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Species: Gartagen
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 4'6“
Weight: .2 tons
Bra Size: C cup
Organization: Gartagen Union
Occupation: CORE
Rank: CORE
Current Placement:

Theme song: Herr drosselmeyer's doll

D'jehendrazade in Roleplay

D'jehendrazade is a player character played by Gardner in the Dark and is currently involved in the plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2
Weight: .2 tons
Bra Size: C cup

Build and Skin Color:
She has a stocky rugged build that would be considered by most gartagens to be rather pretty save for the cybernetics that interfere with it. Her skin is a warm shade of dark purple, but it possess as slightly polished sheen. Along her belly and breasts her skin is a lighter pinkish color. Her muscles are weak, and slightly atrophied, but she has a very low amount of fat on her body.

Facial Features and Eye Color:
Her lips are thick, her mouth is wide, her nose is large and flat. Her eyes are large and round. Her cheeks are high, and firm. Her chin is strong and pointy. Her eye color is yellow-brown, and they appear to be matte instead of glistening like living eyes do. This makes them look almost dead.

Hair Color and Style:
Her hair is a darker shade of purple then her skin, and it grows long. She wears it loose hanging down her head. Woven into her hair, and hidden within it are many wires and strands. Some of these wires are uplinks of various varieties, many with modifiable ends so she can link into any computer system she comes across… even an alien one if she's given long enough to mod the connection. Some of these connections are fibre optic and some are traditional wire.

Many of the other wires though are antennae that are used to study magnetic field intensities, or pick up on shortwave or long-wave radio. Some of them are transmitting antennae so that she can connect with various wireless networks, especially those on her ship

Distinguishing Features:
Her cybernetics, of course, count as one. Another set of distinguishing features are her scars. Her scars are thin lines, made as minimal as possible by the cyberneticist who worked on her. They're still quite obvious.

Her claws have been removed, as have many of her scent glands, leaving only the glands for bonding. Culturally this makes her a non-person by removing her claws, and a thing or object by removing her scent. She tends to smell like the goop in the ship, but when cleaned she smells like nothing, as she produces no scent of her own.

Her bonding glands are, logically, locked down so they cannot be activated without an override. This severely limits her choice in who she bonds with, as she can only have the bonding glands on, or off. They're no longer properly controlled by her natural systems. In her default mode she is force-bonded strongly to her crew without allowing them to properly bond with her.

She has a ring in her eyebrow that is locked into place, and she's studded with D-rings that are used to secure her during transit, and to attach a heavier exoskeleton to her without putting stress on her plugs. She has extensive and complex tattoos which carry her model and make information, and are updated each time she's upgraded. They also contain her service history, and other important information. They're not actually in her skin, but in her artificial skin.

D-rings are located in the center of longer and stronger bones, like arm bones, and leg bones.


  • She possess two nearly identical scars, one over each eye and under her brow.
  • She possess a vertical scar down the center of her nose.
  • She posses two slanted scars along her cheekbones.
  • She posses masses of scar tissue at the edges of her mouth in a way that is visually slightly similar to a 'Glasgow smile'
  • She has one particularly long scar along her sternum
  • She posses scars along the inside of each arm. These scars start under the armpit and run along the inside of her arm to her palms where they split to scars for each finger
  • She has five radial scars emerging from her bellybutton and traveling to the bottom of her ribcage, the tops of each leg, and her sides
  • She posses scars along the backside of her legs, and another set along the foreside. The backside scars end at her heels, the foreside ones continue down her feet.
  • She has a long scar running along her spine in the back from the tip of her tail to the base of her skull. Parallel scars emerge from this back scar under her deltoids, across her deltoids, and at the top of her hips.

