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Cormac O'Cullen

Cormac O'Cullen is a player character played by Cormac O`cullen.

Cormac O'Cullen
Species: Human(Border world)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5“11 feet 1.8 Meters
Weight: 12 Stone 76 KG
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Gun for hire, smuggler and general “Free trader”
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. N/A, Independant

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5”11 feet 1.8 Meters
  • Mass: 12 Stone 76 KG
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Cormac is of a lean build, his body has very little fat on it. He is hardly what one could call a muscular man, but he is certainly not unfit either.

He has the pale skin of one who lives just a little be too far away from the sun, yet it is hardened by the elements.

He holds himself in a manner that implies at least some form of military training yet he appears to almost constantly be ill at ease, having difficulty standing completely still and often fidgeting

He is generally seen where cheap surplus green combat fatigues with any sort of faction identification long torn from them, often when he is on business his face is obscured with an outdated gas mask that has clearly seen some use.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes are narrow with slightly hooded eyelids, they are a dark green colour and tend to dart around the room as though he is half expecting something to jump from the wall.

He has high cheekbones and a thin face, his cheeks are a little sunken and his lips are usually either curled into a half smirk or turned down in a look of distinct disapproval.

He has a deep scar arcing across the upper left part of his head, apparently made by a bullet that was lodged in his skull.

Ears: he has ordinary human ears, they are of an average size and do not appear out of the ordinary in any significant kind of way.

Hair Color and Style: He has dirty blonde hair that is beginning to thin slightly, it is closely cropped and his hairline is beginning to form something akin to a widows peak.

He seems to have what can be described as “near permanent facial hair” it is clearly cut with a razor from time to time but not in a particular neat manner, it adds somewhat of a shaggy appearance to the man

Distinguishing Features: There is the previously mentioned scar across his head.

He has a tattoo on his right shoulder, it has the backdrop of a rising sun, occupied by skull dripped in red blood with a rifle lying underneath it, the number VI is imprinted underneath it in a unfurled piece of parchment. There appears to be scarring around it implying a half hearted attempt to remove it with a knife.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cormac is what could quite easily be called the product of a universe that has a seemingly endless appetite for blood and destruction, the product of a life where violence is simply the easiest way to get what you want. A victim of war. Of course he could also be called a psychopath who doesn't give a damn who he hurts so long as he gets his pay-check and it's even vaugly justifiable by his own warped morale code. Perhaps it is all simply perspective?

Whatever the truth of the matter Cormac is the same as any even partially self aware being in this galaxy, he is complex, he is not made of black or white he is grey. Everything he does is almost as clear as mud, especially to himself.

He strides the line between a revolutionary idealist and a cold hard cynic, his past and present selves sit uneasily besides each-other as Cormac tries to juggle who he was, who he wanted to be with what he has had to become to survive.

Cormac is a man of contradictions, he is prone to bouts of severe paranoia when left to his own devices, yet incapacitates himself through alcohol and other more… interesting subjects to cope with such episodes. His career path generally involves someone or something being rather mutilated yet he takes a curious amount of care not to harm animals. He proclaims that he doesn't need anybody else and yet when he is planetside he deliberately seeks out company in the local bars.

Cormac is not a stupid man, quite on the contrary, he was educated, intelligent, he understands politics, philosophy, but he is certainly no scholar, in fact it was his intelligence that led him down the path he is on. Rather than relying upon simple brute strength he uses tactics and trickery to achieve his aims, and at times a very large very well timed explosion.

Cormac long ago accepted that his life would likely be a short one and as such he is very prone to excess, whether that is to simply drown the truth of the universe or because he genuinely enjoys it.. Well, not even he is certain he knows the answer to that one.

At his base, Cormac is a contradiction. He is a soldier who cannot abide authority, a man for whom money has become everything and yet it is never enough, he at once fears others getting close and yet craves their companionship, he tries to drown memories of his past in a fit of spending and violence and narcotics and yet… He is not sure that is because he does not wish to remember how he enjoyed his past or not..

  • Likes: Archaic weapons, small spacecraft, HIS freedom, credits, alcohol and most narcotics
  • Dislikes: big government, large corperations, the “authorities” (police, etc.), People who hurt animals, Carrots and “That damned whine the computer keeps making when I'm taking off” (machines not doing what they're told)
  • Goals: For the moment, to live day to day and survive whatever challenges are thrown at him.


