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Puppetmaster Crydix Zero Six 06-93810-1948

Puppetmaster Crydix Zero Six 06-93810-1948 is a player character played by Malefic.

Puppetmaster Crydix Zero Six 06-93810-1948
Species: Type 3 Freespacer
Gender: Male
Age: 11 (Physical Age: 24)
Height: 72 Inches, or 5'10“
Weight: 180lbs
Organization: Bounty Hunters
Occupation: Drone Operator
Rank: Rookie
Current Placement: Bounty Hunters

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunts
  2. Anything involved with exploration/expansion/discovery
  3. Anything involved with exploration/expansion/discovery

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 72 Inches, or 5'10”
  • Mass: 180lbs
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Thin and spindly build with only a small to moderate amount of muscle on his bones. Has a pale-ish skin tone.

Eyes and Facial Features: Left eye is sharp and jolly with a light green color. The right eye is cybernetic. It has three “pupils”, each of which provide a different variation of sight. One provides thermal, one provides night vision, and one is the usual optical. Each of the pupils can magnify objects he sees in the distance up to 20x. His jawbone is completely cybernetic as well, causing his voice to have a hint of “fuzziness” or mechanical. It is metallic and uncovered. His lips are still flesh, it is only his jawbone and chin that are mechanical. Crydix has an arrow-shaped face and a defiant chin with thin lips and a small scar on his forehead.

Ears: Average shape, type, size. No fur.

Hair Color and Style: Paper-white(dyed from an auburn color) with streaks of silver and blue, around neck length, untended, greasy, and uncared for.

Distinguishing Features: A Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator rests near his heart, helping him live on his own in strange environments. Not only that, but he has a cybernetic right shoulder and joints, originating from the time long ago that he broke said shoulder and then decided to take full advantage of the situation. His right eye is linked to the cybernetic joins in his right arm; it has a programming procedure that allows Dixie to target anything and then auto-correct his arm's position and strength to maximize accuracy. That is, he sees a target, his eye locks onto the target, his arm auto-adjusts in order to ensure maximum hit chance. It has a few additional functions past simply moving the arm such as storing small things.All the joints in his right arm are reinforced cybernetics that work in unison with his augmented right eye. For instance, he can see a target, lock on, and the cybernetics in his right arm will collaborate with one another in order to maximize accuracy through adjusting the angle and position of his arm and fingers. On the back-right side of his head, there is a neural port covered by his snowy-white hair.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: “Dixie” is the very embodiment of “curiosity killed the cat.” He gets himself into many unwanted situations simply because he is curious to know what will happen. “What happens if I simply take that vehicle? What makes that thing tick? I wonder if it will matter if I take it apart…” Though his curiosity can be… troublesome, he is a very cheery and optimistic fellow to be around. Crydix has found that a joke is appropriate in any situation. Under fire? Sure. Large possibility of sudden death? Why not? Might hurt someones feelings? That's ok, it might make them better too! Many view him as crazy, but that's because he kinda is. Crydix's goal in life is to explore the unexplored, walk the paths no one else has dared walk, and/or forge such paths. He also LOVES electronics and machinery, and because of this he has a bad habit to simply take newly found machines apart upon encountering them. His Freespacer culture has given him the view that everything that is his, is yours. and everything is is yours, is his as well, even if you don't share his opinion. If he sees something he wants, he may simply snatch it and use it as he wishes. In return, he lends his things out freely. Crydix hasn't had the chance to adjust to non-Freespacer culture. This is the cause for his moto “All's well that ends well…” The end result is what's important to him. Because of this he will sometimes take unorthodox actions in order to achieve his goal. As far as sexuality, he is straight. Many times he will make sly jokes behind a woman's back and snicker immaturely.

  • Likes: Anything electronic, manipulating and fiddling with electronics and machinery, freedom, exploration, curious people, symmetry, new inventions, symmetry, unpredictability and danger.
  • Dislikes: Irrational people, reminders, restrictions, people who don't think for themselves, insecurity, and closed-minded people.
  • Goals: To discover the unknown and tread the path no Freespacer has trodden before. Or any other, for that matter.


Family (or Creators)

Incubation tank and genebank.


His body came from a lump of genes slapped together in the incubation tank, growing and being programmed with knowledge until he was ready to take off on his own and observe the world for one year to discover what he wished to do. In the following year, he realized how mysterious and unknown the world was. In order to see the unknown world clearer, he visited a man who forged a cybernetic eye and replaced his right eye with it, linking it to his mindware device. Every Freespacer he encountered seem to all be pacifistic and un-militant. Because of this, he decided it would be interesting to join some kind of military and see how it works. He knew that the life of Bounty Hunters was one of grand exploration and hunting, so he decided to join.


Starship Operations

Can fly a lot of smaller ships, and is able to modify ships easily. Can multitask by controlling multiple positions needed on a spaceship at the same time. That is, he can be a gunner and a pilot at the same time, given he is connected into the ship's system's through a neural link. He also is knowledgeable in this field for the reason that since he makes and operates drones, he needs to know how to work them, because they work just like normal ships except with a few adjustments.


Crydix loves the ability to control devices through his mindware, he finds it far easier than actually manually operation equipment. That way, he can do things with his hands at the same time as doing other things. Through the experience of time and time again of multitasking using both his mindware as well as his hands he has become very proficient at multitasking efficiently and effectively. The ability to simply download archives of information into his memory banks, with almost no need to truly memorize many things. He has practiced, in private, accessing his memory banks quickly when in urgent situations in order to exercise his ability and speed of bringing up the information needed as well as analyzing it to a decent degree in a short amount of time. Other than specializing in mindware.


