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Danny Hanley Lewis

Prior to Training After Training Danny H. Lewis - The Rookie
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Height: 176.1 cm
Gender: Male Weight: 68.7 kg
Age: 26
Organization: Lazarus Consortium
Fleet: Unknown Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Occupation: Search & Rescue Hair type: Ruffled
Rank: Rookie Eye color: Blue
Zodiac: Aquarius Boot size: 10
Theme Song 1: Miles Davis - I Fall in Love too Easily Accent: East-Coast American
Current Mission: Go out and Learn

Danny in Roleplay

Danny is an intergalactic drifter on the run from his past and in search of purpose in life, guided by an artificial intelligence he doesn't understand. He has the tendency to drift into other people's business by accident. This quality makes him perfect for infiltration, or search and rescue as his newest employers have discovered.

Physical Characteristics

Build & Skin Colour: Skinny and limber, but incredibly flexible and naturally double jointed and fair skin.

Facial Features & Eyes: Brown eyes, skinny nose, and rounded facial features skirting the border on childlike.

Hair Colour & Style: Dirty blonde, mid-length hair with unruly ruffles and rogue hair sticking out. Has a thin, but fuzzy chinstrap beard.

Distinguishing Features: The incredible physical flexibility, and an honest face which screams: “I need a hug!” to onlookers.

Psychological Characteristics

Essentially a personified tumbleweed, Danny relies on one little mantra to see him through his day to day survival: “Come what may.” He has stopped caring about what life throws at him and stopped wondering why, and has decided to roll with it. With his drifting career starting, he's decided to eschew any notion of fate and just let what happens to him happen.

His badly-handled upbringing and constant stream of bad luck has lead him to be withdrawn, shy and untrusting of others and a distinct lack of social skills. This is due in some part to his betrayal from someone who appeared to love him earlier in his life. Fortunately, having contact with a “Guardian Angel”, has kept him from becoming a complete shut in.

Likes: Time to himself, Wandering about, The simple things in life (Food, Shelter, Security) Dislikes: Bad Luck, Undue Persecution, Threats Goals: Find a purpose in life, a place to settle down, and enjoy the little things more often.


Danny has had a history of one bad occurrence after the other. Starting with abusive parents who divorced, continuing with insufficient education and constant bullying, crescendo-ing with marriage which ended in divorce and all of his possessions stolen the following morning at age 18. To top it off, he was press-ganged into the Reds shortly afterwards. Even then, someone came along and ruined his chances of a career there, too. That someone also told him to reassess his life.

However, doing so was easier said than done. If he headed back to Nepleslia, his fate would be to be press-ganged into military service, or detained for his previous connections. A similar problem would've occurred if he went to Yamatai. He decided to take a third option and just drift wherever he pleased, whilst avoiding Mishhuvurthyar too. As to where he'll drift, that's another story entirely.

Guardian Angel

During his unknown trip, he noticed that the computer on his shuttle had sentience of some sort, and she asked to hear his story out in a most motherly tone. Danny, not knowing better, spilt the beans and cried on her shoulder (if that was possible). The Artificial Intelligence, which thereon dubbed itself “The Guardian Angel”, agreed to help out Danny as best as she could. However, she may not be entirely reliable, and is partially responsible for his ability to get into other people's business by accident.

Lazarus Consortium

While he was looking for a job to replace his previous one on Dawn Station, he stumbled across an innocuous advertisement looking for people to 'demonstrate their skills'. He'd searched every other job in the newspaper and this was the only one left. What ensued after he called was a cryptic conversation, during which he was subliminally persuaded to demonstrate his talents as he answered questions which would drive anyone else away - but since he had no other avenues to exhaust, he answered each question to the best of his abilities.

After finding himself naked in his own apartment and slightly confused when the subliminal persuasion had ended, he set off a couple of weeks in search of his new employers. They said they'd call him.

Search & Rescue

After a series of trials and tribulations that comprised his job interview, Danny was granted a contractor status with the Lazarus Consortium as a retrieval specialist in training. He was given a suit, equipment, and training from the Consortium's best and most brutal.

After receiving the first portion of his training, he was told to go out into the world and become a contractor, to learn to stand on his own two feet now that he had the skills. His first job was the strangest of them, splitting Aerin Tatst and Ellen Katsuragi's consciousnesses apart by finding the former's body on a hidden moon base.

He now works as a self-said 'Search and Rescue' operative, willing to work for whoever can find him through the Lazarus Network.

Bounty Hunts

After some time idle and with sparse contracts to work on to pay the bills, Danny decided to go seek a contract himself. He contacted and met Desmond Stroud on Delsauria after the latter put out a contract for all willing to assist him in rolling a gang stronghold. Despite strange first impressions, Danny was signed on.