Family (or Creators)

Mother: June O'Cullen and his Father: Brian O'cullen

only child


1) “Vice? It works the same way as everywhere else in the galaxy my boy, the powerful are so afraid of becoming powerless that they stomp upon the rest of the galaxy like they were cockroaches. The only difference is that in other places it is hidden behind a veneer of democracy, or civilisation. But you know what? I'd take Vice every time, Vice is the true face of the universe, shown with all its blemishes, it's dirty, it's brutal and it's unfair. But at least it's the truth of things.”

These words that Cormac's father spoke to him on his 15th birthday defined so much of his early life. He was like many born to the chaotic world of Vice. By the standards of many Cormac would have been considered to have come from a well off family, they had the money to afford the extortionate rents that the ever-changing landlords demanded from them and a little left-over to afford to eat. For his early years he was relatively sheltered, well as sheltered as one can be when they are born in vice.

He was even able to be sent to an academy, partially on scholarship and partially due to a contribution from his father. It was hardly prestigious, hardly glamorous but it was an education, he learned about politics, about philosophy history and the more he learned the more he saw the face of the universe, the 'truth' as his father had once called it… And the more he wanted to see it change.

as time went on Cormac found himself attending local political meetings, lead by the charismatic and in Cormac's mind, beautiful, left wing radical Holly Mason. He became absorbed by her speeches, filled with a fire and drive and a passion that made Cormac's blood run hot. On the 17th of may YE 29 an 18 year old Cormac's life completely changed, he found himself alone with her alone with the woman he had admired from afar for almost a year now… That night changed his life forever.

When he had first seen her speak they had become infatuated by her. Infatuated had turned to unfettered desire and after their meeting…. The 17th of may, the date forever burned into Cormac's heart as the night their affair had began, desire had become love, the kind of love so strong and debilitating and fast that it almost exquisite agony, the sort of love that only the young, unafraid of the pain that loss brings. Cormac fell completely under her spell… Within a few months his love, his blind wish to be with her allowed Holly to draw him deeper into her organisation, she was the final thing that pushed Cormac into true radicalism and he joined the militant wing of Holly's organisation, the “New Dawn”.

They were the vanguard of the movement, they were supposed to show people that the fight was possible and pave the way for what would undoubtedly be a glorious peoples uprising. Holly and Cormac's affair continued as he became the sixth member of the vanguard. They trained him in weapon use, military tactics and he became the expert in explosives. Over the next few years he honed his skills in the fire of battle, in what he and his comrades saw as glorious attacks on the government and the rest of Vice saw as a small gang of upstarts hiding their crime behind politics, in fact to the authorities they were just another gang, they barely registered upon the radar of Vice, so clouded by the background interference of chaos that the planet eternally suffered from.

That was the case until the 19th of November, YE 32. The New Dawn launched an attack that would put them on the radar as clearly as a fleet of carriers jumping into a system. They launched an assault upon the project of a powerful lord, he was unveiling a grand statue of himself in the centre of the city of Ja'gana, to celebrate his life achievements. The New Dawn planned to destroy it in a vast explosion that would send a message to the people. The damage was spectacular. Cormac's bombs did destroy the statue but also killed countless others “Unfortunate victims of the revolution” Holly had said on a subsequent broadcast, celebrating the victory. Overnight the New Dawn had become a problem, and the authorities were keen to wipe them out quickly.

They survived for 6 months, on the run, fighting for their lives, but slowly the net around them had began to close, Cormac's comrades began to die, the fights became more desperate until on the 6th of April, YE 33 the single event that shaped who Cormac has become today happened. the event that still haunts his dreams, his waking moments like a ghost that will never leave.

Cormac awoke to the cold steel of the barrel of Holly's 10 MM pistol pressed against his head, her hand shaking violently as Cormac's gaze followed up her pale toned arm, past her white tank top until they met here eyes, those intense blue eyes that he had always been so enchanted by. They were filled with tears that were slowly dripping down her cheeks, her red hair clinging to the sodden skin, her full lips twisted in an expression of indecision, of grief. His eyes watched hers, confusion written across his face.

