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Datajack Chance 65-8713-5510

Datajack Chance 65-8713-5510
Species: Freespacer
Gender: Female
Age: 8*
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 124lbs
Bra Size: 32B
Organization: Freespacers
Occupation: Datajack/hacker
Rank: Type 3
Current Placement: N/A (Freespacer)

* Please note. 8 in earth years is 19 in Freespacer years. This means she's a full adult.

Datajack Chance 65-8713-5510 in Roleplay

Datajack Chance 65-8713-5510 is a player character played by Dharma and is currently involved in the N/A (Freespacer) plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4 Mass: 124lbs Measurements: 32 Bra Size: 32B

Build and Skin Color: 65 is just a touch on the short side. Her body frame is fairly normal at first glance but she lacks symmetry of motion. Her movements tend to be sudden and less then elegant.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Her nose is small and her face is round and a touch cherubic. Her eyes are a pale, washed out and unattractive green. Her lips are modest, and her grin is a touch lopsided. Her ears are pierced and frequently contain small objects dangling from wire, as well as industrial piercings and spiral shaped 'ear cuffs'.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is frequently and purposely badly dyed, so that the dye does not fully take to the poorly bleached brown hair, giving her hair a complex pattern that is charitably described as unique. Less charitably her hair looks like something one would find growing on a damp rock. She keeps her hair just under shoulder length but this is far from consistent, and she experiments with random 'braids' that often end up in massive tangles. Frequantly she 'braids' small metal or brightly colored objects into her hair, ranging from cogs and circuit boards to small objects made of fine wire.

Distinguishing Features: She has a large mole on her neck on the left side. She also has a latticework of scars going up her arms from when she attempted to carve decorations into her own arms. The pattern is fractal and interesting. She frequently exposes herself to high voltage electricity to develop the fractal lightning bolt bruises representative of such an occurrence.

As for her clothing it is highly asymmetrical and eye catching, with clashing colors frequently touching in eye watering patterns of wavy random stripes, and even in plaid. Some sections of her clothing are in colors that can only be seen if one possesses the ability to see in ultra violet or infra red, appearing to be normal white and black to normal human eyes. She also performs texture play with clothing, loosening and tightening the weave, as well as weaving in metal and other materials to make it attention grabbing for all the senses. As well as the fairly skintight clothing she also frequently wears capes designed with small bits of metal and bells so that they make melodious.. or amelodious sounds and noise when she moves.

She wears metal jewelery in the form of an intricate latticework collar, a pair of equally intricate latticework bracelets and anklets… cuffs really. Finally she has a metalwork 'belt' around her waist. All of these were wielded on and can't be easily removed and they're made of a mottled mix of junk metal alloys though they're remarkably strong for that. They're still junk alloys so they don't afford any particular protection from weapons. Not even swords (Though they might be able to block a butter knife). Each of them has three asymmetrically placed locking carabeaners on them, so she can attach them to things when bored. She also wraps herself with mottled 'rope' made out of synthetic materials. She changes the rope's arrangement every day.

She has a corset piercing up her back which she threads with wires or anything else she finds depending on her mood. She also has a bellybutton piercing into which she usually puts a small sparky stud, most often made of colored glass. Her piercings also include her nether region.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: She enjoys deep thinking, exploring the untold possibilities of the universe. Because of this she dabbles in everything, but is a master of little. She strives for a uniqueness all her own while still playing her part in the daily life of the ship. She is moderately obsessed with fractal patterns and asymmetry, and in any other culture this would be considered unhealthy. But her relentless experimentation, and her drive for constant change are ironically not that unusual among Freespacers. She has little sense of the fragility of her body. She's a dreamer and a do-er which is a dangerous combination, but lacks a sense of practicality and gets bored with repetitive behavior patterns.

She encourages others to take what they want of the things she makes, though she gets annoyed if they choose to wear something that someone else has worn before that annoyance is overweighted by her pleasure that her work is appreciated.