List of cybernetics

  • Communication wires. Her hair is full of wires which are anchored to her skull. Some of these wires are designed to be data wires, and others are antenna of various wavelengths for broadcast and reception.
  • Interface Plugs. She has several plugs in her skin, symmetrically placed, for her to interface with exoskeletons and approved external cybernetics (Exoskeletons). The ability to switch exoskeletons depending on situation makes her very adaptable.
  • Sensory Visor: She possess a headband. A black metal device that encircles her head just above her brow. It can deploy specialist lenses, filters, and view screens over her eyes and ears. This device also possesses optic sensors arrayed around it, allowing her to see in 360 degrees when she turns it on. It's wired to her brain, and bolted to her skull.
  • Eye Protection. Her eyes are coated with a thin layer of silicon-rubber putty protecting them from explosive decompression, infection, and scratching and allowing the lenses to easily be buffed and repaired without damaging the organics underneath. This makes her eyes look matte instead of shiny
  • Skin protection. She possesses a fake skin membrane permeated with black lead 'tattoos' of a high complexity. This membrane is somewhat tougher then normal skin, but most importantly it protects her from environmental conditions including hard vacuum.
  • Shoulder plugs. The shoulder plugs are designed to link to special systems… For example a large set of heat radiating 'wings' that can be attached to them if she needs to operate in a vacuum for a considerable length of time.
  • Back plugs. Her most important plugs are the ones located on her back, which are the feeding, oxygenating, blood pumping and waste removal plugs. Sudden disconnection from her life support causes her to lose a significant quantity of blood.
  • Status LEDs. Several LEDs are poking out of her back, each one representing different systems within her and their present status. Quick diagnostics can be done by looking at the pattern in her back.
  • Black box. You know the black boxes airplanes have? She has one, a small black box with a blinking LED that makes a periodic beeping noise, and broadcasts
  • Voice box. The metal erasing device to block off her throat damaged her vocal chords slightly. Further the designer wanted her to be able to talk without exhaling. So he installed a voice box with a speaker into her throat.
  • Exoskeleton: A black frame draped in wires that she's nearly constantly strapped into is the base exoskeleton. These wires periodically jack into plugs. Several small servos and hydraulic systems run her exoskeleton's systems. She needs it because she experiences muscle atrophy due to inactivity.

(Semi Visible)

  • Active Spectral analysis. In her septum is a spectral analysis system to tell her the chemical structure of things she's smelling.
  • Active Chemical Lab. For non airborne chemicals, there's a micro-chemical lab hidden in her mouth allowing her to determine chemical structure and components of things she inserts into it.
  • Block offs. Several rising metal 'doors' have been installed inside her, closing off her lungs, digestive tract, waste elimination tract, etc in case of sudden exposure to vacuum or toxins.
  • Artificial reproduction system. Allowing her to successfully mate with another female or with herself for purposes of breeding a better CORE. Note that her fertility is carefully controlled, and she cannot be made fertile, or even sexual, without use of override commands.
  • Holographic display devices. Small holographic display devices are located in her skin, looking like small black dots, often disguised by several converging lines in her tattoos. They're designed not for disguise, but to project information, computer interface systems, and details. For example they can project a keyboard for those who prefer that form of data entry.
  • Pitons and magnetic anchors. Pitons are located in the bottom of her feet and palms, as are magnetic anchors. This lets her anchor herself into rock, or to walk along metal surfaces.
  • Temperature regulation systems. They permeate her body keeping her chips from overheating and her body from over chilling. Several vents exist, all of which are automatically closed over during exposure to overly low pressure. These vents create heat plumes, making her fairly obvious on IR sensors. In times of danger she can be set to release the heat through her feet, and run on a less hot standard temperature. Notable vents include the ones on her shoulders as part of her shoulder plug systems.

