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Dagon Clancey Inness

Dagon Clancey Inness is a player character played by Gunhand4171.

Dagon Clancey Inness
Species: Kishargal
Gender: Male
Born: YE: 10
Age: 29
Clan: Inness
Occupation: Army Dragoon
Rank: Captain (Major)
Current Placement: HMS Nemesis

Physical Characteristics

Height: 9' 10โ€

Weight: 430 lbs

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern: His skin is dark blue in color, and is very muscular in stature. He is alo imposing at a height of 9' 10โ€œ. He also has several red bio-luminescent dots spread across his body. Three of them, however, form an upside down triangle on his forehead.

Eyes and ears: His eyes are blood red in color.

Hair Color: Dagon's hair is bio-luminescent yellow, but he keeps it in a short crew cut. He also has a large beard and mustache.

Tail: His tail is hairless and is dark blue in color. He also has several red bio-luminescent dots across it.

Distinguishing Features: He has an upside down triangle on his forehead made of three bio-luminescent red dots.

Psychological Characteristics


Dagon is a very boisterous and naive man, however he is also kind and loyal to his men. He shows great care for those under his command and his comrades.


Brawling, Swordplay, and riding




To do his father and sisters proud.


Family: Clancy Clan: Inness

Dagon was born 11 years after the end of the civil war. The war the ripped their people apart. Dagon was born into the Clancy family, a family which prides itself on their military prowess on horseback. Dagon's father was a Dragoon during the civil war. His father fought alongside the Kinnon clan along with the others of the Inness clan. He fought many battles and was fortunate to survive till the end of the war, ending with the rank of Major.

Dagon was born as the first male child, but is actually the youngest with 3 older sisters. From a very young age, his father trained him and his sisters to fight from a mount. Thus Dagon practically lived in the saddle. He even spent his free time riding for fun.

As he came of age, his father pulled some strings and got him a commision as a Cornet in the 3rd Dragoons.

Service Record

After his first commission, he trained and learned under the watchful eye of his father. He quickly showed that he had a knack for leadership, which was shown in the mock battles that the 3rd Dragoons performed against other divisions. Dagon was one who chose to lead from the front which inspired the men beneath him. He was never one to shy away from battle. He would even brawl with his men off duty, and they were always soundly defeated. Despite the disdain by the higher ups, including his father, for such practices believing that it was beneath him, he showed that his own style of leadership inspired true loyalty in his men.

During the peacetime, Dagon would lead his men in mock combat and would be sent on long patrols around the continent protecting the citizens from raiders, pirates, etc. He also did a lot of mock battle against his sisters' platoons.

After several years, Dagon was continually promoted for his ability on the battlefield and from the word of his men. However it was clear that he and his sisters could rise no further, especially while during peacetime and their father only had enough to buy the rank for one of them. So, their father designed a test for his children, a mock battle to decide who would become a Captain. He pitted the siblings against each other in a 4 way battle. Dagon pulled his own forces back and encircled the battlefield while his sisters fought it out. As they wore down their own forces, Dagon swooped in and ended the battle in one fell swoop, thus winning the contest.

As a result his father purchased his promotion to Captain for his 29th birthday, and he was reassigned to serve aboard the HMS Nemesis. Now to see where this new adventure would take him.


Common Skills

Dagon received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use.

Mounted Combat: Dagon has been trained extensively in mounted combat, fighting with both swords and firearms.

Leadership: Dagon has an interesting style of leadership, and has also been tutored in leading troops into combat by his father.

Swordplay: Dagon loves to fight with swords, specializing in using his bastard claymore.

Marksmanship: Dagon learned to fight with carbines from horseback and is fairly accurate.


Dagon has the following personal effects.


  • 1 Mess Dress Uniform Set
  • 3 Duty Uniform or Space Service Uniform Set
  • 1 Dragoon Uniform
  • 1 Dragoon Helm
  • 5 Undergarments


  • 1 Cavalry Pistol
  • 12 Rechargeable Shot
  • 1 Carbine
  • 1 Claymore


  • Comlink
  • Collapsible telescope

Other Items

  • Toiletry Kit

Dagon is a Captain and receives a monthly salery of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 Sovereigns Starting Funds

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