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Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587

Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 is a player character played by Dumont.

Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587
Species: Type III Freespacer/Cyborg
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Biologically 34)
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 133 kg
Organization: Ragnarok
Occupation: PMC contractor
Rank: Ragnarok PMC Co-Founder High Sheriff of Ragnaheim Thieftaker General of the Usotzkan Empire Default Shipmaster of the White Lament
Current Placement: Ragnarok PMC

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 200 cm
  • Mass: 133 kg

Build and Skin Color: A near total cyborg; Arccos' appearance is one chosen rather than naturally gifted - an up scaled version of her old body. Still mostly “human” looking: By choice she is tremendously tall, with long limbs and soft curves; engineered broader at the hip than at the chest giving her more of a pear shape than an hourglass; however she could not readily be described as having a shape other than 'lanky'. Her synthetically grown skin is almost pure white, marked with fine seams tailored into a circuit-like pattern on the upper limbs.

Eyes and Facial Features: Arccos' features fall at a mid-way point between the two most prolific Nordic and East Asian features. Her eyes are narrower than typical Nepleslian features, but not almond shaped like a Yamataian; they are brown so dark they may as well be black. Her nose is prominent and aquiline, but narrow and very subtly crooked. Arccos' cheekbones are high, but her cheeks are constructed to be more full giving her a rounder face overall.

Ears: Human type, detached lobes. Each ear bears a pair of auricle piercings, the jewellery made of reclaimed scrap circuitry. Ears are usually concealed by her hair.

Hair Color and Style: Blank matte white, and strangely non-reflective; Arccos' hair is perfectly straight, lank and cut to just below shoulder length, with asymmetrical bangs trimmed from just above her left eye to sweep down to the right.

Distinguishing Features: Her prosthesis are marked at various locations with serial numbers in black block numbers, although they don't actually correspond to any manufacturers. She bears a tattoo of crossed antique keys on her right hand, where the thumb meets the back of her palm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Acerbic and blunt as a hammer. Typical of a Freespacer, she does what she has on her mind with little regard for the consequences: Anyone she likes she treats so openly and without reservation, and anyone she hates is treated with the same general lack of restraint. She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve in general, but is both cynical and practical enough to not expect much of anything or anyone else.

Arccos has little regard for personal space, and tends to be very physical in her interactions with others, using body language more so than words if she can get away with it.

For the most part she operates with an 'eye for an eye' sense of honor, but still retains a some amount of her community's pacifism, in the sense that she doesn't believe in violence caused by her own hand but has no problems setting up circumstances to cause death.

She seems to have some trouble adapting to her cybernetics, maintaining multiple rituals that have nothing to do with her present physical state but instead seem to enforce normality; A heavy smoker despite artificial lungs, she loves to eat and drink although she doesn't seem to have a sense of taste, and has a general objection to altering her appearance from how she looked as flesh and blood.

  • Likes: Cheap cigarettes, food of any variety, cozy spaces, rugged or comfortable clothing, feeling weightless, abstract art, history books, museums, watching people without being seen.
  • Dislikes: Posturing, clear skies, direct sunlight, works of fiction, swimming, Yamataians, bureaucrats, flimsily built things.
  • Goals: Obtain enough personal power to maintain independence in a violent universe. Ascension to a true type IV.


Family (or Creators)

  • Salty Cat - Mom; a ship. (Estranged)
  • Crew of the Mergo - Extended Family (Estranged)
  • Zesty Nine Nine - Mentor (Estranged)
  • Angles Eight Six - Former Comrade/Lover (Estranged)
  • Param Four Two - Former Comrade/Lover (Estranged)


Reincarnated from a popular Codetalker on her home fleet; Arccos spent her early years as a communications officer aboard her home ship the 'Mergo'. Trained by her mentor on her home fleet, primarily salvagers and ice miners were driven out of their original traveling routes during her teen years, during the Freespacer Genocide. This event caused her to split away from her home fleet during the ensuing conflict between the Star Army of Yamatai, and the Independent Worlds League.

While her home fleet simply fled, Arccos and two others left to join the Hacker Cult in their spreading of information about Yamatai's crimes. Together the three grew closer, learning skills from the rest of the cult (no longer Codetalker: Codebreaker), and eventually becoming lovers. This did not last long, as the Star Army of Yamatai began to come out on top, the three parted ways: One would return to their home fleet, the other would stay with the IWL until its disbandment. Arccos left three years before the IWL fell, pursuing mercenary work for the sake of gaining connections and personal power.

Arccos became jaded that entire empires were ignoring a call to punish an act of Genocide, and came to the conclusion that the well-meaning nature of her own people was misguided; trying to solve conflicts peacefully could not be accomplished when there were people out there whose first priority was to see another dead over any other outcome. Without the capability to destroy your enemy, you would never be respected, and so seeking prestige she sought out an up and coming group to attach herself to and hopefully make great.

Ragnarok PMC

Finding a connection through a former Nepleslian military commander, Arccos attached herself to a new and up and coming private military company operating out of New Belfast. Her initial experience with the group showed her the chaotic nature of a violent world, yet still gave her some idea that without restraint behind violence: Violence was meaningless.

