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Curtis “Kurt” McNair

Curtis McNair
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Family (or Creators): Joseph McNair (Father, Deceased), Haley McNair (Mother), Sarah McNair (Sister) Otto McNair (Brother, Deceased)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 183 lbs
Organization Intelligence and Pacification Group
Rank IPG Operator
Occupation Operator
Current Placement 4th Fleet

Kurt In Roleplay

Curtis McNair is a player character played by Kampfer.

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Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 183 lbs

Build and Skin Color:

Curtis McNair is of average size and weight for most Nepleslians. He has a well-toned body, what some would describe as a “swimmer’s body.” Though this does not help him win any sort of awards for wowing people with his physique, this attribute of his is what helps him greatly in his line of work, because of his need to remain well below the radar in groups of people.

Facial Features and Eye Color:

Curtis’ facial appearance favors his father’s side, with an overall rectangular face with a flat chin. He has shallow cheekbones and a straight nose, set between a pair of wide grey eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Curtis has dark-brown hair that favors his mother’s side, and is naturally thick and curly. In between missions, Curtis lets his hair grow long. Currently, Curtis’ hair is styled into a buzzcut, while he maintains his usual five o’clock shadow.

Distinguishing Features: Curtis’ most noticeable feature are his extremely prominent grey eyes, an attribute about himself that he has mixed feelings towards. Even though they make him stand out in a crowd, his eyes have also won his way into the bedrooms of a few (now deceased) men and women. However, he also inherits the same eyes from his father, a man he has hated since childhood.

What also sets him apart from most people his size are his long fingers. This is the only distinctive feature that he actually likes, as it allows him to work the mechanisms on a pistol easier, and lets him maintain a much better grip on the pistol, or a knife, or a neck.

Psychological Characteristics


Curtis is usually extremely friendly towards people, and prefers to win over the loyalty of others through alcohol, compliments, and jokes. He looks down upon fellow members of the intelligence community for using fear and the barrel of a gun to a person’s head to elicit a confession or a temporary partnership. However this is the aspect of Curtis’ personality that makes him so dangerous, as he is not above smiling and joking with a man, while at the same time contemplating a way to kill him.

Though Curtis’ friendly nature is usually just a way for him to get closer to a man to kill him, he is able to maintain genuine friendships with other people. However, the list of people that he considers true friends is rather short, thanks to a very dark and crude sense of humor.

When sufficiently provoked, however, Curtis can be extremely brutal and cruel. The years that have separated him from the enslavement and abuse of his mother and sister by his father and brother’s hands have left him with an terribly dark side, that only manifests itself when Curtis is provoked too much. The first manifestation of this side of Curtis began when he murdered his father and brother for their cruelty. Thankfully, this temper is usually kept in check, and when Curtis does get mad he prefers to hide his anger behind a warm smile.

Although Curtis would like to think of himself as being a good person, and tries his hardest to make friends with others, this aspect of his personality is a constant reminder to him of the brutality that he seems to inherit from his father. Curtis spends most of his idle time brooding over this, and when angered constantly reminds himself to never stoop down to his father's level. One of his biggest fears is that he will eventually allow this terrible aspect of his personality to take him over, turning him into his father's true son.

Curtis is also somewhat politically minded, and enjoys reading (usually limited to reports of the effects of ammunition on bipedal organisms, or news clippings of current targets.) One aspect of his personality that has gotten him into trouble a few times has been his contempt towards authority, which effectively keeps him a Lieutenant. The irony of his position is not lost on him, either.

Like most Nepleslians, Curtis loves his country. However, he is not entirely willing to listen to what anyone in the government has to say about perceived “enemies” of Nepleslia, and was even accused of being a Red sympathizer at one point during the Civil War, when as a young Soldier Third Class, he could not find the will to execute a female Red prisoner. This aspect of his personality also effectively barred him from further promotion within the military, and sometimes does earn the ire of his fellow countrymen.

Likes: Reading, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Aethersperm, Grumpy people
Dislikes: Ignorant people, the Black Syndicate, abuse of authority, any mention of his father and brother or any insult towards his mother or sister, misogynists
Goals: Make it to Captain. Serve his country. Find his mother and sister



Curtis was born on Planet Nepleslia in the year YE 04, to Joseph and Haley McNair. He was the middle child, with an older brother named Otto and a younger sister named Sarah. His father was a low-ranking member of the Black Syndicate and worked as a drug dealer, who often sampled the very same merchandise he sold on the streets. Often under the influence of these drugs, Curtis would frequently neglect his wife, daughter and youngest son, and sometimes beat them. He was usually absent during most of Curtis’ early years.

However, his father’s affections were always reserved for his older brother Otto, who would always bully his younger brother and sister when they were younger. Curtis still remembers one incident where, upon discovering him and his sister sharing a bag of candy they bought together, Otto had taken the bag and beat Curtis with it in front of their father while their mother watched helplessly.

During their adolescent years when Otto had started working for his father, the two of them would often beat Curtis’, his sister, and his mother. However, the two of them were gone most of the day, with Curtis staying at home to take care of and comfort his mother and sister.

Around his 15th birthday, Curtis’ father had slipped out of favor with his bosses when they discovered he had been sampling his own merchandise for so long. Faced with the threat of expulsion from the Black Syndicate, Otto’s father had offered to sell his daughter to his boss, as well as his mother. Demanding a “free sampling” of what he intended to buy his father’s boss had visited their apartment one night. Under the watchful eye of Syndicate guards in the kitchen, Curtis was forced to sit there as his father’s boss brutally raped his mother and sister, while his father and brother sat there laughing at the noises they heard.

