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Codebreaker 79-4288-1420

Codebreaker 79-4288-1420 is a player character played by Seven-nine.

Codebreaker 79-4288-1420
Star Army Infantry
Species & Gender: Female Freespacer
Date of Birth: 1日 1月 YE 36
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Codebreaker
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Seven-Nine is a short, Freespacer girl who stands at four-foot four inches. She had bright green eyes, but the light in them has long been snuffed out, replaced with a harrowing hate and murderous purpose. Her hair is typically tied back in a single black braid. Her right hand and arm from beyond the elbow has been replaced with a cybernetic, metallic one. It has several cords and cables that dangle from it, each of them a different type. They are a relatively broad collection, showing a nearly universal collection of plugs. She occasionally has these cords wrapped around her arm to avoid them getting in the way. Upon the back of her neck, she has a standard Mindware man and machine interface, though it’s typically covered by her hair.

79 is very thin, looking gaunt and hideous, the body build of a starved, nutrients-deprived, sick individual who had not been properly fed. Muck covers her flesh, and dirt seems to have patched its way across her, and it is quite clear she has not been properly cleaned for a while. There is a rather unsightly purple-blue bruise across her right cheek, with four small black marks arranged in a line upon it. She has a downcast, meek look, but it belies her cunning. Perhaps caught on cameras, or when she thinks she's unseen, her look becomes hateful. Plotting. Cunning. Sly. She has plans, and while she may seem like a docile thing she is always looking to further her goals.

The Codebreaker has a rather droll set of clothing. She lacks shoes, and the soles of her feet are nearly black from all the dirt and grime that's built up upon it. A few foot fungi have begun to grow, clearly a result of her terrible hygiene. She wears a simple skirt that reaches down to her feet, and a plain white shirt that has several patches upon it.

Her cybernetic arm is her most defining feature. The thing is a sleek jet black, looking smooth to the touch. There are several small dips in the thing, separating plates of metal, and there are quite a few bolts screwed into it.Unlike the rest of her body, it's been kept clean and free of filth. The prosthetic has a few small scratch marks, and Seven-Nine can be seen poking and prodding at them in annoyance quite often. It's clear she's displeased with them. Dangling from her shoulder, hidden beneath her sleeve, is an area by which several cords emerge. They are a universal set, meant for the operation of most common and uncommon machinery, and though they are quite wide, they wouldn't be useful for archaic of hyperspecialised machines. When plugged in, the joints, dips, and bolts upon her arm light up in a brilliant golden glow, showing she is connected. It's rather painfully obvious, and while the light isn't spectacularly luminescent, it's enough to be seen in a moderately lit condition.

79's hair is nearly always tied in a single braid. It has become unkempt, her whole hairdo now an oily mess with several split ends. Her hair is the colour of dirt and earth, a good, natural brown, that contrasts with her robotic features. When it is not tied in a braid, it typically falls down, and quite a lot of it covers her face and eyes. When this occurs, she appears rather annoyed, always having to push her hair out of her face. If her hair were to be lifted to reveal the back of her neck, one could see her man and machine interface had remained clean during her captivity, mostly due to the fact her hair covered it.

Seven-Nine's face was round, mostly, and she had green eyes. She had a few marks on her face, mostly evidence of beatings or other attacks on her person. Her nose was relatively small, and her ears were a little big. Her eyes were round, and nearly always pointed at the ground.

The girl had an aura of fear about her all the time. Not an aura that made one afraid, but a distinct feeling that she was terrified, flinchy and in a constant state of paralytical terror.


Seven-Nine is a very afraid thing. She is nearly perpetually terrified, and always doing her best not to be harmed. However, this belies her true determination. Hidden beneath the layers of fear, she has a great will, and a wisdom that belies her age. This, however, is warped by her fear. She’ll be sneaky and careful and will act to complete her goals, until someone threatens her, wherein she’ll return to being meek, docile and fearful, until it’s time to act again.


Seven-Nine was ‘born’ in YE 37, in a rather unimportant spaceship. She was designated to be a Codebreaker, a hacker, and from the day she was born she was trained in this skill. She took to it, naturally, though that was no surprise; she was made for it, and she enjoyed it. Again; no surprise. She found her life was rather simple, and rather enjoyable. She would learn to break down the walls of machinery, hijack it, steal information, and manipulate the polysentience to her will, and she was good at it, and she was revered for it.

And everything was fine.

But, a perfect life is not perfect forever. Seven-Nine’s simple, droll, ideal existence was shattered, one day. As her home was drifting through the vast voids of space, it was attack. It was a brutal, efficient, and deadly attack, the bulk of the Warmongers and Antibodies who lived being slaughtered, the remainder putting up a valiant effort to save the rest of the ship before they were quelled, and while some of the others did fight, it eventually lead to the weak and helpless being left alive.

Seven-Nine was one of these ones, and she was utterly, truly, mortified. She, along with the rest of the civilian population of her former home, was rounded up. They were pirates, humans, of some type, and Seven-Nine stared at them with wide eyes. She was afraid, deathly afraid. The group was a dangerous group, and she knew that she, and everyone else, may very well be killed. She wasn’t, though, for the pirates were pragmatic and shrewd. Needn’t waste bullets, you see. Instead, the pirates selected those who would be taken, and those who would be left behind. Seven-Nine was taken by them, escorted to a wretched cage and shipped off.

When she tried to access the polysentience once more, she failed. Panic began to set in, mounting up with her fear, and she found that they had some sort of advanced firewall. She tried again and again, but before she could try hacking the firewall, the slavers revealed they had a use for her, as the weakest of those they captured. They gave her a small mercy, and allowed her to access the polysentience, but only to steal data from it. Under strict supervision, they let her access the information that they wanted from it, and then upload it into their systems. It was only brief, and there were strict punishments for doing things slowly, or for failing them, but it allowed her to access the polysentience, keeping her from true madness, for at least a little while.

But each time she was allowed to access the polysentience, each time they disabled their firewall, she screamed into it for help. Over and over and over again. Eventually, whether she remained a slave to the pirates, was sold off, or escaped, she would get her help. She knew it.

Skills Learned

  • Star Army Common Skills
  • Technology Operation
  • Maintenance and Repair (Limited)
  • Rogue (Limited)
  • Seven-Nine has grown accustomed to using the polysentience effectively. Due to her captors forcing her to use it quickly, and being punished if she fails or is too slow, she is especially effective at taking information from it and uploading it to other networks.

Social Connections

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Inventory & Finance

Codebreaker 79-4288-1420 has the following:

Ragged clothing.

OOC Information

This page was created by bullroarer on 11, 19 2017 at 21:27.

In the case Seven-nine becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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