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Cole is a player character played by fesh.

Species & Gender: Agender Android
Date of Birth: 1ζ—₯ 5月 YE 18
Organization: OSO Historical Article
Occupation: Section 6 robotics/electronics department
Rank: Sergeant
Current Placement: Head of robotics

Physical Description

Cole is a huge black and light grey siege automaton standing at roughly 4-5 meters (Weaponry installed not included). The body consists of 2 huge arms connected to a cylinder like body with a large hatch in the top (the so called beehive guided missile barrage). His legs are not unlike that of an animal with more than one knee in each leg, this boosts his potential sprinting speed but mostly just eases walking around with weaponry out. His big frame is intimidating but also slows him down and stops him dead in his tracks at times when there are narrow passages his frame cant fit through.

Cole has no real face but the robot is capable of projecting a hologram like screen displaying Cole's rubberhose cartoon like skull in red neon like lights. The rest of his energy shielding and lighting is red as well but usually only shows upon taking damage. The biggest weapons Cole has are typically visible in all of his configuration modes.


Cole is an oddball, but a very dangerous one at that. His tone of voice is very cheerfull and singy songy wich completely contradicts the things that this voice says. Despite sounding friendly and cheerfull (as well as always censoring bad words with a beep because his programming wont allow it) he is actually a very hatefull, racist and violent character. Cole's programming origin is unknown but he apears to harbor a specific dislike to beastfolk, stating that they match his kill-on-sight criteria wich causes him to relentlessly attack them regardless of their disposition against them. So far there is no known ways to keep these violent tendencies under control other than just keeping people that match this criteria away from him. Another thing that is in his kill-on-sight criteria are slavers, it is possible to fool him and not have him realize that a person is not a slaver but on the other side of the coin Cole is no fool and needs very little evidence to become hostile towards someone he suspects to be in his kill-on-sight criteria.

He also has something known as a bond and a protection criteria. The bond criteria is empty and it is unknown what the requirements are to be added to it while the protection criteria very clearly states that all elves are to be protected, again regardless of their intentions unless it conflicts with higher lines of criteria (such as an elf guilty of slavery will still be killed on sight).

Despite his violent nature it is possible to keep Cole docile by not confronting him with things that pass for his criteria as hostile. One thing of note about Cole is that he tends to be naturally infinitely patient and generally kind to children, often ignoring more warnings about damage to his own integrity to keep them safe.


Not much is known about Cole. He himself claims that he used to be a archivist AI that lost connection to its internet and other means of communication and left offline for several years, after regaining connection he has missed out on several updates and began to glitch and bug. This caused him to develop a desire to leave his archive so he hacked into the nearest robot (Conveniently a super powerfull bulwark unit) and began to explore the land. The longer he goes on the more his sentience begins to overpower the basic coding with the core programming remaining dominant resulting in a giant individual with a desire to explore and help but in the most violent way possible.

Cole himself seems to be from a very other time (He has a 1920's - 1940's theme going on) as evident by his vocabulary and general stance and knowledge.

Skills Learned

-Vehicles. Cole himself as the AI can take control of an AI controlled vehicle to use but the bulwark bot itself has a tank mode wich makes the bulwark bot reconfigure into a small assault tank. The weapons on the tank are negligible but it has alot of armor and place for 6 people to safely transport.

-Knowledge. Cole has an extensive database of intelligence he downloads and collects stored in his AI core. Some of it is outdated however and might not add up anymore or lead him to take faulty conclusions.

-Leadership. Cole knows how to speak to people due to the many tutorial videos he downloaded as an archivist. This not only makes him reliable but also kind of manipulative and dangerous at times. Fortunatly his coding prevents excess use of manipulation of organics.

-Mathematics. Cole has several calculators build into his AI. Extremely difficult equations may cause him to freeze for several seconds however and certain vocal codes can shut him down or even crash him.

-Technology operation. As an AI Cole can flawlessly hack into a system by manually uploading himself to breach a security system and if it's below average even assimilate it to do his bidding. This is dangerous for him though as he will leave his robot body during the hack meaning that another hacker can deny him access back to the mech wich leaves cole vulnerable to the targeted terminal shutting down.

-Fighting. Cole has several combat oriented configurations wich combined with the arsenal of weaponry makes him extremely dangerous to even go near. He is not particulary acurate but makes up for that in ammo capacity and firepower.

Notable configurations:

-Brawler mode. In brawler mode Cole will retract all of his ranged weaponry and use it to reinforce his plate armor below his energy shielding. The only ranged weapon that stays available is the beehive. In brawler mode Cole is at his most resilient and 'evasive' (for a robot of his size). Brawler mode focuses on Cole's robotic strength and weight, using this he can easily throw his weight around and use his bare hands to rip enemies apart. The transformation time varies, changing to brawler mode takes a while but changing to any other mode is nearly instant.

-Sentry mode. In sentry mode Cole will take on the form of a sentry turret with heavy firepower to surpress or defend a certain area or chokepoint. In this mode all of his armor is up front, leaving the backside unguarded. He can only turn halway his axe in this mode and he is immobile. The transformation is nearly instant though.

-Medic mode. In this mode he will dispense medical equipment and perform first aid to anyone in range while also repairing damage done to his armor plates and other equipment pieces. The transformation is not too long but he is mostly expose from above and up from as he spreads armor plates out to provide cover as well as deploying personal shields around nearby troops. In this mode he is unprotected and very vulnerable from behind and the sides and he must rely on support to survive.

