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Darling is a player character played by Cookies.

Species: Cat (Sapient)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 9.3 Inches, 23.6 Centimeters (All fours)
Weight: 13 Pounds, 4.21 Kilograms
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: Mercenary/Cat
Rank: -
Current Placement: The Wayward

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 9.3 Inches, 23.6 Centimeters (All fours)
  • Mass: 13 Pounds, 4.21 Kilograms
  • Measurements: :|

Build and Skin Color: A slim build. That's all, folks.

Eyes and Facial Features: Brown eyes, and, uhm…Feline facial features? I'm not sure what to put here.

Ears: Triangular? Brown/blondish coat.

Hair Color and Style: Uhhhh…

Distinguishing Features: It's a cat. There is a sleek-black collar on her neck that seems to have gadgets slapped onto it. The most notable one would be a rectangular silver grate on the front; You can hear her generated voice coming from it.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Anger is almost nonexistant within this furball. She is seemingly always calm, and can't really seem to give a single damn about what's going on most of the time. Typical.

She speaks simply and won't drift off anywhere, but is absent-minded and has a hard time focusing on one thing for more than five minutes. As a cat, she still holds primal instincts, so things like lasers and cat toys may still hold temptation.

She is honest and relatively loyal. She will creep off to a corner and perform consistent calibrations or repairs on her robot (usually while IN the robot), staying quiet and normally not bothering anyone unless either someone needs her or she needs them.

She likes to pretend she's an android from time to time.

Her voice sounds faintly metallic, mostly as a result of her voice modulator on her collar, but otherwise sounds feminine and tested.

  • Likes: Darling enjoys many things a normal cat would. In addition, she likes other females, her robot Buddy, other cats, and technology.
  • Dislikes: Darling dislikes many things a normal cat would. In addition, she does not like unclean environments, piracy, loud noises in general, dogs, and cat-people (It makes her uncomfortable).
  • Goals: Darling doesn't really have a specified goal. Become supreme empress of the universe, I guess.


Family (or Creators)

Normal biological cat mother. Given sapience by a large group of scientists, engineers and doctors.


“A cat? Are you serious?”


Darling was unremarkable. Born in a litter on Nepleslia Prime, she was a normal everyday kitten who was well nursed and raised by her mother. And she remained that way into adulthood; She was never adopted, unfortunately.

That changed when a rag-tag team of the brightest minds on the same planet got drunk off their asses and thought, 'What if we decided to give higher intelligence to a cat?' Hand-picked by the group, Darling underwent several experiments, body modifications and technological augmentations. She gained this higher-intelligence when an advanced electronic chip was implanted onto her brain, which would fully allow her to learn, think, and do things, just like her creators.

There was a small problem though; While she gained the intelligence and and improved body, she's still a damn cat. She wasn't going to learn everything her masters know either. For years, Darling was babied like one of their children; She learned the language, and through a voice modulation system on her collar, slowly began to speak. She was given education, and learned math and science. It got to a point where Darling could be compared to a teenage student when she turned six, and continued to learn. In the end, she was fully functioning; The experiments were a resounding success. Darling was sapient, and just as intelligent as any other being like her.

Then came the third problem. She had no real skills to apply. With no opposable thumbs to use, it would be extremely difficult to accurately use any sort of technology. Not to mention writing is impossible. This is where, again, a bunch of drunk engineers decided, 'Let's make an robot that a cat could make use of!“ And so it was done: After two years of development and testing, a custom-made semi-autonomous/controlled robot was created solely for Darling.

A compartment on the back of the robot allowed Darling to crawl in and take control of it. Furthermore, she could command it vocally or even remotely through her collar. The robot's advanced coordination allows Darling to control the robot and use those helpful nubs on its hands with ease. The robot can even repair itself after malfunctions or combat, without outside help. With the robot, all Darling needs to do is crawl in and pretend to be some kind of android. Or not.

For another few years, Darling was given combat, medical, and engineering training in the bot and simple coordination tasks, especially with technology. She went out with flying wings, ready to take on the galaxy. And she's a freakin' cat.

Needless to say, the experiment was considered a total success.

