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LargeGear Cloudy Truffleclub M447-8-09

A character used by Primitive Polygon, currently involved in the 188604 plot.

Species: NU Automata (Pseudo-Volitional)
Gender: None
Age: 6 (Born YE 32)
Height: 10“6ft
Weight: 850 kg (1,874 lb)
Organization: The Wire Guided
Occupation: Cybermedical Engineer
Rank: None
Current Placement: 188604
Theme song: Evergrace OST - Samarad Hill

Physical Characteristics

Physical Description: A towering lithe figure, painted a glossy bright orange with a vaguely humanoid shape. Their head is a mushroom-shaped helmet with many small camera slits, slightly reminiscent of a komuso priest, despite the edition of a pair of large silver horns. They also have exposed silver hydraulics around the waist and upper arms, featuring extremely flexible joints clustered around their shoulders, and powerful blockly forearms. The large hands each possess two thumbs and three fingers, with a extending spiked knuckleduster used in punching attacks. Counterbalancing this are particularly large hips and long streamlined legs, presumably designed to give them a low center of gravity.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Speaking with a slow but high pitched digital voice, Cloudy is as lumbering mentally as they are physically. They talk mostly in simple words, and have difficulty understanding new concepts if not explained in a way that one might a child. They also seem to be very untrusting of strangers, yet can be easily manipulated because of their short-sightedness.

Once they have had the chance to become comfortable with someone, however, there is another side to the strange rather territorial giant. They are actually surprisingly adept at their handiwork, sharing a great deal of empathy with those they see as friends, even if they do not quite grasp the situation. Following a long stint with nothing but completely non-sentient machines as company, they like to be involved in the affairs of others. Fighting to defend thier comrades seems to come just as naturally as defending their territory, so they also get fired up quite easily, and make for a truly fearsome opponent in melee combat.

In short, they are all ROM and no RAM.

  • Likes: Being involved, helping people, patrolling spaces, being busy with work, flowers.
  • Dislikes: Confusing situations, manipulative people, AT weapons.
  • Goals: Be useful.


Family (or Creators)

Mothership "White Lament" (Repaired!) Sibling “Honey Fungus” (Deceased.) Sibling “Sulphur Disco” (Deceased.) Sibling “Snowy Waxcap” (Reassembly attempt in progress…) Sibling “Splendid Waxcap” (Reassembly attempt in progress…)


The original circumstances of Cloudy's creation are murky mostly because the automata themselves has quite a limited worldview. Their strange skillset and design suggests they were built to work on large-scale biomechanisms and apparatus with biological components, and also defend them if needs be. None the less, they were found in a dilapidated state with the vessel completely gutted by a catastrophic junker malfunction, after it had crashed into the isolated backwater planet of 118604. Out of half a dozen identical siblings that had been custom-build by the crew there, it seems they were the only one to avoid being 'recycled' by the junkers and survive intact.

Still blissfully ignorant of what is going on, they would rather continue to pointlessly defend their ruined hulk of a ship than trust outsiders…


Eventually, however, an independent freespacer named Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587, working for the Independent decided to bring them out of their shell. The White Lament was slowly put back into working order over the course of several months, and Truffleclub familiarized themselves with charming, albeit the rather more, locals.

Assisting with a raid on Freehold Factory left a bad taste in their mouth, even if they did their best to defend their newfound friends. This was the start of a solitary trek into the wilderness of 188604, which lasted several more months, allowing the giant peaceful automata to avoid the hostilities of the Elysian invasion completely.

This said, they did not come back empty handed; Having furthered their genetics knowledge and set up a small underground lab within Lycosidae's work-in-progress subway system, Truffleclub made a major breakthrough in the invention of the Liquid Ally. This used standard spacer blood algae cells combined with some micro bio-machine types suggested by the polysentience, a connection that Arccos had said up for them.

Gaining the interest of a group called the The Wire Guided, this eventually lead to the construction of the throne_of_brass, a massive farming complex that Truffleclub is now intrinsically involved with.


Being An Automata

Weighing as much as a small family car, Cloudy has a tremendously heavy walk cycle. Just sitting down too fast can result in them cracking pavement tiles or bending metal girders, which is to say nothing of the force that results when they attack something intentionally.

Their structure is made of typical freespacer materials, including a titanium frame, carbon nanotubes and a fine boron wire mesh in their armor. This makes them quite resistant to energy weapons, whilst kinetic defenses are left to the gravity manipulating effects of the small inertialess drives in their arms and legs; They can actually fly with these devices at speeds of up to 300 mph, but it's a clumsy process. Most of the time, they are simply used to accelerate one limb to that speed for a brief 'jolt', delivering incredibly powerful punches and kicks.

They do not need to eat, sleep or breath. Has a small on board nuclear reactor, which lasts about 2 years before changing the reaction mass. It seems they do not have a connection to the polysentience, and only accept verbal commands, probably to avoid the risk of hacking. All of their limbs can rotate 360 degrees, and they can be shut down and rebooted without damage to their memory (but only if you ask them nicely).


As mentioned above, their melee attacks can be potentially devastating even for vehicles. They have a preference for attacking with clubs or polearms (like spears/halberds), but are also capable of using firearms to a certain extent. They lack the internal connections to use power armor weapons infinitely, but can wield any that contain their own power supply.

The one big flaw is that despite having nine eyes, it can be pretty easy to sneak up on them. They are also a large target, and can be tackled with anti-tank weapons in much the same was as an armored vehicle.


Cloudy has many built-in engineering skills that allow them to operate and maintain most typical freespacer ship systems. Unfortunately this does not extend to actually piloting such a vessel, and they don't really have the imagination to invent anything new.


Curiously, they also have the a fine-tuned ability to perform first aid and even surgery on organics, operating with an uncanny accuracy despite their large hands. The container on their left hip has been converted from a flak launcher into something that specifically dispenses medical equipment, suggesting they may have been specifically customized by the old crew for this role after showing interest. Combining these two skills makes them a considerably deft technician for cyborg implants.

Chemisty / Metallurgy

They can identify many substances just by looking at them, and can make simple chemical compounds given the right equipment and data. It's most likely another thing that came pre-programmed.

Cooking & Domestic

Definitely not something pre-programmed. They are okay at cleaning, but especially horrible at cooking. They just really like to do it for some reason.

Enclosed System Farming

The White Lament had its own hydroponics farm, as well as a large system to replicate underwater hydrothermal vents in order to produce foodstuffs like algae and small crustaceans. They have an innate knowledge of this rather specialized field, and can set up replicas of such a system given enough time and resources.

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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