A choking silence passed between them for almost a full minute, the only sound the howl of the wind and a small choked sob from holly before she finally managed to speak, her voice the very avatar of anguish, lacking her usual power “I-… I'm so sorry Cormac…. They're coming… I.. I had no choice… T-… They have my brother… T-… They promised amnesty.. for me… and transport off world.” Cormac remained silent for a moment, a look of utter betrayal slowly crossing his face as he slowly stood, Holly taking a few rapid steps backwards, the gun still pointed firmly at his head. “T-… They want you alive… B-… No… I won't let them do that…. Display you like James… M-… No… Not to you…“

He said quietly “Holly… They'll just kill you both…“ his tone even although the obvious pain crept into it before she silenced him with a shake of her head, tears falling freely now as she spoke again, her voice stronger now, more assured. “No… Cormac… Don't. Don't make this harder than it has to be.”

her hand continued to shake as Cormac looked at her, a tear forming in his eye as he took a deep breath and forced a bitter smile upon his lips “The true face of this world.” he said quietly as he walked towards her, keeping his hands clear of his own weapon as he looked into her eyes. A hand reached up to gently caress her cheek as he continued in a soft tone “They crush us all in the end Holly… At least I am with you before the boot falls.” With that said looked into her eyes for a moment longer before he brushed a strand of wet hair from her face and tenderly pressed his lips to hers in a long, lingering, tear stained kiss as he shared that final moment with her, that final connection. It was a tender kiss, a kiss that said I love you and I forgive you. It was his farewell. He slowly allowed their lips to part and he allowed a tiny sad half smile to cross his lips before he closed his eyes, keeping the image of her in his mind, intending it to be the last thing he would see.

Holly watched him and with tears still cascading down her face she said in a voice that was barely a whisper “Goodbye… My love…“ and her finger gently began to squeeze the trigger. A single gunshot echoed through the abandoned apartment, disturbing the night for a brief moment before all went silent again… Apart from the quiet sobs of an unknown woman…

Cormac would never know whether it was nerves, dumb luck, or the fact that Holly could not bring herself to go through it… But her shot did not kill him, the bullet scraped along his skull at an angle before becoming lodged in the bone, leaving a deep scar and a lot of blood, but not killing him… He awoke cold and alone, covered in his own dry blood upon a trolley in a morgue. He had been saved by the inefficiency of much of Vice's police, who apparently had not taken the time to confirm the kill or perhaps Holly had convinced them not to… Cormac did not know.

He made his way out of the unguarded morgue and found his way to a back-ally doctor, who removed the bullet from his skull and then he made his way into the universe…Leaving Vice behind Pained by his injuries both mental and physical…

Since then he has drowned the pain in a sea of narcotics and blood… It seems that Cormac has proven his fathers words to be true… He's now just another boot to be used by the powerful… Perhaps he always was?



Cormac, speaks Nepolesian and nothing else, although he can sometimes recognise very basic words of Aberwach due to some chance encounters. His reading ability is above average and he can absorb a book in a night if he finds the topic interesting enough and his writing is acceptable, if perhaps more than a little bit messy.

He also understands the use of radio's in combat, mostly with slightly outdated sets but so long as it is not too advanced then he might be able to work with it.


A wise man once said “Any idiot can blow something up if you give them enough fire-power, the trick is blowing it up without levelling everything else within a two mile radius”. This is a philosophy that Cormac adheres to. After his time spent fighting on his homeworld he quickly had shown aptitude with explosives.

He quickly began to understand how to create an improvised explosive device, he knew how to wire explosives that didn't require computers and over time he probably had the skills to take a small building out with little more than house-hold objects. Cormac prided himself on being able to cause large amounts of destruction with the minimal amount of resources, which often ended with him experimenting with the more… unconventional tactics, such as the use of gas bombs to paralyse or kill.

Survival and Military

Cormac never had what could be described as “basic training” that most soldiers go through, a lot of what he learned was learned on the job so to speak, sure, they taught him to shoot a gun mostly straight, how to walk without making much of a sound, what sort of camouflage was best where. It was all just theory. What Cormac learned he learned on the job.

His training and abilities were tailored almost exclusively to guerilla war, much of it confined to the urban jungle. He learned to take time with his shots, conserve ammo and down your opponent when he wasn't looking. He learned how to move silently, to use the environment to disorientate and confuse your enemy, to use the advantage of your environment whatever it may be to give you the advantage. He gained experience at fighting in close quarters down narrow winding corridors… And saw the damage a well placed grenade could do in such areas.

