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Daxle Demalier

Daxle Demalier
Daxle Demalier
Species: Nepleslian (human)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Bra Size:
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Freelance doctor and Salesman
Rank: non-enlisted
Current Placement:

Daxle Demalier in Roleplay

Daxle Demalier is a player character played by Frost and is currently involved in the roleplay plot ISC Phoenix

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 feet 10 inches Mass: 210 pounds Measurements: ;V none Build and Skin Color: Daxle is a stocky man, perhaps not the tallest but definitely imposing in a way. Daxle is white, as his parents and their parents before them.

Eyes and Facial Features: Daxle's eyes are a solid, deep cyan color, like the depths of a glacier. They are round and of a medium size. His face is sharp (much like his wit), with soft looking eyebrows that are usually tilted up due to him rarely getting angry

Hair Color and Style: Daxle has black hair, with it short all around but just a little long in the bangs, which has a natural spike up

Distinguishing Features: Daxle does not have any distinguishing features, unless you count his eyes. He also has the slightest of french accents

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Daxle Demalier is a guy who likes to mess around with tech and travel. His occasional salesman position gives him a friendly personality, which is certainly helpful for a beside manner when he does medical work. He tends to get wrapped up in whatever project he may be on, and is sometimes hard to talk to when that happens. He also has a terrible problem with thieving, as any person living and traveling the space lanes on their own tends to do. While he may seem trusting, he often is watching for signs of betrayal, though gaining his trust is rather easy.

Likes: New Technology, Jazz, traveling, companions, women (redheads), alcohol, cooking, sleeping Dislikes: Yamatai Star Empire and it's denizens, betrayal, staying still, desert landscapes Goals: find a nice gig as either a salesman or a doctor, save lives with his skills and eventually settle down on a nice, out of the way planet


Family (or Creators)

Jared Demalier - Father Michelle Demalier - Mother Claire Demalier - Sister


Daxle Demalier grew up on the Neplislian homeworld to a family that was fortunate enough to reach “Freemen” status in Neplislian Society. Daxle as a boy (and now as a man) was an energetic guy who wanted to learn things, so he apprenticed himself to a local doctor. However, before he could truly learn the trade of medicine he left the apprenticeship, instead opting to go travel the planet. After a few years of this he returned once more to his family to say goodbye, stole somethings from a nearby bakery and then left the planet. He's been traveling ever since, doing basic medical work and selling ship parts that he's found in wrecks or abandoned ships…or acquired by other means…



Daxle always had a penchant for simply taking things. He can't really help it; as an independent spirit he needed to survive, and not everything is free. His favorite things to take was food, as a young boy growing up, which later turned to things such as parts from an engine or computers. As a result, Daxle also happens to be very, very subtle in his nefarious actions. He's terrible at picking locks though, and lying just isn't in his nature

Technology Operation

Daxle briefly apprenticed to a doctor while growing up, and learned about various medical machinery and tools during that time. His true abilities, though, come from his love of learning about New Technology, making him fairly proficient in current tech. Whenever he can, he's always reading up on the latest power converter or operating system, daring himself to learn everything he can about it.

Medical And Science

Daxle apprenticed to a doctor at a young age on the Neplislian Homeworld, and though the term as an apprentice was brief, Daxle never truly stopped practicing medicine. He's participated in procedures and operations and basic healthcare in his travels, leaving him good enough to stand in for a doctor temporarily, but definitely not a surgeon. He is also seriously afraid of trying anything that involves implants


With basic medical training comes basic biology. Genetics in this space day and age is but a normal part to even the most novice of medics. Daxle has learned much about DNA and Genetics during his medical practices, though even the gods would think twice before asking him to anything beyond healing


A good bedside manner for a doctor, or in Daxle's case a…discount doctor, is always important. Daxle's normally friendly personality also helps in making him an excellent speaker, good at communicating and understanding people


Dax's love of new technology and his trades as both a doctor and a seller of “acquired” items, Dax is a pretty smart guy. He tends to leave an impression that he might know something, even during times when he knows nothing.


Any survivor needs to know how to cook, or else he doesn't eat. Daxle loves to eat, but he especially loves to cook. Give him supplies and a kitchen and he will make something that you would pay him to eat.


Daxle Demalier is currently a non-enlisted in the Independent. HE receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2700 KS -300 Weapon+Mod Cost
1000 KS -1700 Medkit



  • Dark Blue Longsleeve shirt (button down)
  • Black jacket (right arm missing, Red Cross stitched on left breast)
  • Light Tan Cargo pants
  • Standard spacetravel/Combat Boots
  • Brown tipless gloves.


1 ODM 10mm Pistol, Modified

  • Reflex-sight targeting lazer
  • 3 extended magazines (holds 30 rounds)
  • 1 Black leather holster (kept inside jacket)
  • 1 extra box of Ammo (60 rounds)

Daxle's Traveling Medkit

  • 1 Nutritional Supply Pack/3 days supply nutrients
  • 1 Quick-Hardening Cast Foam
  • 1 multiple-use suture kit
  • 6 High quality vinyl gloves with single strand thickness stone thread mesh.
  • 2 Electro-Stimulant Packs
  • 1 Hypospray
  • 1 set of Folding scissors
  • 1 Jar of Cleansing Ointment
  • Package of Splints
  • 1 Vial of Medical Nanobots
  • 1 500ml SDI Water Filtration Device
  • Burn Treatment Cream

Big Box o' Drugs (contains two vials of each)

Note: Daxle's Traveling Medkit is carried via satchel, slung over one shoulder and hanging on the opposite hip. Strap is adjustable to switch to backpack carrying form

OOC Discussion

thoughts, questions, pix, lemme know.

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