Being a Freespacer means that he is very familiar with communication and talking to one-another. He also very much enjoys communicating with his drones or chatting with AI. He is capable of setting up a makeshift antennae from scrap materials and then using it. Crydix is talented in the art of encryption (and decryption). This is because he encrypts all his drones' codes as well as the majority of the signals he sends out. Crydix is capable of hooking up networks for communication as well. Most of this was studied long ago during the one year he had to decide his profession. Communication, he knows, is one of the keys to obtaining knowledge and information. How can you get/give knowledge if you cannot communicate? Dixie has taken interest in a few different languages as well, but only to a basic degree.

Technology Operation

Part of where his obsession to electronics have taken him is the path of drone operation. The ability to fiddle and control machinery simply makes him ecstatic about his existence. Many times he can be found playing with his drones, flying them around and observing that which is around him, and sometimes even fighting each other. With his free time he will make drones. For his lunchtime he will eat lunch with his drones, while fixing/constructing them. For his work he makes even more drones. Every machine needs a “mind” in order to work, drones included. Code is the mind of machines, Dixie thinks, and he has learnt how to program drones to do his bidding, as well as some side work with neural signal transmissions and programs. In order to operate his drones through his mindware, he has practiced and taught himself how to write such a program for his drones and himself. This means he easily can make drones and similar things operate in unison with mindware as well as make simple to advanced AI (with time). Crydix also likes to hack. He has found that hacking is another method of finding the unknown. The ability to simply break into someone's system and steal information from it is priceless to him. He has had an interest in it ever since he exited the cloning chamber. He hadn't [i]truly[/i] hacked things in the ship that he was born on, because everyone else's technology was his as well, and so to solve this problem he specifically took random devices and attempted to hack them time after time. After a few hundred attempts, he was successful. After that, it only required a single hundred attempts. After that, seventy five. And so he managed to hone his hacking skill to a point where he is able to hack civilian level technology to a certain degree. Not quite a “master”, but clearly he has the potential to be one. He continues to strive in perfecting his abilities so that he is more and more capable of knowing the unknowable.


Through continually operating various drones, he began to need to know how they worked. Upon taking apart a drone (or 5), he managed to get the gist of how they work. Several prototypes followed when he wanted his own drone to do what he wanted. Several failed projects later, he finally managed to create a fully-operational drone of his own. Each time afterwards, he managed to successfully put together many other drones. Each time they were more and more advanced until he became very proficient at designing and constructing his “babies”. Time and time again he needed to fix and maintain the drones which he made when they were damaged. Knowing how they worked help him greatly, and he easily learnt to fix them once they broke. He is theoretically able to convert any spaceship (with an AI or autopilot system) into a drone for him to manipulate upon command. So far Crydix has not really had a chance to try this, but he has been successful with doing a similar technique with other devices.

Maintenance and Repair

Though he specializes with drones, there are many things that he can fix or maintain. Mostly this applies to various ships, but it may also apply to various appliances.

Technology Operation (Multitasking)

Crydix is specialized primarily in not only controlling one drone at a time, but controlling many at a time. Through his neural port, he is capable of controlling up to 10 drones at a time. Without his neural port, his multitasking speed and capability is cut in half so that he can only operate 5 at a time. Through many many hours and days of practice he is able to manipulate several at once by switching between them quickly and issuing commands to them even quicker. With his free time Crydix is usually found flying and working his drones to do many things, or perhaps discussing drones through the Polysentience. He can operate several drones in unison to make a near-impeccable team, always cooperating with each other with perfect timing. However, it also depends upon the complexity of the ship. A larger, more complicated ship may require more attention, thus lessening the amount of drones able to be controlled at a time. In this case he can simply let an AI take control, or perhaps even a fellow Freespacer through the Polysentience.


(Note: Many of his items were recieved from his fellow Freespacers, where no currency is used.) Puppetmaster Crydix Zero Six 06-93810-1948 has the following items:


  • 3 T-Shirts, dark green
  • 3 T-Shirts, Black
  • 1 Trench Coat, Jet black, patched up in various places, with a semi-furry white faux fur collar
  • 3 Pairs of military-style cargo pants, black, with 6 pockets(3 on each pantleg)
  • 6 Pairs of boxers, with a gear design on each of them
  • 2 Pairs of Combat Boots
  • 4 Pairs of Socks, black, almost knee length
  • 5 Pairs of thick engineering gloves, charcoal, almost elbow length, worn

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 Pair of fireproof goggles, thick and circular, silver rims
  • A large rectangular toolbox containing:

> Duotex Powered Wrench Set

      > Duotex Multigrip Wrench
      > Duotex Minor Repair Wrenches
      > Duotex Adjustable Ratchet
      > Duotex Pry-EZ
      > DrillWEL Powered Drill Set
              - DrillWEL Impact Wrench Attachment
              - DrillWEL RotaHead Drill Attachment
              - DrillWEL Drill Attachment
              - DrillWEL ScrewDriver Attachment
      > Tiralyte Plasma Torch and Hoses w/ 4 tanks of fuel
  * EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit 


  • (None yet)


Puppetmaster Crydix Zero Six 06-93810-1948 is currently a Rookie in the Bounty Hunts.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
5200 DA -800 DA HHG Revolver
5100 DA -100 DA H-NAM magazines(10)
4400 DA -700 DA EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit

OOC Discussion

It would be nice if I had some sort of “tutor” of sorts who could just show me around and give me the general idea. From there I would take off on my own.

New here, will openly accept suggestions. PM me or see me in Chat!

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