That night, Curtis vowed that Otto and his father would die.

Feigning a nervous amusement at his sister’s and mother’s fate in a criminals’ harem, Curtis had slowly attempted to warm up to his father by offering to deliver drugs for him and shakedown people who owed him money. Sensing competition, his older brother Otto had joined the Black Syndicate as his father’s personal guard. Not seeking to fall out of favor with his father, Curtis did the same. For three years, the two brothers were in a fierce competition for their father’s affection. Intending to gain more favor with his father and harm his brother, Otto had slipped into the bedroom of his father’s boss and murdered him while he was having his way with Curtis’ mother and sister.

“I cut his balls off, stuffed them in our mom’s cunt and fucked our sweet Sarah over his corpse,” he would gloat to Curtis after the deed was done, which had given his father an opportunity to replace his boss. On his father’s birthday, Curtis had brought four prostitutes home: three for his father, and one for his brother. That night, while Otto was busy having sex with his prostitute, Curtis slipped into their bedroom. At gunpoint, he forced Otto’s prostitute to wear a belt with a knife stuck to it, urging her to “continue” as he sat and watched her mount his brother.

After killing the two of them, Curtis barged into his father’s room, finding him and his three prostitutes asleep. Killing each prostitute, Curtis woke his father up by taking a meat cleaver to his right hand. At gunpoint, Curtis forced his father to smash his forehead against the wall of the room. When Joseph eventually slipped into unconsciousness, Curtis had finished him off by brutally caving his skull in with his own severed hand.

Sitting in the room afterward, Curtis was eventually discovered by police, and was sentenced to prison for 5 years.

Service Record

Once out of prison, Curtis was left without any home to go back to, and was left with no idea as to his mother and sister’s whereabouts. Lacking any means of making money, Curtis joined what was the predecessor of the Star Army of Nepleslia. While serving as an infantryman, Curtis’ skills with a long range rifle had earned him a promotion to the equivalent of a Private First Class and re-designation as a Sniper.

Curtis served in this capacity through the formation of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, and served in Kennewes as the leader of a sniper team. One of his greatest accomplishments came after his team was caught off guard by Red counter attack. Abandoning his power armor and with his naked body caked in the dirt that covered Kennewes Curtis sneaked through enemy lines and stalked the man responsible for the destruction of his team, and shot him while he was outside of his Crooked Demon taking a piss. Curtis would then bury himself under the dirt of Kennewes long after the Red squad left, and was picked up by friendly forces once fighting had ceased.

After Kennewes, higher-ups in the Intelligence and Pacification Group had noted his extensive military career, and had read his police file regarding the murder of a ranking member of The Black Syndicate. Offering Curtis a job in intelligence work, Curtis saw an opportunity to gain knowledge of where his mother and sister might be, by infiltrating various organizations like them. After the attack on Rok'Veru and the IPGs resulting decentralization, Curtis has been reassigned to the 4th AASP Fleet primarily to provide sniper support, with a secondary objective of investigating the previous employment of a certain Neko by the fleet's former CO.



Curtis had served as a Sniper in the predecessor of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, usually serving in urban situations. Curtis prefers working with accurized semi-automatic rifles in urban situations, and bolt action-style rifles when working in more open areas. His long fingers also allow for him to work the mechanisms on a pistol extremely quickly and allow for a better grip, making him extremely deadly a pistol. His skills with any other weapon are not much to boast about, and in terms of hand to hand combat, he is able to hold his own against a few extremely undisciplined opponents, but will likely be overwhelmed by any competent fighter or ID-SOL.


Curtis’ hand in plotting the death of his father and brother over the course of several years had not gone unnoticed to high command, which was the reason why they offered him a job in the Intelligence and Pacification Group as an Operator. Though not as stealthy as his brother Otto was, Curtis can competently infiltrate enemy territory and buildings, and knows how to either make someone's death look like an accident, or sow disinformation about the death of an individual to the point where the truth can never be known.


Curtis is mostly trained in the use of foreign small arms and the recognition of foreign technology. He is competent in several languages, and displays a healthy interest in the customs and behaviors of other cultures. Unless his anger is provoked, Curtis is able to behave appropriately across many multicultural barriers, and unlike some of his fellow operators, displays a genuine appreciation for the customs of what the intelligence community within the DIoN have considered to be traditional enemies.


Because of Curtis’ previous role as a sniper team leader, he is more comfortable working with small groups of men rather than commanding platoons. However, he is able to recognize and set up ambush points all the same, and has no problem keeping men in line and disciplined. His only problem is the way he deals with leadership from above, particularly if it is not wielded properly or abused.

Power Armor Training

Specialization: Sniper Training

Serving in Kennewes, Curtis is competent with the usage of Power Armor, particularly the usage of the NIGHT2 Stealth and Reconnaissance Armor. Although sniper specialization had been reformed with the help of Phaedra Volkov of the 4th AASP, his background as a sniper before the formation of the DIoN has helped him in his role as a sniper. Curtis prefers to not work on the front lines with other Marines in a marksman role, instead preferring to be set loose on the enemy by himself, or at the very least as part of a two man team. Curtis is able to use slow movement and terrain to mask his approach, and is best utilized as a scout rather than a sharpshooter.





  • 4 T-Shirts, varying colors
  • 1 Wifebeater, with the words “.Caffeine” written on it
  • 1 Pair of pajama pants, flannel
  • 4 pairs of underwear, hearts on white background

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 2 Different Identification
  • 1 Spare Rank Patch, Soldier First Class
  • 1 Notebook
  • Starting pay of: 6000 DA


Curtis McNair is currently an IPG Operative in the Intelligence and Pacification Group.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds

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