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Rathe is a player character in the Bounty Hunter Series plot played by Nite Train.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 1.65 m/6'1.5
Weight: 82 Kg/180 lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Rank: CQC/Driver/Medic
Theme song: Big Data - Clean

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.828 m / 6 ft
  • Mass: 82 kg / 180 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Due to past allegiance to a gang, Rathe has golden tinted skin with silver tinted scar tissue. Rathe is athletic and somewhat built with a slim frame.

Eyes and Facial Features: Rathe has humanoid brown eyes with a mutation that gave him silver nictitating membranes that blink from the outside in as well as his actual eyelids. These are often used in combat to protect his eyes from dust, debris, and harsh light. He is clean shaven with a solid jawline and an unlined and overall square face. Rathe has a slightly thin mouth and a moderate, medium sized nose.

Ears: Rathe has humanoid, medium sized ears.

Hair Color and Style: Rathe has short, two toned brown hair that is slightly spiked in the front, but straight on the top, sides, and back.

Distinguishing Features: The gold skin should be repeated here.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Though Rathe was a ruthless gunman for most of his life, he has seen his mistakes and tries to keep a strong moral compass. Rathe is generally a kindhearted person. He tends to see the good in many, but knows how evil some people can be. If he is betrayed or lied to, his trust and kindness is hard to regain. He may come across as cold at first to those he finds hard to trust, but he is relatively open to new people and will gladly put the needs of others before his own. He doesn't drink alcohol to increase his efficiency on and off the job.

  • Likes: Even though Rathe tends to place morals above self conservation, he loves to spar and can get quite competitive. He can treat a life or death situation like a game and have fun in the heat of combat. Rathe likes to listen to most all forms of music and has a natural sense of rhythm. Rathe prefers to either be alone or in a small group and likes to be relatively organized in whatever he commits himself to.
  • Dislikes: Rathe hates hypocrisy, doing nothing, not getting paid for his work, and spicy food. He is far from antisocial, but still dislikes large crowds.
  • Goals: Rathe wishes to right the wrongs of his past and die as a good man, but that often takes a backseat to getting paid.


Family (or Creators)

The current whereabouts of Rathe's family is a mystery to him. He wishes to find them to mend his relationship with them once he deems himself worthy of it. Until then, he denies any relationship to his past life before crime, taking his gang name, Rathe, as his real name.

Rathe's real name is Troy Starling, son of Nicholas and Lia Starling.


From a young age, Rathe has been involved in crime. Whether it was a drug ring or a gang war, Rathe was in the gut of it. In a momentary act of rage at his parents, Rathe ran away from home and soon involved himself with a gang that gave him the name he would carry with him even today, Rathe. Life on the streets taught him just how many problems a firearm or a blade could solve. His time in the gang gave him experience in combat, both hand to hand and gun fighting.

After the leader of the gang was found at the wrong end of a bullet, Rathe became a gunman and deliveryman for an underground drug cartel. There, he learned the inner workings of drug deals and making money under the table. Rathe made good money as a grunt, but that chapter of his life was cut short as the police brought his bosses down while he was on a delivery.

Rathe then put his allegiance in another gang, working as a personal bodyguard to a man named Korr. Korr loved money and often flaunted his wealth. This proved true as his highest ranking men were ordered to take cosmetics that turned their skin permanently gold, Rathe included. After working for Korr for more than two years, Rathe asked to leave Kore and his gang. Because Korr thought of all of his men as his personal property, he was furious with Rathe for wanting to walk out on him. Rathe was beaten within an inch of his life, then left to die in an alley.

Being too wounded to save himself, Rathe was saved when he was found by a stranger that took him in and healed his wounds. Seeing the act of kindness as a sign, Rathe decided to set himself straight and live a good life from then on, but Rathe knew that even with his new morals, he still needed to make money somehow. His time in the underground gave him the skills needed for bounty hunting and mercenary work, so he took that route. Rathe got a start as a gun for hire for an unnamed mafia, making good money while there, but leaving as soon as a better job arrived due to an uneasy relationship with them, and has been a successful freelance bounty hunter ever since, often taking equipment from his targets to help him later.

