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Deio Asuka

Deio Asuka is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Deio Asuka
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Year of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Sensors Operator
Rank: Ittô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

She has bright red hair that goes to her waist with chunky bangs and has a thin body with bright blue eyes and an expressive face. Her skin is pale and she is five foot four and weighs 95 pounds.


Brash and quick to upset, Asuka is also loyal to the Star Army of Yamatai and likes to be good at what she does. She is known to laugh until she cries and likes cheesy movies, candy, and one day wants to command a starship.

Quote from Mission San: Kaizen!
“I'm trying to breach contact to negotiate with the L'Kor!” Deio Asuka said excitedly. “How is that going?” Eden asked. Asuka was hesitant, “… Not well.”
Quote from Mission Four: Shinjitsu!
Deio Asuka laughed out loud and grabbed her mouth in her hands and brought her face close to her knees as she tried to stifle laughter. “The only question is,” Reina Madoka chimed. “What kind of eggs do you like, Little Barry-Hei?” “Ah, by the Empress I can't take this!” Asuka mumbled. “Not in the slightest! Little Barry?!” She held the bridge of her nose and looked up to the ceiling, trying to hold back tears of laughter.
Quote from Post-Mission Five: Kekkon
Behind her a giant red umbrella was held by Deio Asuka vaguely over the bride, swaying mildly one way and another as she walked, not so accustomed to wearing geta as Eden was.


She was born at the end of YE 38 and immediately put on the YSS Kaiyō I after receiving basic training and starship operations training.

RP History

Asuka and the crew gets briefed on their fight to get to Kuvexian space and take on the adversaries to Star Army of Yamatai.

The squadron of Plumeria were confronted with pirates and took out three Caravan Heavy Freighter and several Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft. Inside the Caravan are hostiles outfitted in Docile that the away team must destroy. Two out of the three Caravan were taken out via demolitions and the Kaiyō's weapons systems. Two prisoners were taken.

Asuka and the crew gets debriefed. Trust falls and teriyaki dinners ensue.

  • Mission Two: Ni 4)

An unknown craft is spotted by Asuka and power armor filter out of it. While engaged in a ruthless battle with the power armor, an NMX Neko in a Reaper Power Armor shows up and shoots down the pilot of the craft, a shuttle that has a self-destruct button. The button is pressed by one of the enemies and the shuttle explodes with all of the enemies.

A fleet of L'Kor are engaged after Star Army Intelligence is able to give the Sixth Squadron more information about the enemy, now known as the L'Kor. They are able to read them Rights of Early Contact.

Asuka was on the ship for this planet-side mission.

The Kaiyō crew goes through a trust exercise again, this time playing “one truth and a lie” where the crew went around the room and told the rest of the crew one truth about themselves and one lie and the rest of the crew had to guess as to what the truth was and what the lie was.

The crew are awakened to find that NMX Forces are attacking the squadron. On board is one Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, as well, which phases broodlings into the captain, Teien Eden. There are two manin areas of fighting; in the cargo bay and in the power armor bay. Mitsuko is the hero of the cargo bay, utilizing tankettes and a SLAM against an Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar while Meissa takes command of the power armor bay. While the samurai, Rei, is tasked with killing the Ghost Mishhu in the wardroom with her SARAH, Aiko the Princess takes the lead in her Kirie by killing an Advanced Type at Meissa's urging in the power armor bay. It is a pyrrhic victory for the Kaiyō.

The Kaiyō crew get some much needed shore leave in Kyoto as the Kaiyō is repaired. Many members of the crew go to the beach

The squadron comes into contact with an SAoY escape pod. When they approach, Asuka finds that there is little way to find out much on the sensors and an away team is sent to probe it. When they get close, Asuka sees three ships uncloak. After a hard battle is won, the ship breaks into a space and time in which there is a second Kaiyo.

Asuka stared back at herself on the bridge of the other Kaiyo while both ships open a line of communication to one another, and then later sees herself again in the power armor bay.

Asuka was on board the bridge as the Kaiyō crew devised a plan to both beat up their other selves and to create a makeshift TTD to get back to the Kikyō Sector. This destroyed the YSS Kaiyō I.

Asuka watched her captain be demoted in position and not rank when Taiyou Hoshi took command of the next iteration of the ship, the YSS Kaiyō II, a Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship. Asuka was to remain as sensors operator.

Asuka did her job during this mission by doing surface scans and noting energy spikes.

This was a raid on a station in which the majority of SOFT 501 was lost.

This was a ground operation that Asuka was absent from.

In Ayenee the first mission was quite simple, but was a ground mission, so Asuka was absent from it.

The ship went into a separate universe where space was a sky-blue instead of inky black and Asuka remained at her duty station.

Kaiyō crew returned to the Kikyō sector and Asuka was right where she served best, at sensors.

Ongoing mission.

Skills Learned

  • Starship Operations: Asuka is proficient with all aspects of starship operations as per her training, but specializes in reading and operating the sensors of all Star Army of Yamatai vessels.
  • Communication: Asuka, like all Neko, is proficient in wireless communication, working with ship AI, and has learned in the field how to communicate effectively and ineffectively with alien species and those on other ships.

Social Connections

Deio Asuka is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case Ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Meaning “Begin!”
Meaning “One”
Meaning “Stop!”
Meaning “Two”
Meaning “Three: Continuous improvement”
Meaning “Four: The interplay between light and leaves as sunlight filters through them”
Meaning “Truth”
Meaning “Five: What should I do?”
Meaning “Acceptance of transience and imperfection”
Meaning “Six: Escaping Reality”
Meaning “Seven: Deep awareness of the universe”
Meaning “Thunder”
Meaning “Counter-Attack”
Meaning “Diligent”
Meaning “Treasure”
Meaning “Re-start”
Meaning: “Why is the Sky Blue?”
Meaning: “Elegance,” “refinement,” or “courtliness” and sometimes a “sweet loved one”
Meaning: “Gardeners”

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