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Vail'ant Def'leor

Def'leor Vail'ant is a Shukaren Daur of the Kingdom of Neshaten. She holds a rank of N'Marida in the Shukara Volunteer Navy serving aboard the SNV Furi'ken. Def'leor is a Player Character run by Nashoba.

Vail'ant Def'leor
Species: Shukaren Daur
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 4“
Weight: 80 lbs
Age: 28 yrs (Born: 748 ER)
Rank: neshaten:n_marida N'Marida
Organization: Neshaten Shuakara Navy
Occupation: Starship Aviator / Lexicon
Assignment: SNV Furi'ken

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4' 4”
  • Mass: 80 lbs
  • Measurements: B cup

Build and Skin Color: Slender build. White skin. 4' 4“, 2' 8” tail.

Eyes and Facial Features: Gold almond eyes with vertical pupil slits. Slightly short snout.

Ears: Rounded with pointed tips with light brown inner-fur

Hair Color and Style: Yellow fur covers most of her her body, she has light brown tufts of fur on the backs of her hands, the back of her knees, and at her shoulders. Her tail is white and rather bushy, when working she tends to braid a black cord around it to keep it neat. Her hair is black, though she dyes a strip on either side of her face purple which frame her face.

Distinguishing Features: Purple strips of hair framing her face. Def'leor has a poor sense of taste for her species.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Def'leor is driven to improve her lot in life. She is protective of her friends, and crew mates. She is not one to gather lots of possessions or spend her money foolishly. But when she does purchase something personal, she goes for the best she can get. Def'leor has to watch her emotions when dealing with Laibes. Due to her poor sense of taste most meals are bland so eating is often just a necessity.

  • Likes: Daur, Friends, camaraderie, food and drinks with very strong flavors
  • Dislikes: Laibes (more than slightly), People that prey on others, bullies. Arrogance
  • Goals: To become a well trained Aviator, and to perhaps one day have her own ship.


Family Vail'ant

  • Mother Arl'ette (Deceased)
  • Father De'garé (Deceased)


Def'leor was born into a typical family structure. Her parents were poor but hardworking individuals. They lived in one of the poorer districts. Her earlier years were filled with love, and happiness. She attended the school in the township and enjoyed learning and bringing home good grades to her parents.

When she was ten, tragedy and cruelty changed Def'leor's life during what should have been a happy event. Her mother was pregnant expecting a boy. During the last month of the pregnancy her mother started having complications. The local medical facility was not up to the task, and De'garé took Arl'ette to a better facility in the city. Def'leor stayed with neighbors when her parents left.

The medical facility treated Arl'ette, and two days later they were heading home. While taking the rail back to their town, an accident occurred and the train derailed. Both of her parents survived the initial crash but were seriously injured. The first responders to the scene were instructed to focus their attention on the Laibes first. When it came time to send Arl'ette and De'garé to a medical facility, the closest one was in a Laibes community and was unwilling to accept her parents as patients. The medical transport was sent to a hospital thirty minutes away. Def'leor's parents died while en route despite the best efforts of the EMT's.

Def'leor was now orphaned, and none of the friends of the family could afford to take in another kit. So she was forced to move to an orphan's home and completed her education there. These events helped to shape certain aspects of Def'leor's personality.

Def'leor spent her time in the Home mostly alone, she made few friends, which she was very protective of. Most of her disciplinary instances in the home came from protecting her companions. Determined to keep true to her parents ideals, she focused on her education to help improve her lot in life. One of the few activities she participated that she truly enjoyed was dancing.

Upon graduating Def'leor contemplated her future. Not willing to return to her roots and work in a low paying job, she chose to enlist. To her way of thinking, the military was her key to getting the kind of training that would give her greater opportunities later in her life.


  • Def'leor has been assigned to the SNV Gam'trosha. During the launch ceremony an alert was sounded and the crew had to rush aboard the ship and make an emergency launch. Once they cleared the atmosphere the situation rapidly deteriorated. The object turned out to be a large asteroid, that was being forced towards the planet. During an attempt to split the asteroid and cause the sections to separate and clear the planet. The SNV Gam'trosha was crippled by explosions that also destroyed several of the defense force. Making matters worse there was a saboteur onboard attempting to thwart the rescue.
  • With the SNV Gam'trosha mostly repaired, Def'leor and the crew had been recalled for training. With a major tropical cyclone closing in, the ship is underway to do target practice during a run through a canyon.
  • Def'leor received a promotion, and made acting XO for the Gam'trosha. Targeting practice was cancelled due to weather, but the Squadron commander wanted to engage in war games. Once again the Gam'trosha's systems were unreliable. Their first attempt to fire showed that their targeting sensors were inoperative. Unable to fire, Def'leor plunged the Gam'trosha into the canyon at high speed using it to minimize the other ship's chances to get a good hit. With the storm intensifying, she decided to try a trick maneuver. She rotated the Gam'trosha while in the canyon, and then proceeded to fly backwards into the storm, heading for the eye.
  • During the exercise the ship come under actual attack by persons equipped with the latest military tech. The Gam'trosha suffered serious damage but was able to defeat the hostiles due to the actions of the crew.
  • After that Sa'kira the Ship Mistress gave the crew some down time, and invited them to Dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants.
  • Def'leor has returned to the ship after leave and has learned that their mission is going to take them to unexplored systems. Upon entering the system, they discover a number of ships, most surprising being a group of Youth ships.
  • Def'leor flew the Gam'trosha to one of the planets, while landing the ship was caught up in a massive storm and upon landing they found that the ship had sustained serious damage. While the ship technicians worked to repair the ship, she took a team out to investigate the area the storm was located.
  • Def'leor lead a team to investigate the site where the storm came from. They discovered a massive lunebaren crystal and were attacked by artificial creatures.
  • While on Shore leave Def'leor visited a local orphan home, bringing gifts for the children housed there, and spend some time with them telling stories and such. She accompanied them on a trip to a nearby park. While there a street vendors vehicle malfunctioned and started accelerating towards the youngsters. One of the children was deaf and did not hear the vehicle or the adults tell them to get out of the way. Def'leor raced to the child and snatched it up. As she moved to get clear she was clipped by the vehicle.The impact sent her and the child away from the vehicle and broke her Tibia.
  • Def'leor lead the team taking supplies to the surface of a colony world. Upon arrival they found that there had been a mishap and the crew was tasked with helping to rescue the trapped miners.


