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Coltan De Zall

Coltan De Zall is a Co-GMPC born in YE 10 and is played by CadetNewb.

Coltan De Zall
Species: Nepleslian Mutant
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 164 lbs
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Frame Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: OIF Atuan III

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'1”
  • Weight: 164 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Coltan has a strong, sturdy build resulting from a hard life working in the more seedier corners of the sector. His skin color is slightly darkened, similar to that of a good tan.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has a case of heterochromia, with his left eye being yellow, and right eye being brown. Facially, it is difficult to tell what ethnicity he is - in all probability, he is a 'mutt', as he commonly refers to himself if asked.

Ears: Though Coltan's right ear is normal, his left ear is missing, being overtaken by his skin condition.

Hair Color and Style: Coltan's hair is black, but is peppered with silver-white hairs. He doesn't bother styling it and keeps it shaved, taking into consideration that the scaled portion of his head has none - to compensate for this however, he usually wears a hat of some sort.

Distinguishing Features: The very most distinguishing feature that Coltan has, is the deformities caused by his mutation. His entire left arm, all the way to portions of the side of his face and upper rib cage, is covered in dark gray, chitinous plates. The fingers on his afflicted arm are four in number, counting his thumb. Each one of them ends in a stiff, chitinous claw. Meanwhile, the left side of his face no longer has a cheek. Instead, it is composed of a pair of toothed mandibles which close together with his lower jaw, forming a seal when eating. These teeth are pointed and very sharp.

Fortunately for Coltan, these features go through a shedding cycle every 3 months, taking roughly one week to fully return.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Bold, Brave, Daring and Aggressive are some words that Coltan wears well, despite being a Tanker. Often happy and upbeat, he lives life to it's fullest, and doesn't tend to shy away from things either. On the other hand, he tends to be quite blunt.



Miria La Zall (Deceased) Jackson Yeager (Deceased)


Born into the underbelly of Funky City out of wedlock, Coltan's early life was not only hard, but up to speculation considering the harsh conditions he had to endure. Both of his parents were presumably killed early on in his life, when he was around 4 to 5 years old, leaving him to fend for himself. Due to the seedy nature of Funky City, he openly admits to have supported himself through various less-than-legal means. This continued for quite some time, with Coltan using what money he could spare to enjoy himself - buying alcohol, smokes and playing at VR Arcades. Humorously, this was where his skill with large vehicles became noticed, and was asked by a recruiter of a mercenary group to try out for a position as tank crew member.

Though he started out as only a loader, excelled in this role, fighting through numerous small conflicts officially unrecognized by the large governments. Throughout this course, his tank was shot out from under him several times, killing other crew members, but not Coltan himself. This allowed him to change positions over time, and become promoted in his mercenary group to Tank Commander. Eventually, his activities came to a stop when the Second Mishhuvurthyar War came into full swing, and climaxed - Coltan's own group was employed to assist the UOC, which later collapsed. Not only was the military action a long, drawn out process of attrition that ultimately ended in disaster, but it also left him unemployed.

Fortunately for him, HIGA Industries was looking for some employees, and the 'cushy' job suited him fine. Unfortunately for Coltan, this too came to a disastrous end when the company that hired him crossed Origin Industries.

After that, he applied for a job at Dawn Station.



As a direct result of the jobs he held, Coltan is formidable when it comes to hand to hand combat. Though he is overall not the most skilled, he is particularly good at landing clean punches on the head, particularly the face. When it comes to guns, Coltan finds himself most comfortable with long guns, usually ranging from automatic carbines to designated marksman rifles. In power armor, he's only a reasonable combatant, having spent most of his time in larger vehicles such as tanks and frames.


Out of a combination of practicality and necessity, Coltan has kept himself in excellent physical condition. Not only has his job needed him to be strong enough to leap over walls, carry the wounded or fight, he has always lived in fear that his condition may change for the worst at any moment. In order to prepare for that, he has kept himself in the best shape possible so that any decline wouldn't leave him in a place excessively worse.


He is familiar with standard communications systems, as well as more advanced and secure methods of contact. He specializes in encrypting and decrypting messages, as well as intercepting them. These skills are rusty however, due to lack of use. What isn't rusty however, is improvising repairs or other communication techniques on the field. Primarily with duct tape.


Though most skilled and familiar with tanks first, Coltan has become quite knowledgeable about frames as well. In particular, working with older, inferior models and getting them to be effective in the field. He's well capable of driving other vehicles such as APCs, but is not as familiar with them and their unique traits. With motorcycles, he is horrendously bad at - it seems accidents are always waiting to happen when it comes to them.

Technology Operation

Coltan knows how to work with not only Nepleslian and Yamataian computer systems, but Origin ones as well. This has been a must for him over the years, but despite that, isn't familiar with any advanced techniques such as hacking.

Survival and Military

As part of not only his training, but a direct result of his experiences in the field, Coltan is a very good outdoorsman. Not only can he easily forage for food, find shelter and navigate through the wilderness, he is also very adept within urban areas as well. His ability to quickly scavenge the necessities is very good. Meanwhile, Coltan's ability to find, make or use camouflage falls into the same aptitude.

Maintenance and Repair

Coltan is well capable of repairing any military hardware he is working with, particularly larger machines and vehicles. Provided he has all the replacement parts needed - though simple 'quick fixes' can be done, he can't improvise more complex ones, and must rely on others that are more skilled in the area.


This section is devoted to any out of character information!


  • For now, I will omit his inventory - it's not the most important of items after all.
  • I believe the classic phrase goes as this; “There are Bold Tankers, and then there are Old Tankers, but never Old Bold Tankers.”
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM: NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year: NO
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