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Darwin Schultz

Darwin Schultz is a player character played by Trainscanflytoo.

Darwin Schultz
Species & Gender: Human Male
Age: 20
Eye Color: Amber and Hazel
Hair Color: Black and White
Height: 5'10“
Weight: 167 lbs
Year of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: Original: YSS Shiroyama Clone: Unplaced

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Standing at roughly 5'10” from foot to forehead, built with broad shoulders and slight musculature, though only his arms seem to have much of a chiseled look to them. He does have a little fat on his bones - the result of a poor diet - but to call him unhealthy would be a stretch. His skin is rather pale for a human, almost snowy. When in the sun, when flustered, or when drunk, it's easy to tell, for his cheeks practically glow red.

His eyes are amber with a hint of hazel, their wide structure providing rendering him very expressive. It isn't uncommon for his gaze to give away what he's thinking. His eyebrows are somewhat egg-shaped, positioned just a little bit out from the bridge of his moderately-sized nose. His top lip is narrow, but his bottom one is a little thicker. He has an oval jaw shape that ends in a flat chin.

His ears are a normal human's, but tilt back a little, and are a little bit flat to the skull.

Darwin's hairstyle is something that tends to catch the eyes of some people. In the past, it was black in the center, trimming down into a point in-between his widow's peak and his eyebrows and fanning out in the back. On each side of his head, his hair fanned out into large, white bushes, splaying up and back like bird wings. However, it has since become a bit more reserved, with one wing being trimmed down and dyed black while the black center grew into a fringe.


Darwin is the curious sort, seeking out answers where there are none or where they aren't clear, leading him to be obnoxiously hardheaded when he puts his mind towards getting to the bottom of something. This unyielding behavior is exactly how he managed to get into the Star Army Training Camp in the first place, defying all requests from his parents to make use of his deduction for science or maybe crime investigation.

Despite being rough around some edges, he recognizes when he's hurt a person, and, while he may be clumsy with words, he'll find himself obligated to do what he can to pick someone up that he's knocked down. While he fears it, he tends to stray off of the given pathway if he finds it necessary - even if it disobeys commands, usually with a “Let's see if this works” mentality. Secretly, he finds an odd sense of fulfillment from the resulting rush. - like he's actually living.

He takes interest in the small things.

Likes: Craft Sodas, Mystery Novels, The feeling of a ship taking off from a planet, Hot sauce

Dislikes: Bugs, People as stubborn as he is, Jerky, Tacky decorations


Before Joining the Star Army

Darwin Schultz was born in YE 19 in the city of Geshrinopolis, Planet Yamatai. It didn't take long for him to speak, nor to walk. Fearing for their child leaving them early, felt that the best option would be to direct his path for education, employment, and even interests, seeking out ways to keep Darwin under their thumb for as long as possible - even after he would graduate from higher secondary school. It's at that point that he would catch on to their acts and put his foot down. With a flier in hand from a school counselor, he would pack his things and squirm his way into the line beside other members of Star Army's newest recruits.

It was difficult being the only human in school. It made him from a student to a spectacle. The rare human working at his mother's flower shop. It forced him to style his hair in such a way resembling some foreign species… he had no idea what, but it diverted attention away from him, allowing him to continue his daily life as an average student… until, midway through his senior year, his species would be found out and then he would be ridiculed for his ridiculous appearance.

Despite all of this, he would find solace in his mother's flower shop, adopting some of her knowledge of botany while earning some spare pocket change. Often, members of the Star Army of Yamatai would come in to purchase some flowers either for a fallen comrade, decorating a barrack, or just to give to a special someone. Sometimes, they would even tell the young Darwin about their escapades beyond the planet he had called home all of this time. He admired the Star Army and sought to join their ranks no matter what his family had in store for him.

Fort Hajime

Upon enlisting, he was transferred to Fort Hajime where he was trained in every in and out that a member of the Star Army of Yamatai must know - however it wasn't easy. It wasn't uncommon for him to fall back behind the rest of his peers due to his lack of any genetic or species-based enhancements. The result was him gaining the mentality that he would have to work twice as hard throughout his time in service. The mentions of ST'ing into a different body were thrown about, but a lack of comfort in the idea of losing his human body kept him from going through with it.

The Kaiyo Incident

Darwin was assigned to the crew of the YSS Kaiyo, where he was only able to participate in one mission - its last in this universe. When a portal was discovered at the bottom of an ancient temple in the Star Prefecture of Planet Yamatai , Darwin had feared the prospect of never going home and being trapped in a parallel universe. His decision was to create a second Darwin and leave him as an anchor to this universe. One to take his place, with a request to wipe the copy's memory of any experiences on the Kaiyo II to ensure he would not dwell on a past that should not have been. As much as he hates the concept of Soul Transfer, it's all he could do to make sure his family has a son to write to.

The current Darwin has no recollection of the Kaiyo II or its crew save for what he knows from reports and books. He doesn't even know he's a clone of the original Schultz-Hei, believing he was merely resleeved after “an accident.” What accident, he cannot recall, but he prefers not to dwell upon it.

Skills Learned

Darwin Schultz has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Darwin Schultz is connected to:

  • Vandas Schultz (Father) A survivor of The Great Plague of YE 08, having been away from the Yamatai star system at the time while on a job. A traveling merchant who specializes in the delivery of minerals from one system to another.
  • Hisaya Kaneda (Mother) A survivor of The Great Plague of YE 08 due to absence from the system at the time. A botanist, she had been placed on a mission to investigate and research wildlife in various systems. Well-known by her peers as one of the most ruthless of her small group of scientists, she often proved a thorn in the sides of accompanying soldiers with her tenacious nature and ability to pop up in unexpected places. She now works as a florist in Geshrinopolis

Inventory & Finance

Darwin Schultz has

Darwin Schultz currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case trainscanflytoo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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