Likes: Art. Hacking. Random data. surprising people. pleasing others. Dislikes: Formality. Routine. crystals and crystalline structures. People who try to mimic other people. Being mimicked Goals: “To be appreciated and truly unique”


Family (or Creators)

Her ship and it's crew are both her family and her creators


She was born by a twist of chance when a minor short in a high priority circuit overwrote the in databuss of the vitro growth chambers that serviced one block of 10 embryos. Her embryo was the only surviving embryo of this short. Despite her good luck in surviving the accident bad luck shortly followed. During the implantation of her mindware-neural interface implant something was damaged. Maybe it was wiring in the interface, maybe it was simply the chemical balance in her mind. Either way it wound up making her loses interest in things quickly, and form memory connections more rapidly, as well as losing them more rapidly then a more normal spacer. Despite this start she had the good fortune to be born onto a ship with magnificent records which she poured through frequently as a child. Her mind was more active then the other youth, and her socialization never really progressed properly.

At the end of adolescence she started her year of apprenticing. She worked with nearly everyone on the ship at least once, looking for something but never finding it, and frequently picking up higher level skills without fully understanding the lower level ones. When it came time for her to chose a profession she came up blank, and wound up being allocated to sewage maintenance, normally a type 2 job. Despite performing the actions repeatedly she failed to really learn them, as her mind was always elsewhere, and in her spare time she played with things and made things, frequently working in areas she didn't quite understand by accessing the databases.

She found she enjoyed making art and cheering up others with her unusual antics. As time progressed she discovered she had some skill in hacking and robotics working, and requested reassignment to Datajack or combative hacker. The request was granted, as the recent discovery of the other races, and the Yamataian attack had caused mass panic to reverberate among the Freespacer collective. Freespacer against Yamataian combat tended to consist of the Freespacers trying to hack into the Yamataian ships and shut them down, system by system if necessary but it's faster to shut down the whole ship at once. The Yamatain's strategy was more conventional, and involved hitting things until they broke. Because of the panic, every ship wanted several hackers to help them take down any Yamataian patrols that might attack them. This meant there was a lot of demand for Datajacks

During her ship to ship combat simulations she was discovered to be skilled at turning the ships databases into weapons. she killed five of the seven mock up Yamataian AIs she was tested against by making them disassemble their own programming because of the corrupted data she fed them.

Once relocated to a job among other type threes like herself her odd traits failed to improve. To the horror of some Freespacers, and the glee of others, her mental oddities intensified as she dropped the restrictions she had put upon herself to work the manual labor job she had been. She soon became slightly infamous on her ship, and frequently and jokingly blamed by her friends for any act of chance that causes problems. She puts up with this in good faith as they also credit her for acts of chance that cause benefits. She's spent most of her life on the ship immersed in a data rich environment. Without it, at this point, she would be twitchy and neurotic. As is she's a few cogs short of a full deck, having broken her own leg once in order to be more unique and have a twisted leg. It healed with little incident, much to her annoyance, but she found the pain a bit more then she wanted to go through again, and she soon forgot about it. Because of this habit, and because her skills are useful, if exotic, there is some talk of sending her, to other ships. In order to get her off her current one. On the other hand, that could be taken as an act of war or sabotage against the destination ship.


Technology Operation: Mindware

Like all Freespacers she is deeply connected to the ships nets with her mindware. She is capable of quickly accessing data, though she lacks the desire to memorize locations of data, making her movements much slower when she's working off of mind wares. Because of her enjoyment of unusual math she has a custom program she built on the ships nets allowing her and other Spacers to perform more advanced forms of math then are, strictly speaking, practical leading to a great deal of lag on the ship's systems if too many people access it simultaneously.

Robot engineering

The robots she constructs are unique, to say the least and frequently fail to perform particularly effectively. Despite these setbacks sometimes her designs function wonderfully in unusual circumstances. Once she builds them she tends to forget about them, letting them lapse from her mind while she works on the next. Because of this she tends not to maintain them, and they eventually stop working becoming little more then oddly designed pieces of scrap metal that would be perfect for situations that never will exist.


