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Dean Lang

Dean Lang
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 45
Height: 6' 1โ€œ
Weight: 190
Organization: The Paragon Initiative
Occupation: Contractor
Rank: Commander
Current Placement: Commander of Paragon's Contractor Corps

Dean Lang in Roleplay

Dean Lang is a player character played by Arieg.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1โ€
Weight: 190
Build and Skin Color: Tan skin with a lean build.

Eyes and Facial Features: Green eyes set in a sharp angular face.

Hair Color and Style: Brown, usually cut to high and tight.

Distinguishing Features: A large surface scar running from below his chin all the way to just above his groin, the product of an energy weapon burst during his years serving under a Reds special operations unit.

Cybernetic Prosthetics:
- Entire left leg below the hip.
- Left forearm up to the elbow.
- Extensive cyberization of the brain stem and lower cortex.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A 'hardliner' controlling individual, Lang carries all the characteristics of a bullheaded squadleader attained over his years of service to the Reds. He tends to be direct and has no qualms about pointing out what he sees as error, a trait which has all but killed his personal life.

Likes: Tanks, Guns, Alcohol, Fast Women, Explosive Devices, A damn good fight.
Dislikes: Silence, Open Spaces, Mishu Parasites, Zombies, Greens.
Goals: Keep those under his supervision alive.


Family (or Creators)

One of many clandestinely produced Red clones bred to serve in their underground warmachine.


Nearly three quarters of his life was spent in service to the Red cause, fighting the Green party and their Yamataian masters. Among the comrades he served with one stood out, an ID-SOL named Lucas Jackson. Gradually coming to the realization that continued efforts would only be pyhrric or outright destructive. His faith lost in the cause Lang began pooling his loyal manpower and broke away with a small detachment of loyal troops early in YE 30, these very men would later become the basis for Paragon's Contractor Corps.



Starting life as a squad leader in a Red unit, Lang has proven himself a capable individual when it comes to the burdens of commanding a large group of individuals and forcing them to work as a single unit.


As standard for most men in uniform Lang is a capable fighter in both hand to hand and armed combat. He is a marksmen with most standard combat weapons but excels with the basic battle rifle systems. He is also capable of operating a PA but prefers the good old fashion method of boots on the ground.

Survival and Military

A capable survivor and combatant, Lang is capable of waging guerrilla operations with very little in the way of men or material.


The cybernetic adaptations in his brain allow Lang to operate a wide variety of vehicles and aircraft with relative ease. He however specializes in operating armored ground vehicles, such as the common tank.


A firm believer in keeping the body fit, Lang adheres to a strict daily exercise regime which is often commented on by his underlings.



2 BDU Digital urban pattern blouses
2 BDU Digital urban pattern trousers
4 Black T-shirts
1 pair gloves, leather, black
1 pair boots, black
6 pair boot socks, black
1 Belt, dark brown
2 Tank tops, green


1 Styrling Muur Armor System

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

Matt Black Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber w/ sound suppressor

1x Black Leather Holster
1x Magazine Pouch
4x Spare Magazines
1x Box of 250 .45cal Rounds

Styrling Tactical Assault Rifle w/ red dot sight

4x Double Stack Magazines
5x Magazines
4x 70 round 4.95x34mm Styrling Caseless containers
1x Black Leather Magazine Belt, holds 4 extra magazines


4x NAM HE Grenades


Dean Lang is currently a Commander in the Paragon Initiative.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
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