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Yume'na Cras'kirane

Yume'na Cras'kirane is the bonded My'leke partner of Yume'na Vas'sumera. Together the couple serve as the elected Xui'kron and Xui'xoo (King and Queen) of the Kingdom of Neshaten and provide leadership for the Shukara Royal Family.

Cras is a NPC/PC created by both Khasidel and Kyle in September 2015. He is normally roleplayed by Khasidel.

Yume'na Cras'kirane
Character Profile
Name: Yume'na Cras'kirane
Nickname: Cras
Title: Xui'kron
Species: My'leke
Age: 29 (Born: ER 748 / BYE 23)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Nesha Prime
Family Profile
Partner: Yume'na Vas'sumera, Age 26
Mother: Yume'na Kari'el, Age 59
Father: Yume'na Rael'kiron, Age 60
Mother-in-law: Yume'na Hik're, Age 45
Father-in-law: Yume'na Vic'nro, Age 43
Sister: Yume'na Aura'yu, Age 36
Brother-in-law: Yume'na Au’iyre, Age 15
Adopted Daughter: Yume'na Pe'trena, Age 5
Adopted Son: Yume'na Xui'nera, Age 4
Occupation Profile
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: King
Physical Profile
Shoulder Height: 4' 1β€œ (124 cm)
Body Length: 6' 2” (187 cm)
Tail Length: 5' 3β€œ (159 cm)
Mass: 311 lb. (141 kg)
Build: Possesses a large and powerful build with fairly developed musculature due to regular exercise and activity.
Fur Color: The majority of his fur along his face, his limbs and torso is a pale cream color. Around his neck and across his back the fur shifts to become thicker and golden.
Ears: His ears are long, pointed and also covered in fur; cream-colored for around a third of their length at the base, quickly changing to gold for the rest of their length up to the tips.
Tail Color: The majority of his tail is covered in pale cream-colored fur, though along the top down half its length it is covered in thicker gold fur.
Facial Features, Eye Color: He possesses the sharp, angular features of an adult my'leke. He also has three amethyst-colored eyes with a deep, penetrating gaze.
Distinguishing Features: Lack of racial hecterochromia. Wears an earring in his left ear.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cras'kirane tends to be staid, honest and direct. He can also be courageous and passionate depending on circumstances. He will do what he believes is right – even if what he believes to be right is a difficult, unpleasant or painful choice.

He doesn't normally go looking for trouble or seek to cause conflict, but he isn't the kind to back down if trouble comes looking for him either.

As King, Cras' ultimately seeks to maintain and improve upon the Kingdom of Neshaten's current status to the best of his ability, and protect it from threats both internal and external no matter the cost to himself.

Throughout the course of his duties, Cras'kirane tries to be a fair monarch – he rewards good work and does his best to weed out the corrupt or underperforming members of government. He strongly dislikes nepotism – particularly amongst the executive government branch and amongst the officers of the military – individuals that are appointed to high positions due to family or political connections, rather than because of their skill or experience.

  • Likes: Country music, hiking, forests and nature walks, piloting flying craft, political discussion, games of chance, spicy food, exploration and discovering new things, reading.
  • Dislikes: Terrorists, racial prejudice, nepotism, unnecessary conflict, constant security supervision from his bodyguard, corrupt politicians and nobles.
  • Goals: To protect his kingdom, his people and better their lives to the best of his ability.



Cras was born under the name Me'naan Cras'kirane in the capital of Netoshen on the Neshaten homeworld of Nesha Prime in the year ER 748. He is a member of the My'leke species; a race of nocturnal pseudo-mammalian quadrupeds on an evolutionary track vaguely resembling that of larger terrestrial felinoids.

The Me'naan family was of the Noble social caste and had strong political inclinations; Cras was raised to be partisan toward increasing Neshaten military presence in space, increasing their territorial and colonial expansion and increasing the pace of interstellar exploration

In the year ER 765 Cras'kirane was aboard a transcontinental passenger flight to the Ne'ushae peninsula to resume higher education after a brief visit to the capital. Also aboard the flight was his future bonded partner and wife, Vas'sumera, who was travelling to the same destination with the intention of visiting her grandparents. The plane suffered a severe malfunction during the flight and made a crash-landing on the ocean. The majority of the planes occupants were killed during the initial impact or while trying to survive amongst the wreckage in the midst of an ongoing storm. Cras'kirane owes his life to Vas'sumera, who risked her own life and narrowly managed to save him from drowning after he sustained injuries in the crash. The pair account for two of only four survivors that were recovered from the wrecked fuselage a few hours later by an emergency response unit.

