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Datajack Bootsector Eight-One 81-5102-9916

Datajack Bootsector Eight-One 81-5102-9916
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Freespacers Height: 172cm (5'6“)
Gender: Female Weight: 66kg (146 lbs)
Age: 7 Measurements: 88cm-62cm-87cm
Employer: The Free State Bra Size: C
Occupation: Datajack Eyes: Yellow
Caste: Type III Hair: Light Grey
Current Assignment: None

Boots is played by Revolver

Physical Characteristics

Description: Boots is a healthy-bodied light-skinned Deoradh. Hair Color and Style: Her long light-colored hair is usually tied up at the top of her head to avoid getting tangled too much with the multitudes of cords that spill out from the back half of her head. Distinguishing Features: The back half of her head appears to have been replaced with a large variety of cords all ending in various connectors to allow Boots to interface with just about any conceivable piece of hardware. Her eyes are a bright yellow and are clearly biomechanical implants that infer infrared and ultra-violet vision upon close examination. All four of her limbs are cybernetics that offer near-Valkyrja strength with her right arm being a large tool for getting into stubborn rigs for hacking purposes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Boots is a a mostly upbeat Deoradh gypsy. Her current situation has put a bit of a damper on her usually sunny disposition. She loves working with automata and other machines, especially ones with foreign machines. Those are a challenge and thus, more fun to hack. People can't be hacked, however, especially non-Deordah. Due to her limited contact outside of her Freespacer fleet she's fairly xenophobic, though to most other Deoradh who have little to no contact outside she's seen as being fairly open.

Likes: Travel, Deconstruction, Audio Stimulus. Dislikes: The taste of Mono- and Disaccharides in food, Dancing, Codespinners. Goals: To see as much of the galaxy as a Deoradh in a Voidsuit can.


Boots lived with a small community of Spacers on a small tramp freighter, the Tiryag-yoni, that scavenged old derelicts and battlefields and refurbished whatever they could into trade goods and other necessities for their Mothership. This same Mothership happened to be one of the ships in orbit above Halna and the freighter off on a salvage mission when Yamatai attacked, destroying every ship in the area and bombarding the planet's surface. When the crew of the Tiryag-yoni found what had happened, they joined in the exodus many Freespacers were taking to Port Hope. Their small freighter didn't have the resources to support the crew and they had hoped to join another fleet at the Port.

Unfortunately once they arrived they realized the truth of the situation and went their separate ways, selling the Tiryag-yoni and dividing up the profits. Additionally Boots took along two of the ship's Junkers that had assisted her that she sort of regards as pets, Applet and Servlet. Currently she's at the port looking to travel. Where? Anywhere. The carnage she saw at Halna as awakened a sort of wanderlust in Boots and she'd like to see as much of the galaxy as she can before it's her time to bring her knowledge and return her flesh to the The Grinder.


#include <Communication.h> » As long as it's connected with wires and runs on electricity, Boots can talk to it. She's familiar with basic ship-to-ship communication in Nepleslian, Yamataian and UOC space. She can speak Nepleslian fluently and is decent, but not great, with Yamataian.

#include <Fighting.h> » Boots can hold her own in a scrap with antsy automata that for some strange reason don't like her trying to interface with them. Outside of that she's a fairly poor brawer.

#include <Maintenance_and_Repair.h> » Whole Boots does not have the spacial sense required to be able to sort out most problems with larger mechanical devices (Vehicles), she's well versed in the process needed to fix the most common problems on smaller space vessels. As for smaller mechanical devices (Automata, Junkers and other robotic creations) she has a decent reach of knowledge and could theoretically build a small autonomous device without outside help.

#include <Mathematics.h> » Boots understands the application of mathematics all the way up through calculus, but she has trouble with geometry due to the spacial thinking required.

#include <Technology_Operations.h> » Boots is well versed in the various types of OSes and such found throughout Nepleslian and UOC space. She is also proficient in writing and running scripts and programs to interact with the hardware they run on.

#include <Survival.h> » Being the type of Freespacer to mix with non-Spacer types, Boots is well versed in the best way to survive on foreign ships and stations. However, planetside she would be well in trouble in non-Urban environments.

#include <Vehicles.h> » Boots can effectively pilot most forms of space-based vehicles and a variety of ground-based ones as well as long as they have some sort of computerized component that she can jack into.

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