  • Def'leor was one of the surviving members of the NSV Gam'trosha which was stranded in a distant region of space. She along with other survivors returned home using modified escape pods. Upon arrival she and the others were treated medically, and then underwent debriefing.
  • Upon being released by she was given a promotion and assigned to the SNV Furi'ken.


Starship Operations

Def'leor received training in how to fly all manners of craft. She is proficient in handling starships, shuttles and other non-combat craft. She can handle dropships, but she prefers not to. Her training includes plotting orbital insertions, landing, combat maneuvers, and handling the craft in STL and FTL.

Survival and Military

Def'leor received basic survival techniques during basic, just in case she was shot down (groundside) or are stranded (space). This was one part of her training that she was grateful for her poor sense of taste as it made eating strange and vile things easier.

Maintenance and Repair

Def'leor has been taught how to maintain her craft. Even though most maintenance is left up to flight mechanics she enjoys helping, and in some cases adjusting the control systems to her preferences.

Technology Operation

Def'leor as an aviator is proficient in the use of most standard equipment used by the Neshaten. Which also helps her in diagnosing and repairing the equipment.


Def'leor was an accomplished brawler by the time she left the Orphan's Home. During her training she was trained like most Neshaten are taught how to defend themselves, whether it's with a sword or a rifle.


Def'leor has been schooled in the Kingdom of Neshaten history. She knows first hand the racial problems that exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren.


Def'leor learned to dance in the Orphan Home, and continues to practice her craft. She prefers styles that fast and challenging, but she is also trained in slower more sultry styles. Dancing for her is a form of escape, allowing the music to carry her to another state of mind.





  • Standard Hygine Pack
  • Utility belt
    • Extra weaponized power crystals
    • Flashlight
    • Communicator
  • Credit Card (Only if their PID Crystal isn't being used for that purpose)
  • Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)

Personal Clothing

Def'leor being a Daur, owns the following personal clothing:

  • 1 teal silk robe with black tie
  • 1 sleeveless jumpsuit dark red
  • 2 One shoulder jumpsuit, forest green, and black
  • 2 pr sandals with glittery straps that wrap around her lower legs
  • 1 pair black leather boots (low) for inclement weather
  • 2 Sports bras
  • 2 Brassieres


Def'leor is a N'Marida in the Shukara Volunteer Navy she receives 2,840 RN a OOC month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5,000 RN Starting Funds
6,050 RN 1,050 6 months salary 8/34
6,225 RN 175 salary 9/34
6,400 RN 175 salary 10/34
6,575 RN 175 salary 11/34
6,750 RN 175 salary 12/34
6,925 RN 175 salary 01/35
7,280 RN 355 salary 02/35
7,635 RN 355 salary 03/35
7,990 RN 355 salary 04/35
8,345 RN 355 salary 05/35
8,700 RN 355 salary 06/35
9,055 RN 355 salary 07/35
9,410 RN 355 salary 08/35
9,765 RN 355 salary 09/35
10,120 RN 355 salary 10/35
10,475 RN 355 salary 11/35
10,830 RN 355 salary 12/35
13,185 RN 2,355 salary 08/36
33,186 RN 20,000 1 time comp 8/36
35,540 RN 2,355 salary 09/36
37,895 RN 2,355 salary 10/36
40,250 RN 2,355 salary 11/36
42,605 RN 2,355 salary 12/36
44,960 RN 2,355 salary 01/37
47,315 RN 2,355 salary 02/37
49,670 RN 2,355 salary 03/37
52,345 RN 2,675 salary 04/37
55,023 RN 2,675 salary 05/37
57,701 RN 2,675 salary 06/37
60,379 RN 2,675 salary 07/37
63,057 RN 2,675 salary 08/37
65,735 RN 2,675 salary 09/37
68,413 RN 2,675 salary 10/37
71,091 RN 2,675 salary 11/37
73,769 RN 2,675 salary 12/37
76,447 RN 2,675 salary 01/38

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