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Cohron Miian

Cohron Miian is a player character played by James Papadapolus.

Cohron Miian
Species: Iromakuanhe
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5' 8“ 172.72cm
Weight: 154 lbs 69.85kg
Organization: Concordia Veil
Occupation: Mercenary Scientist
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height:5' 8” 172.72cm
  • Mass:154 lbs 69.85kg

Build and Skin Color: Lithe and dexterous the tall thin man has the body of a sprinter, with defined muscles.

Eyes and Facial Features: His green eyes have an Asian tilt to them, a straight nose…

Ears: Cohron has a slight point to his ears, but not enough to be elfin

Hair Color and Style: His blond hair is short and spiky.

Distinguishing Features: He has deep green stripes leading down from his collarbones to his chest and out down his arms, and a curved set of horns poke up through his hair

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cohron has a competitive streak, he wants to be the absolute best… which first drove him into medicine, then into soldiering, then out of the army and into mercenary groups… and finally into self modifying with Symbiotes… and has mellowed out in his competitiveness somewhat. Now seeing that he is the only thing keeping his symbiotes alive he feels superior to everyone in a small but significant way.

Cohron wants to be valued by his peers, often to the point where he trys too hard

  • Likes: he loves the excitement and adrenaline of the battle, but also loves the slow methodicalness that growing a garden, or stitching a wound provides…
  • Dislikes: doesn't like to get very close to new people, their constant waves of emotion disturb him and his pets
  • Goals:


Family (or Creators)



Communication The Commonwealth was the place that Cohron was born and raised, he speaks both the native language, and the Trade language universally spoken

Medicine Originally Cohron was to be a doctor, but he joined the military instead… his training did not go to waste however, and he is qualified for all but the most exotic and dangerous of surgeries

Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Military Training During his soldier training, Cohron focused mostly with unarmed and physical techniques because of his military training, and is very good with his hands in a confrontation, but quite horrible when attempting to aim and use a gun

Biology Symbiote cultivation is the main purpose that Cohron leaned more of the science of biology, Anatomy came with his medical training, but the complex chemicals needed to both grow and treat the symbiotes is far too complex for simple anatomy.

Gardening Cohron's world has fauna of all shapes and sizes, which interested the man in his youth… to the point where he even keeps a small bed of flowers and grasses aboard starships..


Cohron Miian has the following items:



Saturation-type Muscle augmentation: this inter weaved colony of symbiotic bacteria feed on adrenaline, and give off a chemical that assists the muscles, making them work harder for longer without tearing.

Extend-type Combat Tendril:


Cohron Miian is currently a in the mercenary business.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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