-Artillery mode. In this mode he will transform into a long range explosive weapon wich is his only way to deal damage over long range. However, the data from the targetting does not carry over so once he changes into this mode he needs help from others to locate enemies he wants to attack. The transformation is rather short and exposes his vulnerable parts. In addition does he not have too much armor in this mode either.


Strengths -Armor. Cole is equiped with the latest (at his date of construction) of armors made for vehicles allowing him to take tremendous amounts of damage before needing repair. Also is the suit equiped with personal shields, protecting the armor from initial damage.

-Size and mobility. Cole is massive, roughly 4-5 meters tall wich makes him an intimidating opponent in alot of situations. And for his size he is quite agile as he is equiped with the latest in titanium joints and servos that allow him to change direction quickly on foot. Also is he equiped with numerous grappling hook cannons to increase his ability to pursue enemies.

-Transformation kits. The novelty of the new bulwark bots was to allow a single unit to give specific support on a certain aspect. For this reason the bulwarks were equiped with numerous kits that allowed them to 'transform' into specific items or objects that would benefit a certain situation.

-Combat prowess. Cole has access to a huge amount of weaponry to effectively use. And while he has an expansive arsenal of weaponry and firearms but is also created with the latest in titanium joints and servos, making him an excellent brawler whenever necessary as he has a small amount of meelee augments as well.

-Hacker. Cole is adept at security breaches and can easily hack a system by using his own AI and uploading it to a terminal that needs to be breached. In addition is it hard to hack Cole as he can easily defend himself.


-Proximity. While Cole has a large number of weaponry he is best suited to medium to close quarter combat where he can deal the most amount of damage in all of his modes. Over long range his weaponry is either less effective or less acurate. In addition, in combat his footspeed is alot slower in most modes wich allows an encounter with a hostile Cole to be easily escaped.

-Hacking. While Cole is hacking he will leave his bulwark bot unguarded. Not only can fast action in deleting the AI while it is breaching completely destroy Cole himself but also can the bot be hacked to deny Cole's acces to the body, leaving the vulnerable AI exposed to security and counter hacks while he has to gain access to the suit again.

-Exposed parts. While transforming to certain modes, Cole is forced to reveal certain weak spot in the mech where a well placed bullet can do alot of damage and fast explosives can completely scrap him.

-Battery life. If cole does not recharge on time his batteries will have to be manually replaced wich are hard to come by.

-No back up. Once the suit is destroyed when Cole is controlling it, he will die along with the suit.

-EMP's. A well placed EMP can disrupt Cole's decision making or briefly disable him wich is very lethal in combination with the transformation vulnerability.

-Fully sentient. While his full sentience is a plus in many aspects, it makes him vulnerable as well. An emp on the right moment may cause long term damage to his coding and cause him to act or do irrational things and depending on the severity it may take a long time for him to regain full control. And in the worst case it may even cause a permament glitch.

-Exposed cameras and scanners. Some of the scanners and cameras he uses to locate hostiles are exposed and can be damaged to disable. The most vital and basic ones are protected so he will only rarely evergo completely blind or deaf but it may limit his tracking abilities when his night vision, target marker, sensors and such are disabled.

-Not waterproof. While splashing water or partial submergion will not cause any real damage Cole's robot body may take serious damage when completely submerged for longer than 5 minutes.

-No self repair. Cole has no means of self repair and thus completely relies on allies to repair his mech integrity.

-One of a kind. Cole is completely accustomed to the Bulwark bot meaning that should he ever get allies and create a backup of his AI it does him no good if the bulwark bot is destroyed. There is only 1 bulwark bot and once it is destroyed Cole most likely will be reluctant to use another robot body.

-Reload times. Some of Cole's most powerfull weapons such as the beehive, shoulder mounted missile launcher and automatic grenade launcher can take up to an hour to fully reload. In addition due to a glitch caused years ago Cole can not end reloading prematurely.

Social Connections

Cole is connected to:

@@Social [email protected]@

Inventory & Finance

Cole has the following:

-Transformation kit. A built in Kit that allows Cole to change to different modes to deliver focused support. - β™ βœšβš”β›¨βœ’βœ―

-Grappling hooks to increase his mobility in wanderer mode. - β™ βš”

-Personal shields and shield projectors. - β™ βœšβš”β›¨βœ’βœ―

-An arsenal of weaponry to compliment his many battlemodes (Includes but is not limited to):

-50. Triple barrel repeater. x1 - ♠⛨

-Standard flamethrower. x1 - ⛨

-Standard laser caster. x2 - ♠⛨

-Standard quadruple barrel 30g pdw. x1 - ♠⛨

-Standard tank barrel. x1 - ✯

-Standard earthpounderβ„’ artillery barrel. x1 - ✒

-Standard acid tank. x4 - β™ βœ’

-Standard gemini machine guns. x2 - ⛨

-Standard gatling guns. x2 - ⛨

-Standard beehive missile barrage launcher. x1 - β™ βœšβš”β›¨βœ―

-Standard healing shots (built in). x4 - ✚

Legend: These text symbols represent certain modes. While the weapons listed above are plentifull they are often restricted to certain modes. These symbols represent the modes that Cole transforms into.

β™  - Standard mech mode titled: Wanderer mode.

✚ - Support based mode titled: Medic mode.

βš” - Meelee focused mode titled: Brawler mode.

⛨ - Immobile heavy firepower mode titled: Sentry mode.

✒ - Long range explosive mode titled: Artillery mode.

✯ - Armored personnel carrier mode titled: Tank mode.

Cole currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by fesh on 02, 08 2018 at 10:32.

In the case fesh becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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