(Non visible)

  • Supercomputers. Inside her body she's strung with computer-chips, wires, test programs, isolate systems. These allow her to still possess a great deal of processing power when not connected to a star-ship. Alone she's a portable supercomputer with somewhat limited long term storage options. Connected to the star-ship she's a data-crunching AI with excellent data storage and retrieval systems.
  • Biological supercomputing. Standard computer chips were not the only parts inserted. Cloned extra brain cells were also inserted, as was a small device that builds new brain cells to replace damaged ones, rendering her theoretically immune to long term brain damage.
  • Reinforced skeleton. To carry the weight of her cybernetics and more heavy exoskeletons’ it was necessary to reinforce her bone structure
  • Emotional Dampers. Several systems have been installed in her to reduce the chemical and physiological effects of emotions, damping them.
  • Retinal upgrade. Computer processing technology and thin photo reactive films applied behind her retina allow her to detect polarization of light, and approximate wavelength of light. They're calibrated so she can see from heat radiation to a distance into UV radiation.
  • Magnetic sensors. These have been inserted into the tips of her fingers so she can detect electric and magnetic fields.
  • Control systems. In case she goes rouge, or freaks out, or other things that can happen to something as unpredictable as an AI, there are ways to fetter her mind, turn it off (Turning her into a meat puppet until her mind is turned back on), and just out and out kill her from a distance.
  • Glandular systems. Described elsewhere
  • Bond-breaking system. Excises and replaces bits of her brain to un-bond her from targets that she was previously force-bonded to.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: D'jehendrazade is of several minds about many things. Her mentality is much like a child despite the fact that her body is that of a mature woman, but she has so much knowledge and information crammed into her head that she is no child, and as she has no memories of childhood has never been. She's psychologically a mess, though she does her best not to show it. She's been heavily traumatized, but she's a stoic about it. Right now her personality is very neutral, and there are several directions it could go in depending on how she's treated.

Right now she pretends she doesn't have many emotions, because she has received so much emotional abuse. She has detached herself from herself, and obeys the pulses from her machine side, easily letting them bleed into her personality. Hostile targets? Oh she HATES those, and wants to destroy them. Rocks? She wants to mine them, of course. Aliens? Scum, potential threats. Sure they may look nice, but she's watching them.

Underneath the stoicism and the following of her orders and requests for permission for anything, though, she's shattered and hurting, but she hasn't made up her mind about things, and there are several directions her personality could go depending on how she's treated.

She has been force-bonded quite strongly to the crew of the ship, to ensure her loyalty. These bonds are even stronger for important members of the crew, such as the captain.

As a side note: Everything has a scent. Anything without a scent is a 'thing' an object to be owned and used, or ignored. Because she lacks the production of a scent, many Gartagens will think of her as a thing. To a certain extent she thinks of herself as a thing.

She's pretty sure that her greatest mistake was volunteering for this, as she is unaware that she did not actually volunteer.

Likes: The crew
Dislikes: Threats to her crew
Goals: Destruction of threats to her crew

Evolution of personality

None yet, but it will happen. There are several directions she could go.


Family (or Creators)

Gartegen Goverment


D'jehendrazade has multiple histories. One is the official history given to the media, and the other is the truth

Official History

Officially she was a brilliant young girl, age 8, of one of the larger and nobler houses. Officially they're not telling who the mother is as that may compromise the loyalties of the unit to the state, replacing them with loyalties to the house and clan.

Real History

Her real history is far darker. She was the daughter of a member of high command, when she was kidnapped as part of a ransom plan by criminal elements in the society. A failed ransom plan, most of the kidnappers were caught and killed. One of the criminals managed to stay free though, and smuggled her out of the location they were storing her in with the plan to make some money by selling her into slavery.

The man who bought her was a disgraced biomedical engineer who had been experimenting with mind machine interfaces and advanced cybernetics. This man probably figured he was saving her from a worse life when he took her in.

At first he used her as a patient zero for fairly minor upgrades. Since he had a test subject his upgrades tended to already work by the time he brought them to official tests, allowing him to get more volunteers for official tests before bringing them to market. This caused a great increase in his fame and prestige, so he started experimenting with more and more extreme upgrades, until he got the computer core idea.

Around this time the researcher started feeling guilty, so he gave her away to high command, and explained what had happened. He had grown quite affectionate for her, and asked them to place her well. her parents can be forgiven for not recognizing the woman who used to be their daughter, given what all happened, she also did not recognize them

After his confession, and request to repair her, high command did the best they could, then shipped her off with the somewhat compassionate captain who she now serves, perhaps in the hope that he can fix her psychological damage. If she goes insane and kills him, then nothing was lost anyway.

