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Coca is a player character played by Noodles.

Coca Kiraten
Species & Gender: Vekimen Ladaren-Kiraten Female
Date of Birth: YE -16
Organization: Winged Hussars
Occupation: File Leader
Rank: Zeha
Current Placement: Rise of the Hussars

Preferred Plots

  1. Rise of the Hussars

Physical Description

Being a Kiraten-Ladaren mix Coca is left in an odd middle ground of the two clan's different physical characteristics. She stands at 5'2“ with a slightly hunched posture that makes her appear a couple inches shorter than she actually is. Her figure is mildly curvy with muscle that starts off lean around her stomach and chest areas and thickens out considerably on her thighs and tail. On the top of her head is a massive mane of black quills. She is completely covered from head to claw to tail tip in completely black scales, lacking the white belly scales that a majority of Vekimen sport. The claws that tip her fingers appear to be especially sharp as if she spends a large amount of time keeping them so.

Coca has a single white scale just above her left breast.

Her voice is just as gruff as she is, sounding rough and gravely- despite that fact that Vekimen all have the ability to change their voice as they see fit.


Coca has lead a long, harsh life. Having already started off in an odd position, being the spawn of a Kiraten and a Ladaren- to make matters worse she born a melanistic Vekimen with only a single white scale to torment her- this has heavily influenced her personality. Being looked down upon, mocked, and often attacked Coca has grown to be cautious and gruff- someone who throws her entire self into her job with little care of anything, or anyone, else. Through this, however, she has become something of a mother hen to those she does manage to make a connection with through the horrors and hardships of combat. She often seems wound up, as if waiting to pounce- or perhaps be pounced. Through her years she's become vicious and cynical, but also wise and experienced.

Unlike most Ladaren she's incredibly lacking in social skills and in the face of social interactions outside required communication, she is quiet and most often responds in grunts or short phrases.


Coca was born in YE -16 on Komodo

Coca was born alone and almost entirely unwanted- although perhaps even that is stretching it as all Vekimen were forced into military service. It is not a stretch, however, to say that mandatory military service was the best thing that had ever happened to Coca. It gave her something to do, something that only boiled down to her skill and instincts. No amount of white scales or such pointless things as being part of a proper clan would keep her from ripping out whoever dared get in her way's throat. Her entire life from that point has been a blur of blood. Those she served with didn't have to love, or even like her- but she demanded respect and fear. She ripped and tore her way to being noticed enough to finally get her chance to leave, to finally seek the closest thing to retirement she could get- The Winged Hussars. A place far away from the place that was never home to begin with, and perhaps a place she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder every waking moment.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Coca has the following notable skills:


Coca is a master of hand to hand (or more accurate: Claw to Claw) combat. Her fighting style is raw and brutal, what it lacks in grace it makes up in sheer ferocity and force. Though less adept, she can also use firearms to close a gap that would be impractical to charge through.


Coca does possess some leadership skills to the degree of being able to roughly keep control over a squad of Vekimen- She can think strategically well enough to keep herself, and others, alive.

First Aid

Coca possesses basic medical skills and can reasonably patch herself, or others up, well enough to hold until someone more skilled can come finish the job.


Coca is in the prime physical condition for a Vekimen, perhaps even beyond given the sheer amount of time she has had to put into improving her physical fitness. She is a skilled runner, can perform most moderately difficult acrobatic feats with a high level of success, and possesses a very high level of endurance in and out of combat situations.

Inventory & Finance


OOC Information

In the case notred becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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