He met with Desmond and his band of mercenaries a short time later and got the rest of the briefing: To assist in rolling the base, Danny and four others must sneak around the back and hit a control centre. Perfect job for someone sneaky, but he was in the company of strangers who he didn't know, and couldn't trust fully. He was thankful that Desmond would be tagging along in this team too.

He helped take point and infiltrate via sewer into the Industrial complex, but things went hot when one of the other mercenaries in the team blundered. He split off from the ensuing firefight and went on his own to the mission point. He went on to apprehend a technician for the gang, and fight off a team of pursuers who followed him when the first fight broke out. In the darkness, smoke and confusion, he managed to eliminate them. Desmond met with him again, and the two got back into the main fight at the complex.

During the fight, a handful of gang members stole one of the Bounty Hunter's outriders. Desmond and Danny gave chase and stopped it, causing some of property damage to the seedy side of Delsauria. Not that the police seemed to mind.

He was paid and offered to stick around for another contract. Desmond couldn't complain after seeing his performance during the chase. A handsome sum of 10K DA was imparted to him for his efforts, and the IPG snatched up the technician too - the information they held worth a large sum.

Danny and Desmond going over what happened after the events on Delsauria as they wait for pickup. (Full Image Here)


The next bounty that landed on his lap was for a woman by the name of Sienna Shelton. Danny, however, had doubts as to the escapee's rapsheet, which seemed inflated to him by the poster. No person could be capable of causing that much trouble - but business was business, and he was tasked with investigating the Concordia Veil, docked at Dawn Station.

With a small team of other Hunters doing the infiltration, he got in and started scouring the ship's crew quarters for signs of where the target would be despite interference from the ship's resident freespacer, Crash Mckill.

Having survived the interference and extracted with the rest of the Hunters with some information relating to Sienna Shelton, the team had a shopping list of locations to scout out. Danny and fellow bounty hunter Rathe ended up scouting a medical wholesaler for any signs of the crew. Danny found Amelia Stroud and Stitchtech Pat 64-4406-2207 together, shopping for medical supplies for the Concordia Veil.

Danny spearheaded the polite stranger routine, helping them with their orders and equipment, even riding along in the back of a chaotically driven truck for them to grab their wares. However, as Danny was getting the order packed and ready to go, he noticed that others were converging around Amelia's truck, and later tailing them on the way out. His suspicions remained high, and he was on the alert, prepared to strike back in the guise of protection.


With the situation spiralling out during Manhunt and the team routed, Danny fell back as did the rest of the bounty hunters. What exactly went wrong is still a mystery, and Sienna was able to escape. Danny and Desmond decided to do a different sort of headhunting for a little, recruiting a pilot for the Hunters. They made various interviews until the world proved how small it could be: Amelia Stroud just happened to be one of the applicants under the callsign 'Banshee'.

During some time between jobs and after a few rounds of training with Desmond, he decided to make some improvements to his SQUID suit, adding an extra layer of armour to the chest and the head. This proved to be useful for an upcoming bounty Desmond and Kendra pinned down, gunning for a problem gang in Funky City called the Burnouts. Desmond and the blonde hunter did some recon duty together on the place, grabbing movements and getting an idea for their tactics, and as an extra task, Danny was conscripted to bring one of Jaina's mercenaries back from the dead with a brain spider and little else.

With those affairs in order, he grabbed his gun and started the raid on the compound with Desmond's team, ready to cop hell and give it back with flash grenades, his Ripshot, and plain quick reflexes. During the fight, he was shot in the chest a few times, but the bulletproof layer he'd installed saved him from serious injury - for the moment.


"Be Like Water." - Physical, Flexibility

As outlined above, Danny has an uncanny bodily flexibility, ranging from being able to bend all of his fingers backwards to being able to comfortably sit with both legs over his head. He can also lean past his center of gravity with ease and contort. To compliment this, he has an uncanny sense of balance. With this skill, he's also able to squeeze through small spaces with ease, escape from bindings and slip through bars - however, if he knew how to do said skills properly, it'd help him immensely.

Simply put, he's a bit like a slinky with arms, legs a head, and all the rest of the anatomy.

"Oh! Shiny!" - Rogue, Scrounger, Streetwise, Stealth

Danny can search for items in his general vicinity and eventually acquire what he's after if he goes dumpster diving or searching through other unsavoury places. However, he prefers not to steal from people. He can also navigate his way through a city, familiar or alien, and find the basic amenities, such as Convenience stores, Hotels and Bars. Hopefully whatever money he has on his card works, even then…

His skills were honed further by the Lazarus Consortium to lay beneath the notice of authorities in plain sight, and to infiltrate secure areas by remaining out of sight and utilising physical security holes.

"Where am I to go?" - Starship Operations, Shuttle

Danny can pilot a Shuttle to a limited degree, and relies mostly on his Guardian Angel to do the finer work and calculations for him. At most, he can get it off of the ground and make gross movements. (Turn left, turn right, go up, go down, go forward, stop.)