He however never learned how to fight as heavy infantry, always preferring to be the one striking quietly from the shadow. After all, you were harder to hit if they didn't see you till after you put a bullet through them.

In short, Cormac learned that even if a man was outnumbered and out-gunned, he could still take down an enemy twice his size. So long as he made his punches count.


Of course, Cormac also learned the basic fighting skills that one often needs to survive in this universe. He learned to shoot straight, for the most part. He was never a spectacular marksman but he knew how to conserve his ammo and make shots count, even if he sometimes had to fire three more than he wanted to.

The drive to save resources forced Cormac to become… Well, resourceful. He learned quickly that a knife and a fist could be just as effective as a gun if used in the right hands. Cormac learned to use his speed against stronger opponents, his wits against dumber opponents and when he was really outclassed? He just learned to plain cheat. While he would never win a slugging match, if he's allowed to think he can be a dangerous adversary.

He learned to strike only when he believed he had the upper hand, often using a pistol in combination with his knife. Go for the quick kill… Don't play around.


Knowledge, this was one thing that Cormac had thirsted for once, he still does but his appetite has been dulled by blood and whisky. Cormac has an agile mind and a good memory for history, he once delighted in hunting down and devouring hidden titbits of knowledge, but time changed him as it does everyone. Now, he still remembers parts of his studies and from time to time manages to acquire a useful book to read. This gives him some theoretic knowledge on a wide range of subjects, not enough to be a jack of all trades but enough to make some kind of guess as to what it SHOULD be doing, or what happened there once.

Cormac still loves the written word, he spends some time lost within a book… If only to escape his life for a time.

Starship Operations

Cormac is not a man who spent his childhood aboard warships, in fact it was not until he left his homeworld that he began to understand more about how a starship is run. He has very little understanding of how things on larger ships are run, beyond knowing that they have lots of nice nooks and crannies to hide in when you want to be left alone.

Cormac did however spend some time with smaller vessels so has a VERY basic knowledge of how they fly and in a pinch could fly one and maybe even (crash) land it safely, but he is certainly no flying ace and would likely get torn apart in a dog-fight. A situation not helped by Cormac's general distrust of machinery, which means that he only has his own limited skills to rely upon.


One thing that Cormac is rather good at is running, running very very fast and quietly, whether it be away from or towards the enemy is somewhat irrelevant. Due to the time he spent fighting in populated areas he became adept at ducking and weaving around obstacles and not too shabby at clambering over them, he even learned how to fall without breaking an ankle. Of course, he was certainly no free-runner.


Mission clothing

  • Worn Military fatigues, all emblems removed
  • Gas mask, doubles as re-breather for periods of up to 5 hours, covers entire face although head is left exposed.
  • Hooded dark green Cloak, worn but still in one piece, mostly.
  • Cheap combat vest, knock off of more popular models, probably enough to stop a low powered bullet or laser rifle but very thin and mostly designed to give an “illusion” of protection to the user.

Casual clothing

  • Shirt
  • Loose fitting all purpose outdoors trousers

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 5 pairs of underwear
  • Vest


  • very battered Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol and some ammo
  • GP-1
  • One Combat knife
  • One Boot knife

Personal Hygiene

  • Toothbrush and associated articles
  • Soap?


  • Electronic Money Card
  • Cheap communications device


  • Cigarettes
  • One half empty bottle of cheap whisky
  • A worn picture of a red haired woman, faded, dog eared and tear stained, hidden in a small pouch.


  • very battered Deix T3 Personal Shuttle with most of its systems on the brink of breaking, unlikely it will last more than another few months


Cormac O'Cullen is currently a in the Independant .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
22 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

This is of course open to debate, I deliberately left the planets name blank as I am imagining it being a world so inconsequential that it doesn't even have a name on most star charts, hence the insurrection not being dealt with, I was honestly thinking it could be a small independent world, the pistol as well has a story, that for now i'd rather keep to myself but if wanted I'll mention it I have decided to give Cormac limited starting funds because i feel it fits his history better and I have started with a lot of goods although I have mostly been guestimating so if anybody feels it unfair and wants certain items removing, do tell me

Anyway, comments and criticism are welcome!

I personally prefer to expand upon my characters history as I write so I hope it's okay if this is relatively bare bones for now, I have a very good idea for his past but i'd rather that was explored more in RP

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