Her artistic sensibilities are strange, but she is skilled with her hands, and swears that the results come out the way she intends them to look more often then not. Her specialties are sculpting, jewelry crafting, and clothing production, though she also dabbles in music and perfumery. Her music varies dependent on her mood from melodious instrumentals to atonal cacophonies of industrial sound. Her sculptures are frequently abstract, though occasionally she does remarkably realistic depictions of people or things. Her jewelry and clothing production is semi-obsessive and frequently she recycles it without ever wearing it, after it goes un-noticed or ignored for a few weeks. While she lacks a sense of ownership, and dislikes being mimicked, she enjoys putting things she made but has never worn on other people, and is cheered significantly when other people take things she made to wear or use. She also does some computer modeling and animation, but her idea of art with computers tends to tie up several terabytes of processor power, many hundreds of computational strings and even larger portions of memory so she's strongly discouraged from playing with the ship's main computers. She writes poetry too, frequently nonsense poetry, or mathematical poetry involving large strings of complex multi variable mathematical expressions with a simple solution. She also programs games, ranging from complex and deep story role playing games, to simple mindless time wasters.


She dances in her own odd, arrhythmic way. It's unique to say the least, though not universally appreciated, especially not when she occasionally adds routines to her dances that involve bodily fluids and splattering onlookers. Thankfully that's only happened twice. She also tells stories, and can act reasonably well, provided one can convince her to play the part she's supposed to play. She also experiments in sexual techniques with the partners brave enough to put up with her random nature. Many of her partners do not return to her, afraid of risking a second time, or too sexually traumatized to ever want her, or sometimes anyone, again. Some of her partners are awed by what she does, but their opinions tend to change after the second time. No matter how long a partner's lucky streak it will eventually wear off. One thing she does with a surprising level of consistency is link her mind close with her partner. She does this more constantly then she does anything involving genitals, in fact.

Comunications and Cryptography

She knows how to use communications channels, and radio. Further she is skilled in Cryptography, having a interest in one time sheets and single use hashes, as well as public key encryption. She is also interested in linguistics, that is to say the study of language and it's origins, and has some limited ability to speak Yamataian, Elysian and other semi-common tongues that have been recorded by Freespacers and shared between ships. She peppers her language with nonsense words from her own personal language, as well as words from the various known languages of the universe. On the other hand she doesn't really understand the difference between 'formal' and 'informal language'. Or rather she's willfully ignorant, and ignores the difference as it annoys her.

Combatitive Hacking and Electronic Warfare

Her obsession with randomness and large collection of junk data, combined with her moderately self destructive mentality make her frighteningly capable of taking down unfriendly AI nets, sometimes causing them to suicide. She is also quite effective with overloading enemy sensors with ghost images, random missile maneuvering, and databases. While, like everyone, there is some predictability and pattern to what she does, she's less predictable then the average spacer.

Starship Operations

She knows enough about starship operations to be dangerous, as she will re-route systems without warning to see if that makes things work better. Usually the answer is no, but she doesn't stop anyone from undoing her changes. Sometimes she'll even undo them herself when the answer is 'no in a bad way'. she has managed to increase communications efficiency once or twice, marginally reducing the power requirements of the ship usually at the cost of random noise protection. To a ship's computer system space is loud, and full of random data from the thin plasma that makes up the vacuum.


  • Clothing. Not necessarily hers, just the clothing she happens to be wearing at the moment.
  • Her jewelry.
  • The collar, cuffs and belt. These she practically considers part of her body, and she has not been known to take them off.
  • Whatever data she can hide on the computer chips in her jewelery (Just in case)
  • Whatever robot or drone she is molesting at the moment
  • Whatever person animal or thing she is molesting at the moment.


Datajack Chance 65-8713-5510 is currently a Type 3 in the Freespacers. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

This was really fun to write, but I hope I can play her without falling flat on my face. It's a hard one. Wish me luck?

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