Though injured during the crash, Cras'kirane's recovery was relatively swift due to a combination of medical care and his own innate my'leke healing ability. Once he was returned to full health, Cras'kirane returned to school and completed his higher education courses before starting his political career upon graduation.

In Cras' early political career he followed in his parents footsteps and joined the Neshaten Xui'kra-atar Ta'ifei (Neshaten Monarch Loyalist Party) - one of the major political parties of the Kingdom of Neshaten. As could be easily inferred by their name, Cras' and the rest of the Monarch Loyalist Party believed in backing a strong executive branch and advisory council underneath the traditional authority of the elected ruling monarchs. While not β€œyes-men”, the Monarch Loyalists preferred to present differing views in private and show unwavering party support to the monarchy in public. Cras' was also a proponent of increased military spending – increasing the naval budget for the purposes of exploration and defence, and often found himself arguing alongside Vas'sumera in favour of such spending during the beginning of her own political career.

Cras served for two years in minor posts before winning an election for a position in the executive branch, where he served a three-year term as Minister of Defence – the civilian overseer of the Neshaten military. After resigning his position, Cras joined the Advisory Council and served as military advisor to the Se'ase royal family for a few years.

In ER 773, at the age of 25 and after serving a year in his post as military advisor to the monarchy, Cras'kirane invited his friend, once saviour and respected colleague Vas'sumera to undertake the Rite of Honour ceremony so that they might become bonded to one another. Vas'sumera accepted his request and after the rite, Vas'sumera proposed marriage to Cras'kirane - who also accepted. In the Qua'na'tra'na marriage ceremony that followed both family lines united together and merged into a new family - resulting in Cras' and Vas'sumera's surnames changing to Yume'na.

Two years later in ER 775, Queen Se'ase passed away due to natural causes. Cras'kirane and Vas'sumera were at the time the only existing successor-candidates according to traditional requirements for the posts of King and Queen; the coronation for the pair took place on the eve of ER 775, the new year marking the beginning of the Era of Exploration.

Cras'kirane's Skills


Years of political training under his parents coupled with Cras'kirane's past experience as minister of defence and as military advisor to the previous queen has given Cras' significant preparation, exposure to and experience for leadership roles, allowing him to lead others with confidence and charisma.

As king, Cras' has effectively been the highest authority in the Kingdom of Neshaten – excepting only his partner Queen Vas'sumera – since his ascension to the throne.


Cras'kirane – due in large part to his position as monarch – has access to extensive information regarding the current affairs of the Kingdom of Neshaten; headline news, business news, political events, and regional status changes are all things Cras' usually is up to date on.

As a politician and later as monarch, Cras'kirane required extensive knowledge of Neshaten law, military regulations and procedures to successfully perform his various roles.

As Cras' is also an avid reader, he is somewhat a student of history, religion, and the origins of the Neshaten and their language.


In his various roles, Cras'kirane has become experienced and skilled in the art of diplomacy – mediating conflicts between politicians, racial, groups, noble houses and political factions, as well as other organizations.

Dealing with the often corrupt and duplicitous members of government and Neshaten noble caste has given Cras'kirane considerable experience in detecting falsehoods and lies spoken by others throughout the course of his duties.


Cras'kirane is fond of the outdoors – one of his favourite methods of relaxation and stress relief is hiking through forests or the mountainous and scenic countryside.

Given the oftentimes physically strenuous nature of such activity, Cras' is in excellent physical shape.


Though he lacks the bipedal body structure required to perform traditional martial arts and use hand-held weaponry, Cras'kirane has been trained since childhood for self defence. Part of his training includes how to read body language, dodge melee attacks and retaliate in ways suited to the my'leke form with tooth, tail and claw.

Starship Operations

Cras'kirane has a fondness for flying and piloting. He has been trained to pilot shuttle-craft and also knows how to operate the helm of larger starships, though he is not particularly practiced in either area. In order to navigate starships, Cras'kirane has become familiar with astrometrics and stellar cartography.

Technology Operation

Cras' is technologically savvy enough to operate most computer, electronic hardware or tools of Neshaten design that don't require specialist knowledge.

Cras'kirane's Inventory

Personal Clothing

  • 1x blue jacket with white trim
  • 1x red-black formal armor with gold trim
  • 4x blue-red shin protectors
  • 1x brown waist belt
  • 1x platinum earring


Cras'kirane's Financial Records

Cras'kirane is Xui'kron (King) of the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Effectively, all his needs are met by the kingdom and he has little-to-no need for personal funds.

OOC Notes

Khasidel created this article on 2016/03/07 14:18.

OOC Notes

Khasidel created this article on 2015/09/07 02:30.

Artwork is commissioned work done by AquaZircon.

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