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Cy'jiro Tela'kuro

Cy'jiro Tela'kuro is a player character played by Syaoran.

Character Profile
Name: Cy'Jiro Tela'kuro
Nickname: Cy'
Species: My'leke (Species)
Born: EoR764
Gender: male
Homeworld: Nesha Prime (Planet)
Mother: Eli'kagi Tela'kuro, 32
Father: Ba'dio Tela'kuro, 34
Sister: Ha'lei Tela'kuro(adopted), 5
Organization Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation She'na Academy Student
Division Ui'ishen
Placement Bloody Claws (She'na Academy)
Physical Profile
Shoulder Height: 4'1โ€œ
Body Length: 5'11โ€
Weight: 130lbs
Fur Color: powder blue with a white mane and tail tip
Facial Features, Eye Color: left eye is chartreuse while the right eye is emerald.
Distinguishing Features: has a thicker fur coat than normal, especially the mane.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cy'jiro is a quiet and thoughtful My'leke, hardly ever responding to things immediately. He is often considered unenthusiastic or even boring, but he simply does not like being spontaneous. This makes him a bit unsuitable for sports generally, even more so for duels. However Cy' is an excellent thinker and have a thirst for knowledge much like the Daur, always admiring their straight forward love for progress.

Due to taking care of Ha'lei so often, he has developed a strong sense of responsibility and what the roles of an older brother are, which was not too popular in his younger years, but is slowly becoming more accepted as the kits begin to grow up. However he still loses his composure when something endangers Ha'lei.

Likes: learning, vegetable stew, Dislikes: Anyone who upsets Ha'lei, being rushed Goals: Getting a job that can move his family out of the winter climates and to the big city.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Cy'jiro was born in a region with a very cold climate. The city made most of its money through fishing and growing root vegetables to ship to other places. Life was rather uneventful and ordinary. Ba'dio was a fisherman and Eli'kagi would occasionally work at a farm, getting Cy'jiro to help her. Everything changed however when Cy'jiro was eight years old. A Shukaren-Daur family friend had given birth to a child, but the stress of having recently lost her husband with the labor caused her to slip into a coma, so the Tela'kuro took in the child.

The new born was named Ha'lei, and from the start she took a liking to Cy'jiro, and would only stop crying when he was around. The worried Eli'kagi because Ha'lei's mother would recover, and the child would have to return to her. Unfortunately the child's mother never recovered, her condition deteriorated and she passed away quietly after a year in a coma. Ba'dio and Eli'kagi decided to officially adopt the child and bring her truly into the family, the child had already gotten used to them after all.

As part of the process of adoption Ha'lei was given a health inspection where they discovered that the child was hearing impaired. The Tela'kuro still did not hesitate and adopted Ha'lei, even deciding to learn sign language as a family so they could communicate fully with Ha'lei.

Time passed and life went on as normal for the Tela'kuro family. But at the the start of EE002, the family recieved an invitation from She'na Academy for Ha'lei to attend because of her memory and talent for art. Cy'jiro was invited as well, for his not exactly stand out, but still impressive performance in maths, and to help Ha'lei adjust.

Bloody Claws

More about Cy'jiro

List of Skills

Skill Description
Communication Cy'jiro speaks Tinacen fluently as well as Neshaten sign language
Knowledge Cy'jiro has basic knowledge of the history and laws of the kingdom
Fighting Like most kits, Cy'jiro was trained in combat from an early age. Though he does not perform notably well in duels he has a knack for support combat.
Mathematics Cy'jiro excels in maths and knows the basics as well as maths above what would be expected of his age.
Domestics Having to help around the house and with taking care of his sister, Cy'jiro knows how to handle basic house chores as well as taking care of children.

Personal Inventory


  • Civilian Cloths
    • 3 scarfs (1 white 1 blue, 1 grey)
    • 4 set of leg and paw 'socks' to help keep warm.




Cy'jiro Tela'kuro is currently an Ui'ishen in She'na Academy and is provided an allowance based on his performance.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rn Starting Funds
11000 Rn +6000 Rn YE37 allowance


This character is NOT up for Adoption

one is real one is practice

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