She also calls her robot “Buddy”.




Trade. Fully fluent, taught by hired teachers.

She also could command non-sentient AI through the use of her collar, which sends out certain frequencies to the said AI, especially to Buddy.


Darling knows advanced maintenance of her robot Buddy, other mechanical engineering specializing in further robotics (Coming with this involving a bit of know-how in programming the said robots, though limited), and some know-how in electrical engineering, able to apply it even without the use of her robot. The scientists gave her this knowledge directly, through boring private classes. It's still pretty damn difficult to do in practice since she doesn't have any opposable thumbs, needing the use of Buddy.


Hand-to-Hand combat: Use of claws and teeth, which comes naturally to her through primal instinct.


Darling is very fast for a cat, able to run up to 35 MPH (56 KMH) for at least thirty seconds. Also standard for a cat would be their agility, able to twist into the smallest spots and corners, and with fast reflexes, can dodge threats fairly well. She can jump over 9 feet (2.74 meters).


Darling can quietly steal when she needs to, and since she's a cat, she can do so without making any noise whatsoever. As a result, she can be generally difficult to detect.


Darling is a moderate clean-freak, and will clean herself and her surroundings consistently, even without the use of Buddy. Good luck getting her to do laundry.


Darling has photographic-memory, knows history extensively and could read a person's face as easily as she could read a book. Thanks, technology.


Height: 7'6', 2.286 M
Weight: 1,290 Pounds, 585Kilograms

Buddy is Darling's personal robot. It is semi-autonomous on command and can perform multiple tasks without Darling taking direct control. Darling can clambor into a small compartment in the back of Buddy and take direct control, making use of Buddy to make full use of her skills and techniques. Combat or domestic, Buddy is an excellent piece of machinery fit for a cat.

Buddy will only take commands from Darling, unless otherwise commanded. Buddy is very difficult to hack, especially if Darling is inside of it.

Combat Skills

Buddy can run up to a relatively sluggish 14 MPH (22.5KMH). It is more suited to urban terrain, being a bit slower in rough. Buddy cannot jump, and has a relatively difficult time turning quickly.

All of this is a sacrifice to Buddy's extremely tough armor, able to take even the most brutal of blows and attacks, especially around the torso, where it'd normally carry its precious cargo. Even better. Buddy's systems will automatically begin repairing itself once it takes damage through the use of micro-ancillary nanites. It is (almost) an unstoppable killing machine capable of barreling down anything in its path. As a final good upgrade, Buddy's limbs and joints can still follow commands to the dot, allowing for excellent coordination.

With Buddy, Darling can make use of weaponry and a bit of martial arts. Darling had been trained to fire assault rifles at targets during her experimental phases while inside of Buddy, albeit her aim had not been perfected. She had also been trained in swordsmanship in the robot, using a variety of melee weapons to slash at or crush targets. In addition, thanks to Buddy's strength, she could lift up to 750 pounds (340 Kilograms), and pound nearly anything to a pulp with its bare hands. Cat power!

Autonomous Combat Skills

Buddy can work in combat autonomously, if a misison is very dangerous or suicidal, and take commands from other party members. Unfortunately, as a result, Buddy becomes less effective, and cannot use its great sword to its full potential.

Buddy can transmit remote commands from Darling and carry her voice, so communication still plays a part if Darling decides to send it out autonomously.

Domestic Skills

Buddy allows Darling to perform menial tasks that other cats cannot do. Isn't she privileged?

With Buddy, Darling can:

-Write or type on a computer.

-Perform tasks that involve engineering accurately

-Perform tasks that involve 'housework', although Darling does NOT need to be in Buddy to complete (It can do those tasks autonomously).

-Literally anything else that requires opposable thumbs

-Stomp around and pretend to be an android.

With Buddy, however, Darling cannot make use of her Rogue skills; That thing's heavy and loud!


Darling has the following items (Mostly held by Buddy, or stored somewhere):


Darling is currently a - in the -.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS -2050 Starting Funds
950 KS Funds after Initial Purchase

OOC Discussion


Also, I'm stuck on the finances/inventory portion. I will need help on those.

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