in space. He dealt with space traffic and shipboard issues for his entire life, and when he came of age it was no feat for him to join the navy. He rose through the ranks quickly in the Grand Star Army during the Elysian Wars, and when Nepleslia succeeded from the Empire in YE 28 he was offered a command position for his past performance in exchange for transferring to the newly formed Imperium Navy.

As such, Clarke is a navy man to the core. He's been in one navy or another for his entire life and he's been in the Nepleslian Navy since its creation. A hardcore old-school fleet man, Lazarus thinks of modern space battles as little more than skirmishes because he was trained in a time when fleets numbered in the thousands and soldiers were lost by the million. With the step-down of Grand Admiral Valken and the fleet restructuring of YE 38, Clarke has been promoted to the charge of the venerable First Fleet, the sword of Nepleslia's military might.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Yamatai-Go, Trade, Abwheran, Elysian, Sal-Saari
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge (History and Law)
  • Medical (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Combat (Specialization in Ship-to-Ship Tactics)
  • Starship Operations
  • Humanities (Public Speaking)

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