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Corsalyn Auroris

Corsalyn Auroris is a player character played by Nikki.

Corsalyn Auroris
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan (Pythus) Female
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Planetary Infantry
Rank: SantΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'1β€œ
  • Tail Length: 13'4”
  • Overall Length: 19'5β€œ
  • Weight: 367 Lbs / 166 kg
  • B/W/H: 36/28/38
  • Bra Size: 38C
  • Hair Color: Golden Blonde
  • Eye Color: Yellow

Cor is a 23-year-old Separa'Shan. She is of the Pythus bloodlines making her much larger than her Venis counterparts. In her case, she is longer than many other Pythus she has met. Along with her length, she is also much heavier than many others, leading to a thicker tail packed with dense muscle.

Her upper build is feminine in nature, while still having an overall athletic tone to it. When in uniform it's easy to see how curvy she really is. While on duty she is known to wrap her breasts to hold them tighter to her body, making it easier for her to move, and giving her a flatter frame.

Her skin tone is only slightly tanned, suggesting she has spent some time in the sun, though not to the point of getting dark. She does boast many blue tattoos that reflect her ties to her clan and family. Most of her lower arms are tattoed in blue ending in a sequence of Blue diamonds on her hands and wrists. Additionally, she has a blue stripe down over her left eye. She intends to have more of her body done as the years go on.

Cors scales are blonde gold colored with a slight brown speckling along her entire length, giving her a sand-like appearance. The scales along her underside are a similar blond gold color with an occasional brown scale. (7 in total)


Corsalyn is a strong woman. Not just in strength but in her resolve. She will not be deterred from her goals once set upon them, showing a fierce commitment to see a job through. Naturally, this has only aided her military career. She incredibly loyal, even to those she dislikes and will protect anyone who needs her help. This was a lesson that she learned from her father, and one she will carry with her forever.

When on duty she is rather serious and composed. She keeps focused on the task at hand and performs without failure to the best of her abilities. She is a soldier through and through, taking orders without hesitation, and rarely questions her CO. She is often considered to be fearless, though in truth she simply hides her fear in favor of aggression and determination.

When off Duty she is warm and affectionate. Corsalyn can be found reveling to her hearts delight. She can often be found either sharing a drink with friends and squadmates, relaxing and pampering her body, or tucked away in a warm bed (Not always alone). She has been known to have a few drinks and get a little rowdy. She has even been in the center of a few brawls, though she insists they were not her fault.


Pre RP Corsalyn was one of 12 born in her clutch. Like all her siblings she was unremarkable for the early years of her life. Most of that time was spent close to her mother, eating and growing.

After her Ascension, things were very different. It was apparent from the start that Corsalyn was larger than her siblings. in some cases she was several feet longer and quite a considerable amount heavier. It wasn't clear why she was so much bigger as many of her family had been considering they had been on the smaller side of the Pythus bloodlines.

Corsalyn would go on to enlist with the Yamatai military on her 20th birthday in the year 38. By this point, Essia had become an active member of the Empire, and Separa'Shan citizens had not only begun to explore the galaxy around them but also enlist with the armed forces. Her mother had insisted that she enlist as it was believed it would help Corsalyn to get more experience with the other races and cultures, a skill that would benefit later in the trade business.

Upon her enlisting with the military, there were very few options for armor for her species. Most of her early training was done using torso protection and nothing else to cover her lower half, using modified tail bags with steel plates in the pouches as protection. despite the lack of protection she would go on to excel fearlessly within the armed forces. Her skills as a soldier matched only by her drive to succeed.

A few years later, a modified version of the Mindy would see production. Corsalyn would go on to be one of the first Separa'Shan to don the modified armor. She would also go on to help test additional variants of the armor, in controlled environments, that allowed for specialized tasks. Her own preference was for the variant that allowed for additional armor that had the potential to deploy an armored wall for her allies.

With her armor, she would go on to actively serve with the Planetary Infantry. Even going on to forget the reason she enlisted, hoping instead to remain on with the military as a pose to being a simple trader.

Skills Learned


Like many Separa'Shan, Corsalyn is well versed in the language of her people. She is also skilled in many of the additional dialects that exist between families and clans. Aside from that, she is fluent in both Trade Language and Yamataigo. Her Mother had insisted she learn these outside languages of the Empire so that one day she could take over her trading business.


Corsalyn took to combat training very well. She seemed naturally gifted at it, and after discovering that she grew up with 11 rough and tumble siblings, it made sense that she would be well versed in throwing down. She is also very skilled in Hesskara, a Separa'Shan martial art. Her own variation is focused on fast takedowns that utilize her entire body to incapacitate and immobilize her opponent.

Power Armor

Since her induction into the infantry, Corsalyn has been trained extensively on the use of the Ke-M2-4S Power Armor. Despite being a member of the planetary Infantry, this was the only Separa'Shan variant available at the time. She has even worked with the research and development division to field test several new specific variants to bring an additional edge to the battlefield.

Physical Conditioning

While not a skill in its own rights, it should be noted that Corsalyn has invested a great deal of time and effort into her body. She is incredibly strong and endurant, able to carry great weights for extended periods of time. She has trained in extreme conditions to condition her body to handle some of the most hostile environments that the Empire could deploy her to.

Weapons Training

Like all Infantry, Corsalyn has received weapons training in all forms of standardized Yamatai weaponry. She has even received additional training on weapons not commonly available, due to her work in testing new variations of Power Armor. While she is no sniper, she is considered a fine marksman with both small arms and rifles.


Having a mother who was a merchant taught Corsalyn a few important things. The first is that everything has a price, and that price can be found through simple, and sometimes aggressive negotiations. Secondly, she learned that there is most definitely a way to talk to everyone in the galaxy, one just needs to figure it out. That being said, she is a charming and often shrewd individual with a quick tongue. When off duty it's not uncommon to find her sweet talking her way into or out of trouble.

Inventory & Finance

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