Bounty Hunts

Castle Crashing

Rathe has spent his most recent time working as one of Jaina Derring's mercenaries, but quit that job to work with a unit of bounty hunters run by Desmond Stroud. He keeps his belongings stored either in his backpack or in his room aboard the Iron Ferret.


As one of the newest members of Desmond's hunters, Rathe is sent to Dawn station with Desmond, Danny, and amanozako to take out a woman named Sienna. After searching through Sienna's ship, the Concordia Veil, Rathe and Danny find two people who may know Sienna in a medicine shop who take them in as manual labor. Unfortunately, Desmond called a retreat from the Sienna bounty before it could be claimed.


Following Desmond's order to retreat, Rathe met back up with the rest of the hunters in Ted's Pub on Sector 9 of Dawn to regroup and receive compensation for their efforts. After the four left the pub, Rathe and Danny caught a cab to Dawn's Bravemart to do some shopping and rest up while they could.


With an old lead from the Sienna bounty now working with them, Rathe and the rest of the hunters teamed up with Jaina's mercenaries once again to take down an ID-SOL gang head in Funky City. Taking the rear entrance, the trio of Rathe, Desmond, and Danny snuck into the holdout and began cleaning rooms in search of the target.



Rathe only knows the Trade language, but he is well spoken in it.


For reasons unknown to him, Rathe enjoys hand to hand combat and melee weaponry and greatly prefers the blade over the bullet. That said, Rathe knows his way around most firearms as well. In his time in the gangs, Rathe mastered three forms of martial arts and has adopted his own street fight based fighting style.


Rathe is naturally limber and flexible and is skilled in acrobatics and parkour. His time in the drug ring has tuned his reflexes for finding potential paths in a split second to get out of whatever trouble he would have been in. He often uses these skills to assist him in stealth and escape.


Rathe was taught in the cartel to trust no one and get what you need. Though he isn't proud of it, Rathe is an excellent pickpocket and thief. If needed, Rathe could easily swipe a wallet or a set of keys without a trace left behind.


Rathe has excellent motor skills and can drive almost anything with tires, treads, fins, or wings. Though Rathe may be slow to hop in the driver's seat of an unfamiliar vehicle, all he needs is a few minutes to get an idea of the controls and he feels right at home.

Medical and science

In any business, an injury hinders performance. This is especially true in the underground, where an injury can get you killed. This fact of life and death has given Rathe a knowledge of first aid and wound care. Rathe is a good medic and knows how to identify and treat most injuries.


Rathe has the following items:


(Obviously these won't be worn all at once. Everything not being worn is in storage on the Iron Ferret.)

Standard Wear

  • 1 charcoal leather jacket with inside pockets
  • 1 black fabric backpack with orange cross spray painted on it
  • 2 grey urban camouflage combat pants
  • 1 black leather belt
  • 1 black wristwatch
  • 1 black hip holster for sidearm
  • 4 white undershirts
  • 4 pair grey boxerbriefs
  • 2 pair black work boots
  • 4 pair black cotton socks

Workout Wear

  • 2 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber t-shirt, black shorts)
  • 1 pair workout shoes

Formal Wear

  • 1 solid black suit jacket with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for pistols or small explosives
  • 2 grey dress shirts
  • 1 crimson red necktie
  • 2 pair solid black slacks
  • 1 black leather belt
  • 1 pair black leather dress shoes




  • 1 lightly used Tactical SynAraS ballistics vest with Durandium trauma plates (used only in heavy combat)




Rathe is currently an independent bounty hunter.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS starting funds
950 KS -2050 food/equipment purchases
1450 KS +500 pre-rp compensation
5450 KS +4000 Bounty Payment
5440 KS -10 bottle of Kaserine… long story…
6940 KS +1500 Desmond doesn't believe in free work.
6610 KS -330 New handgun from Bravemart
6760 KS +150 Odd jobs on Dawn

OOC Discussion

By hitting a button on the watch band on the bottom of his wrist, a 10 cm (4 in.) blade rotates in a semicircle to extend above his hand.

The clothing on his image and the clothing in the description don't match exactly, but it's the best I could do on xiibi.

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