RP History


Technology Operations

D'jehendrazade can interface with almost any technology including wireless networks, and hack it via a synesthesia powered GUI that runs in her mind when she's linked in. It gives her data along all inputs. She uses this custom GUI to interact with the base machine language… on/off on/off or positive/negative/neutral or even quibit, and spin state base machine languages. She then essentially decodes the machine state data until it becomes meaningful images to her, at which point she has created an emulator of the system's native OS, which she can then run. She can even hack AIs this way, though it takes her a good amount of time. Depending on how alien the system is it may take her years to hack it. Because of the way she hacks a system, the system also hacks her in response. Interacting with foreign systems can become a battle of wills and programming strength between her own directives and the opposing computer's directives. Her will is weak at the start of all of this but much of her programming is fairly strong.


D'jehendrazade possesses formidable communication skills. She can interact with and send information along radio and microwave lines as naturally as she can speak. She can fill out paperwork in record time, with full accuracy, and she can communicate under fire. Since she possessed complex deciphering algorithms she's designed to be able to function as a universal translator of given a sufficient amount of time to work out the language. Languages possessing color components or scent components are difficult to impossible for her to replicate, and also take extra time for her to work out how to translate.

Combat Ordinance

D'jehendrazade is trained in the use of every weapon built into her body, and the use of every weapon built into her ship. If more weapons are added to her ship, or more weapons are given to her, there's only so much a computer program can do to give her skill in them, and so she must train with each new weapon until she's truly skilled in it. She also has some skill in hand to hand combat, but mostly she substitutes extreme violence, durability, and strength for actual skill.


D'jehendrazade can maintain and repair both herself, and the ship that she is linked into. This includes both long term maintenance, like replacing a cracked engine block, and short term 'weekly' maintenance things, like buffing her steel to a mirror like shine, or replacing various filters. She's not an engineer though, so she can't make new things, only repair the old ones.

Starship Operations

D'jehendrazade is the starship. Given this little fact, it's easy to understand why she can manage every aspect of starship operation herself. However she's only trained to operate the sip she is part of. If told to operate a ship that she's not part of, she will attempt to make herself a part of it, and it a part of her.

If not allowed to do that, she'll not be able to get anything really done. She might stare at the displays confusedly, attempt to replicate the things she had seen others do with them, but there's limits to how far that can get a person when it comes to star ship operations

Medical and First aid

D'jehendrazade has been trained in how to keep a crew healthy, ranging from serving as the dietitian for the ship's cooks, to running the automated medical bay to fix broken skin and shattered bones. She's not trained in research medicine, and while she can diagnose fairly well, that doesn't mean she can fix the problem she's diagnosed. If it's not something that can be corrected by surgery, or by medicine that she has on hand, it's not something she can fix.

She can also maintain cold-sleep bays, and cold sleepers


D'jehendrazade was given an Astro-geology database almost as an afterthought. this database allows her to perform her primary function of surveying asteroids and uninhabited planets, locating mineral wealth, and assisting in the exploitation thereof. She was also given a physics database, and astrophysics database and a geophysics database


D'jehendrazade is currently a CORE in theGartagen Union Solar Navy. She receives no salary, and is not allowed to have a personal monetary account. Instead she is given upgrades, extra modules and the like through the Gartagen Army

OOC Discussion

She's got something of a woobie background, but you'll probably never hear her whine about it. Even if she knew her history she would not be the sort to mention it.

So, just so you know, I know the background is a bit tragic and sue-ish but I intend for it to only come up in plots by the DM that purposely involve it. Similarly I think she is not going to list her problems aloud, nor mentally, nor in any form that would require mentioning them directly in a post. Any references to her history or her mental illnesses will be subtly done, at least on my part, in being an aspect of how she acts.

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