"I don't speak the language you do." - Communications, Multilingual

Danny is fluent in Trade, and can speak accented Yamatai-Go, but his skill lies in picking up new languages, alien ones in particular. If Danny stays around an Alien culture for long enough, he eventually picks up the language as rudimentary snippets, so he can get by. However, culture specific idioms go over his head in amusing fashion.

After staying with the Lazarus Consortium, he has a decent grip of conversational modern Lorath.

"I don't feel good about killing." - Fighting, Non-Lethal

Danny was trained by the Lazarus Consortium to take people down quickly and quietly using some of the Military Style of Lorath martial arts. Unfortunately, his Nepleslian body limits the amount of damage he can inflict, but his physical flexibility allows him to take people down. He didn't feel good about the dirty fighting, but he was ultimately taught that if he was to survive - he must adopt it.

If provoked, he can also use a pistol, but he prefers to use a stun gun with disposable cartridges to keep things clean. He's still mentally unprepared to kill people, but is losing the inhibition slowly. It's easier to do when he can't see a face, it is a robot or if it's obviously monstrous.

He was also taught the basics of swordplay, and is able to handle the sword he uses without cutting himself in half. His swordplay is mostly defensive and counter-oriented against another swordsman, and on the offensive he tries to use small swipes to carve through tougher enemies' armour.


Worn Clothing
BodyCream white cuffed shirt
BodyLeather Vest with buttons
BodyOff-white Singlet
LegsBlue Jeans
LegsWhite Underpants
FeetGrey Socks
FeetBrown Zipper-boots
ExtraBrown Belt with plain yellow buckle
ExtraSingle stud earring, left ear
Extra3 Belt Pouches on his right side
Personal Items
BackpackWhere his life is kept.
NotebookIt has notes of where he's been, and acts as a journal.
PenGood for writing with.
Pen-KnifeToo small and impractical to be used in a fight, and used as a tool more often than not.
Identity Card“I have a multipass.”
Reds dogtagsHe prefers to keep these hidden from view.
WalletUnsurprisingly light. Made of leather.
The ShuttleHe uses it for getting about. The Guardian Angel lives here. It goes about 1.8 light years a day.
Lazarus Items
Sneaking Suit 'SQUID'A skin-tight matte black suit made of advanced materials that covers his whole body below the neck. Woven into the materials are passive scanning absorbing and deflection and temperature regulation, in addition to colour-shifting camouflage abilities and smoke cloud creation, nicknamed 'Ink'. This does not stand up to bullets though. He can pull a hood over his face and wear clothing over it comfortably too.
Hack ToolA palm-sized computer with some hacking and scanning programs on it. It does all the hard work, since Danny hasn't learned the specifics yet.
TransceiverA radio transceiver that can send and receive to different frequencies.
Stun GunA self-defence weapon that uses to ensure that there's no killing on the job.
Stun StickLifted from a Nepleslian police officer, this baton emits electric through the business end.
Danny's KatanaA single-bladed, straight edged sword four feet long. He uses it against armoured foes.
Zen Arms CovOps. 10mm PistolAcoustic suppressor included. He prefers not to use this if necessary.
Bounty Hunters Items
Styrling Ripshot A reliable 9mm submachine gun. Fitted with an acoustic suppressor, raised iron sights, a side mounted flashlight, a hollowed stock, and a foregrip that runs parallel to the barrel. Businesslike matte black finish too.
YE 36 Second Chance Salvage Halloween Giveaway
Small Laser Pistol (damaged, repairable) (Halloween, TC: 79-31, IC: 2427-398-101)
Navy carpeting from hallway (Halloween, TC: 87-11, IC: 927-189-88)
1 shipment of 5 IWI FL-10 “Porcupine” Flechette Rifles (Halloween, TC: 6-50, IC: 357-707-56)
Box of small viewscreens (Halloween, TC: 97-92, IC: 6362-1345-178)
Starship internal gravity generator (Halloween, TC: 44-71, IC: 3181-1122-110)
YE 36 Tamahagane Halloween Giveaway
Refurbished Ge-T5-1a Cho-Class Shuttle (S Halloween, TC: 50-67, IC: 3357-2871-116)
Used EM-G4-2 Filter Mask (Advanced) (S Halloween, TC: 50-94, IC: 4757-3535-143)
Refurbished Te-P1-E3401 VCE Console (S Halloween, TC: 92-45, IC: 4105-1767-136)
Used EM-G7 Emrys Environ suit (S Halloween, TC: 77-95, IC: 7372-3762-171)
1 ceramic Tula skeleton - glows in the dark (S Halloween, TC: 42-82, IC: 3501-3337-124)
Total Addition Subtraction Reason
200 DA 5800Nearly everything Stolen from him.

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