Despite the success of her time on New Belfast, clearing out the stronghold of a local gang called the Junker; Arccos remained skeptical of her new companions.

Conquest of 188604

The following mission after New Belfast took Arccos to place where she thought she would never be: Fighting for a would be Nekovalkyrja Empress, in a campaign explicitly for conquest and domination. To her surprise: She found it a workable situation. Within the first few months of activity on 188604, Arccos had claimed command over law enforcement on the planet, and had begun to command reconstruction.

The White Lament

During the occupation of Osman City on 188604, a Freespacer ship called the White Lament came crashing down on the city's outskirts. The severely damaged and crewless ship began to spew out rogue Junker drones, seeking to reclaim biomass from the planet itself in order to provide raw materials to the cloning bays on the ship, through Arccos' efforts aboard the derelict she was able to halt the Junker hive.

The following months saw Arccos spending an increasing amount of time in the crashed Mothership, mapping out the interior, assessing damage, and putting to rest the dead. In this time, she made contact with the last survivor: A huge automata who tended what was left of the ship. Despite a rocky start, she committed herself to the restoration of the ship and a return to the Free State.

The Storm

After months of command on 188604, Arccos was lured away from the capitol prior to the inevitable rebel counterattack on the alien stronghold on the ground. Trapped out of the city, Arccos along with Corgan Garret were ambushed by a group of mercenaries seeking to claim a prize offered by the Rebel General Lewis. In the process Arccos was shot in the head; but was relatively unharmed due to the poor quality of local firearms, the placement of her remaining organs in her body, and her cybernetic construction.

Following the skirmish outside the city, Arccos and Corgan raced a colossal sandstorm back to the palace. While Arccos managed to get her group back in time, she was ineffectual in the following battle. The battle at the palace, and the Storm Massacre finally drove her to separate from Ragnarok entirely. As the tide of blood and sand rolled back, Arccos entered into a new contract with Uso. Accepting higher status in the empire, as well as the would-be Empress' affections… To some degree.

Star Wasp

When first contact was made between Usotza and the I'ee, Arccos was not present. But through continued contact with the Ambassador Sammy, Arccos was fast to form a friendship with the insect race. To her regret, she was not to be of initial use to the I'ee defense against marauding NMX holdouts. Instead Arccos remained behind on 188604 to repair the White Lament in order to use its on board manufacturing equipment to refit the I'ee fleets.

Doomfort, and the End of Rebellion

During the Usotzan Intervention at Ee'ee, Arccos led her Brigadiers to assist on the last push against General Lewis' rebellion on 188604. During this time, much of the governance of 188604 fell into her hands by default as Uso proved unwilling to address the governance of the planet directly.

Her brutal crackdown upon the former Osman nobility proved to make her both very unpopular to the local population of the planet, while also turning areas surrounding the Green Sea into effective exporters and producers of profit for the planet.

The Hate Machine

In late YE 38, Arccos lead an assault on the former heart of civilization on Freehold-03, during which she combated rogue factions of the Freespacers in order to reclaim the ruined sister unit to the Great Lighthouse.



Fluent in trade, as well as having a basic understanding of cryptography needed to understand and decode several common ciphers. In theory her mindware would allow her to understand other languages but she hates speaking them so rarely does it, and her proficiency with other languages remains at a bare handful of Yamataigo curse words. Experience as a communications officer allows her to better facilitate communications over comms equipment.

Technology Operations

Trained from the cloning vat as an information security expert, and with a few earlier generations of experience impressed upon her; Arccos is a capable Codebreaker, skilled at disrupting or invading sensors and information systems. Highly adept at cyber warfare, with an eye to creative use of information that could normally be abstract to the situation.


A practical mathematician, and extremely computer literate, Arccos is familiar with multiple programming languages and is easily able to adapt and write a wide variety of scripts. Easily able to convert machinery to accept a wide variety of software types, no matter their manufacture, and is capable of working with most Free State Syntelligence based software.


By no means a military genius; Arccos has at least obtained the expertise to command and direct machine based units on the fly. She is able to manipulate drones and droids effectively and fluidly as a labor force. Through her time on 188604, she has learned to command a living crew, and though she is prone to make very unpopular decisions she has proven effective as a leader. She has turned her attention to mastering the Buzzpack software suite from the Pathless Journey datamining initiative to allow herself to command machines in combat effectively.


Raised shipboard for much of her life with a distinct need to have fine control in microgravity, Arccos has well practiced spatial awareness needed to navigate difficult terrain or low gravity; in combination with the upgraded strength and speed of her cybernetics Arccos is quite a capable freerunner in normal gravity.


While unskilled in traditional thievery of picking locks and pockets, and has a tongue metaphorically more lead than silver: Arccos compensates with aptitude for manipulating electronic alarm systems, monitoring devices, and digital locks. Of late her interest in monitoring and surveillance devices have intensified to a near absurd degree.


By no means obsessed with her job, Arccos spends much of her free time reading or researching. She hates fiction however, and her most common sources of entertainment are reading up on history, or else learning random trivia.


OOC Discussion

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